Arizona Sheriff: You give me a gun but you don’t trust me not to racially profile?

Finally Greta injects the voice of reason into this overheated immigration debate. Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu does a great job describing the problem and even expresses satisfaction with McCain’s new immigration plan for Arizona. But toward the end he hits the nail on the head:

“We have this awesome authority to suspend somebody’s constitutional rights and freedoms. We also have the lawful authority to literally use lethal force and takes someone’s life and yet here we’re questioning the fact that we can’t build the components that are necessary to get to reasonable suspicion and probable cause?”

This is the part of the debate that no one is talking about. Local law enforcement officers are experts in illegal immigration because deal with it on a daily basis and they take their job very seriously. They know exactly how illegal immigrants move about, what they drive, the people they hang out with, where they hide, etc. They are the people that we should be listening to and giving the resources to combat this problem, yet we are suggesting we can’t trust them as if they are vagabonds.

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