AOC claims if Republicans win back the House, they’ll be very AUTHORITARIAN

Our favorite radical socialist is now smearing Republicans in a strong case of projection, declaring they will be very ‘authoritarian’ if they win back the House:

AOC says “And so you know, it’s unfortunate. But frankly Republicans have made very, very clear over several statements that if they win a House majority they intend to take the Chamber, take over the Chamber in a very authoritarian manner.”

She’s claiming that McCarthy will just start kicking Democrats off their committees if they win next year out of revenge for his ‘white nationalist member’ being removed from committees. Of course, she’s referring to Marjorie Taylor Greene with this smear.

But what AOC is really saying here is that Republicans will start acting like Democrats, because they are the ones who kicked MTG off of her committees! So she’s really knocking her own part with this absurd nonsense.

And it is nonsense, because McCarthy is too toothless to even remove Cheney from her committees when she is actively helping Democrats in their campaign to destroy Republicans in 2022. There’s no way he’d remove Democrats from committees, and even if he wanted to the the backlash from the media would be too great and he’d back down.

AOC is just peddling more garbage here.

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