‘ARMS A-FLAILING’: Trump MOCKS, impersonates ‘poor bastard’ Beto O’Rourke. ‘He was against religion!’ (WATCH)

President Trump’s rally in Mississippi on Friday is a treasure trove of quotes, clips, and moments, but one of the most amusing was when he took down Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who is oh so recently departed from the 2020 Democratic race.

“Beto, Beto, did you hear?” said Trump. “Ah, that poor bastard, well. Poor, pathetic guy. He was pathetic!”

Trump waved his arms around doing a pretty dead-on impersonation of the weird crooked creepy arm flailing that Beto does. “Remember the arms a-flailing. Remember that?”

“He’s waving his arms and going crazy and I said, what the hell is he doing, what is he on?” said Trump.

He kept after Beto for a few minutes before moving on. He hit for saying he was “born to be in it”, pointed out his hatred of guns and religious freedom and oil made him a terrible match for Texas, and basically shredded him.

It was great, is what I’m saying. Hollywood and D.C. tried to make it seem like “Beto” is beloved down here, but not only did he convincingly lose, (which they try to paint as a moral victory because it wasn’t a blow-out), he won only in the areas where Democrats have been importing people. Among native Texans who have never lived in the land of snow, blow, and media HQs, “Beto” was a loser candidate.

Anyway, I just want to add my own adios to O’Rourke. I’m sure he’ll find some furry way to be happy without the White House.

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