As Democrat voters THREATEN in streets, Democrat politicians threaten EVERYWHERE ELSE. It’ll backfire.

BLM and Antifa – aka Democrat voters – threaten to harm you if you don’t comply, if you won’t join their revolution. And that’s exactly what elected Democrats do everywhere else.

Biden threatens riots will continue if he’s not elected. We’re also promised riots over filling a SCOTUS seat. Pelosi threatens to impeach whoever she has to in order to make sure the mob gets what it wants. The mob she’s a part of.

They threaten to abolish the electoral college. They threaten to abolish the Senate. They threaten to pack the courts. They don’t want to play by the rules or within the bounds of the American structure. You give them their way or they’ll break everything.

That’s the threat on main street and it’s the threat on Capitol Street.

Jim Jordan was on Fox Business today and when he said “the American people don’t like to be threatened” it made me realize that’s the only thing Democrats know how to do. They talk about fear mongering but they are focused on trying to SCARE you into compliance.

“I don’t think the American people like to be threatened. Jerry Nadler said if you move forward with this nomination, and the Senate is won by the Democrats in the election, that they are going to pack the court and add six new seats to the court and take it from 9- 15. Pelosi says today she’s going to go with impeachment if they move forward. I don’t think the American people like being threatened I think they like the president of the United States following the law and putting someone in”

He’s got their number. We do not like being threatened, and there are way more of us than there are of the far left. The radicals have taken over the Democrat party and taken over our streets, but most Americans AREN’T radicals, they don’t like it, and they won’t take it.

This has already backfired for Democrats. It lost them 2016, and it’s going to lose 2020 for them. And they stand to lose a whole HELLUVA lot more if they keep pushing.

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