AOC creates new bill to ban fracking, says it’s “destroying our land and our water”; But that simply is not true and here’s the PROOF

AOC says that fracking is “wreaking havoc” on the health of communities and that it’s “destroying our land and our water”. So she’s created a bill to ban it:

But this is simply not true. Fracking is not contaminating the water and a team of geologists have proved just that with a three year study:

NEWSWEEK – Geologists at the University of Cincinnati just wrapped up a three-year investigation of hydraulic fracturing and its impact on local water supplies.

The result? There’s no evidence—zero, zilch, nada—that fracking contaminates drinking water.

The lead researcher from the study said this about it:

Quotes from lead researcher Dr. Amy Townsend-Small of the University of Cincinnati, who presented the study’s findings.

  • “The good news is that our study did not document that fracking was directly linked to water contamination.”
  • “The samples that we collected that were very high in methane clearly did not have a natural gas source.”
  • “Some of our highest observed methane concentrations were not near a fracking well at all.”
  • The study determined that the methane was generated by subsurface coal beds, which underlie much of eastern Ohio.

Indeed, as Newsweek points out, even Obama EPA administrators were saying this before the study even happened:

Back in 2011, for instance, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson admitted that there hasn’t been a “proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.” Two years later, current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy affirmed Jackson’s remark, stating, “I am not aware of any definitive determinations that would contradict those statements.”

The results of this study were announced back in 2016. So why is AOC still saying that fracking is “wreaking havoc” on our communities? The answer is simple and it’s the same reason that the University of Cincinnati didn’t publicize their research, according to the lead researcher:

According to the local newspaper, The Times-Record, an audience member asked if the university was going to publicize the results of the study… Dr. Townsend-Small said, “I’m really sad to say this but some of our funders, the groups that had given us funding in the past, were a little disappointed in our results. They feel that fracking is scary and so they were hoping our data could point to a reason to ban it.”

Ain’t that something. Democrats want so much for fracking to be bad that they funded this 3-year study, hoping it would give them a reason to call for a ban on fracking. But their fracking study didn’t pan out the way they wanted it to – turns out it’s been safe for the environment all along.

So what are Democrats left to do when they can’t get the facts on their side? Either they can admit the truth or they can fearmonger. Clearly we see what path AOC has chosen…

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