“Are you out of your mind!?!” – Eric Bolling gets into heated exchange with John Bolton over Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan

Last night Eric Bolling went toe to toe with John Bolton on Newsmax over America being safer under President Trump than under Biden.

Bolton seemed to disagree with Bolling on that point, but the real hot disagreement came over Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which Bolton claimed was exactly what Trump would have done.


I’m really surprised here that Bolton is claiming Trump would have done exactly what Biden did. Because even the leftist Associated Press debunked that idea when Biden himself tried to use it in his defense.

This is from August of last year:

U.S. officials made clear at the time that the agreement was conditions-based and the failure of intra-Afghan peace talks to reach a negotiated settlement would have nullified the requirement to withdraw.

One day before the Doha deal, a top aide to chief U.S. negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad said the agreement was not irreversible, and “there is no obligation for the United States to withdraw troops if the Afghan parties are unable to reach agreement or if the Taliban show bad faith” during negotiations.

Those negotiations were intended to begin within a month of the deal being signed but were delayed amid disputes between the Taliban and the Afghan government over prisoner releases. Amid fits and starts, the negotiations had not produced any outcome by the time Biden announced his withdrawal decision in April. Nor have they done so since.

Trump had said last year that his withdrawal would have been “conditions based”, meaning the Taliban and the Afghan Army would have had to reach a peace agreement before the withdrawal took place. But Biden didn’t wait for such an agreement and decided to just pull us out and we all saw the epic disaster that unfolded.

So yeah, I don’t know what Bolton is thinking here but Eric Bolling is right. The Afghan disaster was entirely Biden’s mess.

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