Art Laffer: Obama discriminating against successful people with tax plan, says it’s crazy what he’s doing

This may be the most animated I’ve ever seen Art Laffer in a news interview. When talking about Obama’s new tax plan, he said “it’s just crazy what Obama is doing, it’s just crazy!” He says Obama’s new tax plan discriminates against economically successful people who are doing exactly what we want everyone in America to do and that the economy can’t be taxed into prosperity. He also adds that to suggest that we are eliminating a tax cut is nonsense, that these have been the tax rates for 10 years now.

Watch below:

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43 thoughts on “Art Laffer: Obama discriminating against successful people with tax plan, says it’s crazy what he’s doing

  1. This is discrimination – 1% of the people paying 70% of the taxes!

    Where are all the liberals? They should be out protesting in droves that the government abandon this discrimanatory policy immediately.

  2. There is another thought that bothers me about all this. If what most of you are saying is true that’s bad enough, but if Obama loses the election, than the republicans are being set up to take the fall when the bill for Obama’s “break the bank” strategy comes due and, it will if can’t bring him to heel before November. What many people are totally unaware of is the lag time in an event in the public arena and the consequences resulting therefrom. The demon rats can then immediately begin denoucing the administration saying, say “We told you so. We told you republicans… blah,blah, blah”, continuing to divide the nation via adversary politics to advance their insane agendas. Bottom line: We can’t just claim the Presidency. We must compete the trifecta and then begin to dismantle all of Obama’s insanity……Replace, not tweak!!

  3. ………….classic mistakes of politicians……………

    I find it depressing that all these mistakes keep happening over and over to the point where they are called “classic”. And not in a good way.

  4. Obama is the anti-Art Laffer, and it shows. Our economy is a shambles, while under Laffer and Ronald Reagan it grew in leaps and bounds. More people should be listening to Art Laffer. I’m sure Romney is, which is why I’m voting for him big time.

  5. Why won’t these people tell the truth. O-liar-in-chief does not care about the economy all he is doing is trying to get as many people on the public dole that he can in hopes of collapsing the system. This has been there plan all along. They are working day and night trying to get enough government employees and people on the entitlement programs so they will riot in the streets when their gravy train is threatened as the system collapses. O knows exactly what they are doing. It is not crazy to them and we need to stop looking like idiots saying what they are doing is crazy. It is their plan. Has been all along.

  6. another contradiction by the insane one, he extended the bush tax cuts all 100% of it in 09, now he wants to raise taxes on the 2%, I guess trickle down economics worked in 09 but now it has failed. He criticizes trickle down economics and then wants to extend 98% of bush tax cuts, if you are extending 98% of the bush tax cuts then trickle down economics works if you are below 250k, and then fails if you are above 250k. Cmon you reagan democrats, independents in the battleground states dont you see how stupid this is ?.

  7. obama hates America and it shows! If he wants more taxes, he can tax himself and all his probably bank accounts stashed around the globe.

  8. Obama had the unmitigated gall to horrendously lie and say in his recent Ohio speech that by taxing the rich in this manner, that will cut our deficit by 1 Trillion dollars. He doesn’t even try to hide his lying eyes anymore bucause he knows the dumbmasses that adore him will blindly and willingly eat this kind of garbage right up – and WON’T check the facts or search for the truth themselves.

    Kick this devil out on his butt in November (though now is preferable).

  9. There is absolutlely no denying that Obama wants to bring our economy to its knees. His intent is to create an animosity from the employee towards their employer and, in turn, destroy any perception of American exeptionalism. If he succeeds, American life as we know it will cease to exist. For millions of Americans, this is a nightmare, but in reality the nightmare is just beginning.

  10. But, but, but, Art! You voted for him! You are on video saying so! Now you support Romney. You may know something about money and the economy, but your presidential choices leave much to be desired!

    Obama TOLD us up front that he would do this! Weren’t you paying attention?

  11. We need to call it like it is. Barack Obama is a Marxist. We you employ Marxist policies you get Marxist results. Paging USSR, East Germany, N. Korea, Cuba.

    Hey Barack, the Berlin Wall was to keep East Germans from leaving, not for keeping West Germans from entering. My god. This is just crazy.

  12. Let me just add: Nobama is not Ronald Reagan…not even close. Nobama is closer to being a Jimmy Carter type of president, which isn’t anything to brag about. I sure miss President Reagan…common sense, did good things for America, increased America’s military strength, a man of his word, respected by friends, feared by our enemies. Quite a man in my opinion.

      1. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in a while; that was funny!!!

        1. At least the gas was not pushing 4 bucks a gallon. I purchased a couple of large “jerry” cans for extra distance. lol

    1. Men like Reagan only come along once in a lifetime.Given the changes society is undergoing,we will never see anybody like him again.At least we had the good fortune to know him for a little while.
      P.S.-thank you for your service.You deserved a lot better than you got.

      1. Amen to that, Pete.

        And it was my privilege and honor to serve our nation beside a slew of great Americans. There were just average Joes/Joans, but there were great Americans in my book. I loved my years in the Army….not every day mind you, but overall it was a wonderful career. And, if possible, I would do it all over again.

        1. I was drafted in 1969,but rejected because of bronchial asthma I’ve had since childhood.I have always been in awe of people with the guts to pick up a weapon and defend something they believe in with everything they have.Thats what separates patriots from the fair-weather liberals who lack even one ideal they would risk their lives for.Freedom has a taste to those who fought for it that those they protect will never know.

          1. Pete, I’m sure you would have done your duty had you not been medically disqualified. The military is full of great Americans of all races, diverse background and economic groups. Our focus was on mission accomplishment, not our differences. It was a wonderful experience. And it was simply amazing how well we all got along.

  13. As long as the politicians have the power to buy votes by redistributing wealth to the least successful among us, the tax code will always be a political football. Stop the insanity, restore fairness, restore certainty and unleash the American people/economy. Adopt the Fairtax. It really is the only answer. Learn more about it at

  14. They will continue to call the President’s policies crazy until they get the gumption to call it out as a carefully orchestrated plan. Obama is “all in”,betting they don’t have the nerve. He got Beck bounced from Fox, didn’t he? Fox knows who backs the “ONE” and they ran for the hills and hired a number of left wing hacks!

    1. No, Beck decided he didn’t want to work for anyone else, and created GBTV, which makes him way more money than Fox paid him. He had better ratings in his timeslot than the other cable news networks combined in their best PRIME TIME slot. You know Fox didn’t want to give that up.

      Now Beck is ad boycott proof. He makes most of his money directly from his subscribers. And the Left can’t touch him.

      1. I still wish he’d come back on Fox. O’Reilly should have him one once a week as well for his perspective. If He can have on Miller once a week, why not Beck. I wrote to him about this, but never had it read on air or heard back. Ho-hum.

        1. Billo won’t have Beck on his show on a regular basis. Whenever Beck does show up, O’Reilly turns it into a clown show. Beck won’t kowtow to Billo like Ingraham, Williams, and the rest do. He would battle with Bill’s outrageous conclusions on a regular basis, and that would never do for Billo.

          1. Good points. I think Laura does fight back a bit though. Especially if it’s something she really cares about. She’s my favorite substitute host as well. I can’t stand when Williams hosts it.

  15. He’s missing an important point. Obama only tells us he wants more jobs. He doesn’t. George Soros said he wants to destroy America, so is it any wonder why he funds the Democrat party and Obama? Someone needs to find that clip of Soros saying that and make an extensive list of how he funds the Democrats. Make it into an ad.

    Anyone with a brain knows that if someone wants to destroy America they will put their money in the pockets of those who will do it for him.

    1. No one will destroy America. We are one step away from being locked and loaded. If Conservatives can’t have the country neither can liberals.

    2. Someone needs to find that clip of Soros saying that‘ – kong

      Might be hard to do. Soros may have scrubbed the internet. Here’s an article I’ve had about Soros wanting the dollar destroyed and the video that goes along with it has been removed – claiming ‘copyright infringements’. Not surprising.

      1. That sucks. Obama is doing a bang-up job of destroying the dollar. I’m sure Soros is very proud of him.

      2. I’ll bet other folks burned that clip. I don’t know how to do that from you tube but I know many spoke of it and Beck encouraged copying articles and videos to cd’s early on.

    1. Thanks for this link. I’m surprised to see his involvement in this charade. Yet one more group we have to be leary of ….

  16. Its really very simple.He’s a liberal.Liberals take money from people who won’t vote for them to buy the votes of people who will.He’s trying to make things ‘fair’ by tearing down those at the top rather than lifting up those at the bottom.

  17. The word crazy is being used more often these days

    I just heard Lou Dobbs on America live

    I hope someone has taped his tirade against Obama about his recent comments

    He said these recent speeches shows what he really believes and

    Obama is clearly out of touch! (code for crazy I think)

    Told ya’ so!!

    1. Lol Joe! What’s next? Obama asks for cancer patients treatment money? Make all tithes out to Obama instead of God? Obama initiates “air tax” to fund his campaign?

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