AOC opens her mouth and the dumb comes out…

AOC is at it again, posting stuff on instagram for all her followers that can only be described as radical leftist propaganda. That’s ironic because the video she posted claims the stated causes of inflation are nothing but propaganda because corporations are to blame.

According to the American Thinker, she posted a video blaming inflation on corporations:

AOC says that inflation is propaganda.  It is just greedy shareholders and greedy corporations raising prices for no reason other than to goose profits. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., shared a video on social media that argued inflation was largely a “propaganda” term by “corporations” looking to avoid fault for high prices.

“The price of everything keeps going up; meanwhile, the corporations selling those things are making massive profits. The goal of the capitalist is to disconnect these two facts from one another. So they use this concept of inflation,” the video explained. 

The video called inflation an example of “vague-washing,” explaining “it can be blamed on anything at all, except for corporate profits, of course.”

“And propaganda around inflation and cost of living is so powerful, that we forget the very basic fact that corporations set the prices for their products. If a corporation raises its prices, and then makes record profits, that’s not some invisible monster. It’s just a bunch of greedy shareholders,” the person said.

I haven’t seen the video but I guarantee you they didn’t provide any evidence for this claim that corporations are making record profits. Even if you they showed the income statements for several big corporations, there’s still many reasons why a corporation could be making huge profits.

My point is that they just throw around this term “record profits” in vague and general terms because it fits their propaganda narrative they are trying to sell the public. And it’s completely bunk.

What’s really going on is that AOC and her comrades don’t want you to find out that it’s their leftist policies that are causing inflation. We’ve seen it first hand with Biden trying to force the country to move away from fossil fuels by limiting oil production in the US. Instead of setting US producers free, Biden has begun emptying our strategic reserves and sought oil from communist countries like Venezuela.

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