AOC tweets about stock market, reveals she’s an idiot and a liar…

Over the weekend AOC jumped on Twitter to lament the news that the stock market had temporarily reached 29,000 on Friday. That’s right, I said lament:

The Dow Jones increasing is actually great news. Also, the Dow soaring has nothing to do with wages. Which is something you’d think she’d know.

But what makes her tweet even more ridiculous is that wages have been increasing under Trump at the highest rate in a decade. Even the liberal media has pointed this out:

If even the liberal media is acknowledging the truth about this, then why won’t AOC acknowledge that wages increasing under Trump? Because she hates Trump and has to lie to try and keep him from winning in 2020? Well yes, that’s part of it. But even more than that, it undermines her own deceitful socialist arguments about America.

Here’s a graph from Charles Payne showing the reality of wage growth under Trump:

Reality just puts AOC and her socialist lies to shame.

Here’s a few other tweets about AOC’s idiocy:


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