Apparently you can’t say INVASION on Fox News anymore

Art Del Cueto was interrupted today by a Fox News host when he referred to large quantities of people entering our country illegally or by force as an ‘invasion’:

Here’s what happened via DC Examiner:

Fox News anchor Sandra Smith pushed back against the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council during an interview after he described a recent incident at a Colorado ICE facility as an “invasion.”

Appearing Thursday on America’s Newsroom to discuss recent attacks on ICE buildings across the country, Art Del Cueto said, “Disgusting. It’s disgusting to see something like that.”

This is what Del Cueto said that got him into ‘trouble’:

“When you have individuals in large quantities that enter another country by force or illegally, waving the flag of another country, that is an invasion. I stand by those words,” Del Cueto continued.

That’s when Sandra Smith said she had to “push back”:

“Hold on,” Smith interrupted, and then they proceeded to talk over one another.

She added, “Obviously, we have to push back on comments like that. People will take issues with you calling at that. It is obviously a sensitive issue right now.”

Smith then directed the conversation back to the specific attacks against ICE facilities.

What he said was exactly right. He didn’t refer to anyone’s ethnicity, but referred to “individuals in large quantities” who are trying to cross illegally or force their way into the country carrying another country’s flag. Who cares if it’s a sensitive issue for liberals. It’s accurate.

Man, Fox News is getting really soft if they can’t handle something like this. Ugh.

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17 thoughts on “Apparently you can’t say INVASION on Fox News anymore

  1. They have lost my viewership. The balance of the “conservative” pundits on Fox News will be gone by end of 2019…Fox has be ready for 2020..

  2. Bimbo…Murdoch is all about open borders and gun control…..I guess Murdoch has given the FOX bimbos their marching orders.

  3. The only reason I watched Fox was Tucker Carlson. Now he’s gone and it’s said he’ll be replaced by Trump hater Ben Shapiro. Fox has been corrupted from within by the Left and I’m all done with them.

    1. I agree with 1st part. What evidence on 2nd part? Who said? 3rd part yes there are many times I turn the sound off.

      1. It’s the talk around the campfire online, and I note that just as Tucker disappeared on YT, so did Hannity and Ingram.

    2. Ben Shapiro is hardly a Trump hater. He is a real conservative that praises Trump when deserved and respectfully disagrees when Trump does things he doesn’t like. You might want to look at his web site. I challenge you to find any hate towards Trump there. And there are plenty of positive articles on Trump.

      Trump is not perfect. He has some liberal tendencies, but he’s from New York city. And people need to stand up to Trump when he starts acting like a liberal. Gun control for example. He was all for RINO Care. But, he picking good to great judges and doing great with the economy.

  4. If the people entering the US illegally were right wing in ideology or predisposed to vote Republican, no FNC or Fake News talking head would have any issue calling it an invasion.

  5. the only thing I watch on fox is Tucker Carlson and not all of it
    Fox is going left and advertisers are pressuring them too due to twitter and e mail bots

  6. I am reluctantly beginning to believe that some people are right when they say Fox News is turning left.
    Damn …. now where am I going to get some real news.

    1. FNC has been a leftist outfit for a very long time, just that now they feel comfortable with removing the mask. Try The Blaze.

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