As collective mental UNRAVELING of Lib/Media over Twitter continues, will Musk make new “alternative” phone?

The total deterioration of the mental state of the left over Elon Musk buying Twitter is continuing at breakneck pace, Thanksgiving only seeming to have exacerbated it, what with the thankfulness and tradition and non-mask-wearing to drive them over the cliff even more. It comes not from the activists at places like MoveOn or MediaMatters bleeding up to the so-called MSM this time, though, but the other direction. it’s the press leading the comically over-the-top outright hysteria.

Besides their laughable attempts to migrate to Mastodon and their dramatic public declarations, they’re roping big corporations into the cause under the pretense of battling “misinformation.” The wokest corps in the world are Google, Apple, and Microsoft, just barely beating out the massive oligarchical media empires in degree of leftwing stupidity, and those tech giants are actually considering blocking Twitter from their app stores.

If it wasn’t so embarrassingly stupid and sure to be mocked for centuries into the future it would be more than grounds for an actual insurrection against these Orwellian operations.

But should they take this step into the totalitarian darkness Musk has a pretty easy fix at hand. Bypass them.

Can’t be gatekeepers if they don’t control the gate.

He should do this anyway just to piss them off. IT would sure be funny.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.


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