AOC: ‘Let’s talk about how many lives Planned Parenthood has SAVED’

This is sick, and it’s exactly how radical socialists twist things to make what is evil sound good in order to justify it:

She derides Republicans for being pro-choice but supporting the death penalty and some other garbage about unfair incarceration. And then she jumps to defend Planned Parenthood, arguing that she, herself was born thanks to the prenatal care they provide, claiming they save many lives.

This is called whitewashing. Just a few years ago Planned Parenthood set a new record for the number of babies murdered at over 345,000 in just one year. But by all means, let’s talk about all number the babies they save.

Also, it’s not like there aren’t other clinics that provide prenatal care. The reason for PP’s existence isn’t prenatal care, it’s murdering unborn babies. That’s why there are so many of them! To justify their existence for any other reason is simply to deceive people, which is what they love to do.

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