‘ARE YOU GOING TO SUBPOENA JOE BIDEN?’ Maria Bartiromo asks Comer, Jordan the ONLY question that matters

Incoming House oversight chair Rep. James Comer announced last week the GOP will be bringing a congressional investigation into Hunter Biden’s many scandals and actions, and how much Joe Biden was involved. The media and the swamp freaked out.

We already know the media’s dumb hysterics, they’re the same as the Democrats of course. Some right side pundits have also objected claiming this kind of congressional investigation is time-wasting and just legitimizes what Democrats have been doing.

But that doesn’t hold up, because first of all, we can’t rely on the Department of Justice, as Jim Jordan keeps explaining. It’s political and used as a tool of the Biden administration for both offense and defense. And secondly, because when we know the full extent of the president’s criminal involvement it will be up to Congress to impeach his ass.

So Maria Bartiromo on Sunday asked the single most important question in all of this. The only one that matters for the House Oversight committee: WILL YOU SUBPOENA JOE BIDEN?

Comer’s answer was great, and Jordan’s explanations of the situation are outstanding.

BUT there’s really only one acceptable answer from the GOP on whether they’re going to subpoena Joe Biden.


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