Army vet & former cop both arrested over “causing anxiety” with a MEME. Coming soon to a United States near you.

It’ll happen here. That was the plan all along, and why they got so mad about Elon Musk. They’re afraid he will disrupt it. But it’s already happened in the UK, where police came to arrest an Army veteran for “causing anxiety” by sharing a meme, or retweeting it, on Twitter, that had the Pride flag arranged like a swastika.

The purpose of the meme, which was originally posted not by Darren Brady, who is in the video below, but by Laurence Fox of the Reclaim Party, was to protest the “authoritarianism” about Pride Month and other enforced LGBTWhatever wokeism.

So the police decided to prove the meme right with an authoritarian crackdown on criticism of Pride Month.


Former police officer Harry Miller was also arrested for his effort to dissuade the police from arresting Brady.

Here’s that arrest and his awesome comments to police.

Read more about the outrage from Daily Mail here.

This is coming to America if things don’t change. They can’t wait to do it, they say it all the time. They say it on CNN but they couch it in woke phrasing because they think that justifies or hides it. Stelter and Lemon with their rhetoric about having to treat Republicans or MAGA different than regular people. Media in general saying that you can’t coexist with certain types. The RuthSentUs crowd who believe in the “fair game” principle and that anything goes in service of their ideology. They pretend they are fighting the concept of “hate” and that this justifies their actions.

Same thing authoritarians always say and think. That there’s no price too high for everyone else to pay so they can win.

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