AOC spews antisemitism at Netanyahu over video

AOC took to X last night to spew hateful, antisemitic comments at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his video calling out Joe Biden for withholding weapons and ammunition to Israel.

AOC called Netanyahu a ‘war criminal’ and called for the revocation of his invitation to speak to Congress:

This man should not be addressing Congress. He is a war criminal. And he certainly has no regard for US law, which is explicitly designed to prevent US weapons from facilitating human rights abuses. His invitation should be revoked. It should’ve never been sent in the 1st place.

AOC is nothing but a useful idiot for Hamas. She believes everything they say about casualties even though Hamas has been caught in lie after lie. The Associated Press found major discrepancies in the numbers Hamas puts out every day and yet people like AOC still believe them because it’s part of her religion to hate Israel. It’s really that simple.

Another example is this useful idiot from New York:

Firm support for Israel? Has Torres even been paying attention to the last 6 months? Has he not read the reports of Biden withholding weapons and ammo from Israel for most of the year? Netanyahu has been dealing with this issue in private for months and finally decided to take it public this week because he’s apparently getting nowhere in private.

Torres knows all of this and just wants to spew more hatred toward Netanyahu because he hates Israel. What a schmuck.

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