Atheist Richard Dawkins is using coronavirus deaths to dunk on Christians and God

I have to admit I kinda dislike it when Christians try to say that a natural disaster is God’s judgement on this or that. Outside of where we’re literally told it happened in the Bible, it’s presumptuous and not very humble of people to pretend they know God’s will. However, this is the atheist version of that:

Yes, it’s a clever “gotcha” for atheists trying to mock Christianity and religion. But if God is literally willing the existence of every cell in our universe, then why does He owe us to be spared from a pandemic? Well He doesn’t. And, for all we know it could be much worse right now. Maybe praying actually made it better. There’s so many options that take away the rationale for the insipid “gotcha.”

But you need intellectual honesty, humility, and maturity to know that, and express it. Clearly, Dawkins doesn’t have any of those.

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All of a sudden they love George Bush? Weird.

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