Are concerned parents DOMESTIC TERRORISTS to Biden’s ideological allies? To HIM? Well they are to CNN.

“Dangerous,” is how CNN’s Brianna Keilar describes parents who expect school boards to honor their right to have a say in how their children are treated.

National School Boards Association, a despicable group, demanded in a letter that Biden label angry parents “domestic terrorists.”

So naturally, Brianna Keilar immediately brought their president on air so she could agree emphatically.

The number of fronts on which the left is advancing is staggering. Taking them all together – their war against law and order, their war against parents rights, against civil liberty, against religion, against free speech, against capitalism – it’s not difficult to see what their end game is. And at every stage they have CNN there to say people who point it out are crazy, and to put crazy on their and call it sane.

If anyone should be described as “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism,” it’s CNN.

Despicable. Dangerous. Ideological. Activist. CNN.

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