AOC is anti-GUN, anti-COP, anti-ICE, and… PRO-Blackwater?? Report shows her HUGE private security footprint.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who sold herself as a workaday bartender when she was actually co-owner of the bar, and who sells herself as pro-Puerto Rico while not even helping her own abuela out of squalor, also claims to be anti-gun and anti-gun-carrying enforcement.

But not so much when those guns and officers are there to protect HER.

Oh, and aren’t ALL libs against evil Dick Cheney monsters at Blackwater?

Nope. Not AOC.

Oh and doesn’t she complain about Saudi Arabia when she’s not praising Saudi Arabia? And about privilege when she’s not invoking it?

You get the idea. From The New York Post:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paid thousands for personal security to a former Blackwater contractor, a review of Federal Election Commission records shows.

AOC’s campaign dropped at least $4,636 at Tullis Worldwide Protection for “security services” between January and June of this year according to the filings.

The Franconia, Virginia-based company is owned by Devin Tullis, whose other clients include the royal families of both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to his website.

And this:

The Tullis money was just a small piece of the more than $34,000 AOC has spent on private security and consultants in the first half of 2021, records show.

The lion’s share of the cash — $28,498 — was spent locally, at New York’s own Three Bridges, LLC, which bills itself as part of “a new generation of the private security industry.”

Another $1,552 was given to 24 & 7 Security & Investigation in Houston, which provided security for the congresswoman when she was in town to help raise money after the city was rocked by a devastating winter storm.

Owner Joe Orsak said he assigned a former US Army special forces veteran to watch her.

The post spoke with the man himself, who said that “he frequently hired former military and law enforcement for protection jobs with VIPs” and amusingly added ““We’re not hiring social workers.”

How many lib two-faced stances can she take at once?

Read the rest from the Post. It’s actually pretty crazy.

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