Ari Fleischer NAILS it on what the FAKE press in this country WON’T ask Democrat Terry McAuliffe

The press is campaigning for Democrats every day of every month of every year, and they are even MORE doing it for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. You know, the guy who said parents shouldn’t have a say in the education of their own kids, and that graphic sexual images are fine with him in those same elementary, middle, and high schools? That guy.

They like him BECAUSE of that, not DESPITE it. Which is why you won’t catch pretend news people like Brian Stelter or Jake Tapper or George Stephanopoulos, who report on the so-called “big lie” every five minutes because they need Trump for ratings and for promoting Democrats, ever ever EVER ask a DEMOCRAT basic questions about, for example, who REALLY won in the year 2000, Bush or Gore. Or why every time a Republican wins the Dems in congress OBJECT TO CERTIFICATION just like Republicans did this year and were called betrayers of Democracy for.

And you won’t hear them asking THIS either:

Not gonna happen. Ari Fleischer calls it OUT.

Every single time someone brings up this press hypocrisy is worth it. Saturation of lies is the weapon they use against us. ONLY saturation of truth can fight back.

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