AOC claims disagreeing with abortion is just about religion and that banning it would be THEOCRATIC authoritarianism

In defense of murdering the unborn, AOC took to her instagram page to argue last night that banning abortion would be ‘theocratic authoritarianism’.

She argued from the fallacy that believing an unborn baby in the womb is a life is simply a religious belief, saying that the Jewish religion allows Jews to abort their babies:

For people who say ‘oh, but you’re harming a life, I believe this is life’, well some religions don’t. So how about that?

Our Jewish brothers and sisters, they are able to have an abortion according to their faith.

There are so many faiths that do not have this same definition of life as fundamentalist Christians. And so what about their rights? What about their rights to exercise their faith?

It’s ridiculous and it is theocratic. It’s authoritarian. It is wrong.

This is absurd. The argument against abortion isn’t a battle of relative religious beliefs. It’s so much more than that.

I don’t argue that an unborn baby is a ‘life’ simply because I’m a Christian. I argue that an unborn baby is a life because it truly is a life and it deserves the protection of law.

We’re talking scientific facts here. We’re talking absolute reality.

From the moment of conception an unborn baby is alive and if you don’t do anything to keep that unborn child from existing, it will pop out 9 months later ready to eat. It’s that simple.

As Patrick Madrid likes to say, that little glob of tissue is simply what a baby looks like at that point in the pregnancy. It’s absolutely a baby and it’s still growing and, like we all do, it deserves protection.

For AOC to dumb this down to competing religious beliefs just shows how confused and ill-informed she is, to say the least.

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