Attorney with Southern Poverty Law Center among the arrested Antifa goons being charged with Domestic Terrorism

The left loves to tout the Southern Poverty Law Center as the go to place to learn about domestic terrorists on the right.

In fact even recently the anti-Catholic bigotry from the FBI was based on data they got from the SPLC.

Well today we find out that one of the Antifa goons arrested last night and charged with domestic terrorism actually worked for the SPLC. He was one of their staff attorneys.

Here’s more from New York Post:

An attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center is among the 23 protesters who have been charged with domestic terrorism after they allegedly hurled Molotov cocktails and fireworks at a future Atlanta police training facility, cops said Monday.

Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28, was one of the nearly two dozen people detained on Sunday in what police have described as a “coordinated attack” on the still-under-construction Atlanta Public Safety Training Center — dubbed “Cop City.”

Jurgens is a staff attorney with SPLC — the left-leaning, anti-hate group, according to the State Bar of Georgia and his since-deleted LinkedIn page.

Of the 23 people slapped with domestic terrorism charges over the violent protest, Jurgens and only one other man, Jack Beaman, hail from the state of Georgia.

Police said the majority of those arrested are from other parts of the US — as well as France and Canada.

The SPLC didn’t immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment in the wake of Jurgens’ arrest.

Oh I imagine they didn’t respond. Keep in mind that not everyone arrested last night was charged with domestic terorrism. Of the 35 arrested only 23 were charged with domestic terrorism and the SPLC employee was one of them.

It really should surprise no one that one of their own should now be on their list of domestic terrorists. They are part of the hard left and violence against the police is what the hard left does, as we saw last night in Atlanta.

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