AP-GfK poll: Only 37% support the Occupy Wall Street protests

In other words, the so-called “99%” are solidly in the minority.

But hey, that didn’t stop the AP from acting as if this poll is good news or something for the Occupy Wall Street (bowel) movement.

WASHINGTON (AP) – More than one-third of the country supports the Wall Street protests, and even more—58 percent—say they are furious about America’s politics.

The number of angry people is growing as deep reservoirs of resentment grip the country, according to the latest Associated Press-GfK poll.

Some 37 percent of people back the protests that have spread from New York to cities across the country and abroad, one of the first snapshots of how the public views the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. A majority of those protest supporters are Democrats, but the anger about politics in general is much more widespread, the poll indicates.

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“Some 37%”? I guess it’ll be party time if they ever manage to crack 40%. Maybe this vaguely familiar-looking former MSNBC buffoon will push them over the top.

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30 thoughts on “AP-GfK poll: Only 37% support the Occupy Wall Street protests

  1. He forgot who bought more politicians than the corporations , THE LABOR UNIONS, I’d bet that he belongs to one of the latter. The slap happy crapper- the poster boy of the cause, is a nice touch RS.

  2. “More than 1/3 of the country supports the Wall Street protests….”

    Nearly 2/3 of the country do NOT support the Wall Street protests….

    Same thing AP! How stupid do you think we are?

  3. There are only two ways this thing can go. Either it fizzles or it goes violent.
    If they just sit there, people will get bored and forget them. So my bet is, they go with violence. It’s sure to be spun by the media and the dems, and promoted by the O-man as popular rage against (fill in your own demon here)

    Mark my words, violence is the next phase.

    1. The proletariat in charge of this communist “occupy” movement has already selected the target for the violence. That target is the Tea Party.

  4. That Jim Jones chanting stuff is getting on my nerves. For a while I couldn’t tell whether I was watching an episode of the walking dead or a live feed from Zucotti Park. They want violence to promote their movement? Just wheel out that microwave crowd zapper or the sound blaster machine they’re using in Iraq. That will persuade them to leave and not come back.

  5. From what I have seen of the Occupy “movement” suggests that the actually percentage they represent is .99%.

    1. 12grace… for the love of Pete… stop it now with the URLs… I just can’t keep up with all my regular reading and now yours on top as well. What the heck are you trying to do to me. At this rate, I’ll be reading into the wee hours of the morning.

  6. Who is instigating the wall street protests?

    1. The Destroyers

    Whereas the destroyers respect nothing and are driven by their primary emotions which are envy, resentment and hate.
    Make no mistake about who these people are. This is the same global communist movement that attacked the World Trade Organization and “evil corporations” in 2001, and that took to the streets to defend Saddam Hussein and call Bush Hitler in 2002. The forces behind this movement are identical: Soros, the Shadow Party, gangster socialist unions and a “progressive” intelligentsia whose hatred of the capitalist West has caused it to lose its collective mind.

    2. – Part One: Lisa Fithian

    by Lee Stranahan

    3. Unions Gloat: #Occupy Wouldn’t Be Happening Without Us
    by Kyle Olson
    While Marxists spout equality and equal worth, they are not above claiming ownership of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Turns out some are more equal than others. UFT President Michael Mulgrew leads an #Occupy protest LaborNotes reports: “Unions and other sympathetic groups called out their members to defend the [Wall…

    4. Lisa Fithian: Occupy Organizer, Union Educator–And Israel-Hater

    by Larry O’Connor

    1. This is important information to be shared with our email friends and families.

      I am going to attend a townhall meeting with my Congressman, and one of the issues I am going to address is, “What if any preparations have members of Congress made in the case of the comedian in chief declaring martial law instead of elections?”

      I do not expect him to answer, but I do want him and them to be thinking about it now (in case it does happen) rather than trying some knee-jerk reaction if it does happen.

      These are real interesting times.


  7. Just give this a little time and the real OWS agenda will come to the front. Oakland has asked them to leave and more towns are getting more and more aggravated with this group. When the pressure comes down and they are forcefully removed from their camps in NYC, Oakland and across the country, the riots will begin. They have already stated that they will not move. When all this breaks loose, how will the Lame Stream Media spin it? How will the democrats stand behind them? When all the damage is revealed, how are they going to explain the actions of these “fine citizens”? This is currently a JOKE and the people of this country will get a real clear picture of the people that the democrats are supporting!!

    For all of you in New York who have had to put up with these jerks, I hope you remember how your government stood up for your rights by letting these people squat and crap on your property. How they ruined your businesses by running off customers!

    Let me point out one other fact. When the Tea Party left a demonstration, the place was just as clean as when they got there. In some cases it was even cleaner!

    1. Bloomberg said they can stay as long as they like and, remember, Bloomberg knows what’s good for everybody.

      1. He’ll keep supporting them until his poll numbers go down and the crap hits the fan. Then he’ll move the blame to someone else!

          1. He is actually in Independent and when he was a Republican it was only so he could run against a Dem… so yea typical Dem move!

          2. Actually he is an Independent and only ran as a Rep in the Mayoral race because there was already a Democrat candidate….so yea typical Dem move

  8. Some 37%, what percent of that is the top 1% George Soros? You can fool 63% of the people some of the time and when 90% of the 37% realize they are in the middle of a massive Communist movement they will wake up 100% oft the time.

    1. When you have the socialist media constantly cheering for the other side and calling the Tea Party a bunch of white rabid racists, is it any wonder?

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