“Are those new dictatorships?!?” – Gov DeSantis smashes Biden for claiming border is out of control because of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

We might as well call this your Daily Dose of DeSantis because we’ve got more fantastic clips from DeSantis today.

We’ll start with this one, where DeSantis smashes Biden for claiming the border is more difficult for him to fix because he’s dealing with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.


“Are those new dictatorships?!? Have those not been dictatorships for a long time?!?”

I love how he goes on to point out that Biden is coddling these communist regimes, noting that he wouldn’t lift a finger when the Cuban people attempted to rise up last summer against Raul Castro’s regime.

In the same vein, we have a clip of DeSantis denouncing all the -isms in the name of the individual:

Lastly we have a another great clip of DeSantis talking about the illegal immigration crisis in this country and the unjustifiable polices of the Biden administration and why he sent those illegals to Martha’s Vineyard:


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