Arizona Democrat running for Senate advertised American troops as undead TERRORISTS slaughtering innocents

Kyrsten Sinema is running against Republican nominee Rep. Martha McSally for the Senate seat vacated by the departing Jeff Flake in Arizona, and she thinks the United States conducts terrorism. That’s not hyperbole, that’s accurate. The fact that some mainstream outlets (CNN) are putting undeserved distance words in their descriptions of this news only highlights how truly damaging it is.

CNN first reported it, and this is the headline they used: “Kyrsten Sinema’s anti-war group blasted ‘U.S. terror,’ depicted soldier as skeleton in 2003 flyers”.

Here is the opening of the article:

As an anti-war activist in the early 2000s, Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema led a group that distributed flyers depicting an American soldier as a skeleton inflicting “U.S. terror” in Iraq and the Middle East.

The flyers could become an issue for Sinema, the Democratic nominee challenging Republican Martha McSally in one of the most competitive US Senate races this year. CNN rates the race as a toss-up.

They then include Sinema’s attempts to disown this protest flyer of hers, with objections about her family members being in the military or that she didn’t personally draw the flyers with her own blood or whatever. But the facts are later in the article.

The flyers, which are available through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, promoted a February 2003 rally organized by Local to Global Justice, an anti-war group Sinema co-founded. Sinema was referred to as a leading organizer and sponsor of the anti-Iraq War rally in contemporaneous news reports and websites for the organizations involved. She is also repeatedly listed as the point of contact for the event.

She founded it. She ran it. She was the point of contact. This was her group, her event, her protest. She owns this:

But wait there’s more, still from CNN.

Sinema also spoke at the rally, according to Arizona State University’s student newspaper, which quoted her as the organizer of the rally in which they estimated 2,500 people attended.

“Let peace rule,” Sinema said, according to the paper.

Sinema was also listed at the point of contact for a pre-rally event to make protest signs. The website for the event highlights signs from past events, including, “Born to Kill, Born to Drill,” “My President Is A Psychopath,” “No Oilgarchy,” “We Burn Stuff (Written on an American Flag)” and “Who Elected this F***er?”

She spoke at the rally. She helped the people make the signs. This was hers. She and the people she led distributed the flyers.

Yes, that was plural. Here are two more.

Good on CNN posting and exposing this. But they still used weasel words to give her some distance and deniability. Two things she is not entitled to here. These are hers. This was her event. She owns this. Need we even mention “imagine if her Republican opponent were this deeply tied to a racist flyer” to this? It should go without saying they’d offer no plausible distancing for that.

Is there any doubt that she and the group she founded were calling the United States, and the troops who serve, as terrorists?

Nope. She did that. That’s who democrats want you to vote for, Arizona.

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