Associated Press mocked, ratio’d, ridiculed over absurd tweet whitewashing Chappaquiddick

In today’s edition of the clearly unbiased noble profession of journalism, the Associated Press is being mocked and ridiculed over this absurd tweet whitewashing Ted Kennedy for the negligent murder of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Amazing isn’t it? They make it seem like the real culprit of the entire incident was the CAR! Kennedy is really just another victim here.

He shoulda sued big auto for their nefarious plan to frame him for murder through their trained automobile assassin!!

OR, it could be that the Associated Press went out of their way to use the passive voice in order to exonerate Kennedy as much as they could.

Ed Morrissey makes a really good point at Hot Air – even the fact that they claimed she drowned is kind of whitewashing the event.

It’s not true that Kopechne “drowned.” The coroner never autopsied the body, itself a curious omission when dealing with an unattended death of a healthy young woman. Eyewitness testimony by the person who recovered her body at the scene, as well as the position of the body, strongly suggests she suffocated after spending a significant amount of time exhausting the oxygen in the air bubble of the submerged car.

Saying she drowned is “factually deficient” as Morrissey says.

Maybe that should be the motto of the Associated Press.

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