Arrogant & Condescending CNN host: “What’s your beef with illegal immigration”

It’s hard for me to believe that a CNN host would ask someone “what’s your beef with illegal immigration”, considering the fact that the word illegal is in the very question. In fact, as soon as I heard the question I burst into laughter before even hearing the answer. But then the host turns very arrogant and condescending, as if he was the only one that knew the facts and the Arizona state Rep. that he was interviewing fell off the stupid bus or something. Just completely uncalled for.

As for his arguments about the few taxes that some illegals may pay is irrelevant. They have still come here illegally and they are taking jobs away from Americans. In other news, Arizona’s unemployment rate was 9.7% in June. And to boot, that still doesn’t account for medical and other resources they consume that are subsidized by the American taxpayer.

So I know you are dying to know who the CNN host was…ok, go ahead and click play.

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