Are US embassies really defying the State Department on flying gay pride flags? NOPE

Contrary to headlines and reports, the US State Department says that US embassies around the world are not in defiance of a rule set by Pompeo about flying LGBTWhatever flags:

In other words as long as the ‘pride’ flag is not on the flagpole, where only the stars and stripes belong, the State Department doesn’t care.

So when you see fake news headlines like the one below, just ignore them:

I wish the rule was far more broad so that no pride flags could be flown on the premises of our embassies. But it’s not and I’m just setting the record ‘straight.’

Meanwhile, speaking of ‘straight’, all of these gay pride activists are getting hot and bothered over the fact that some are wanting to hold a ‘straight pride’ parade in Boston. The parade itself doesn’t bother me, but what does is who they’ve chose their marshal to be:

You’ve got to be kidding. If you had me at all, you lost me when you chose Milo.

Also, as a friend of mine points out, this is their equivalent of ‘I have a black friend’.

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