AUDIO: Lauren Daigle says she doesn’t know if homosexuality is a sin…

I am a fan of Lauren Daigle and have been ever since I heard her beautiful voice. The fact that she’s a Christian singer is a huge bonus and I quickly bought her album and other songs I could find from her a couple years ago.

But now I have to say that I am super disappointed in Daigle after hearing an interview she gave a few days ago when she was asked point blank if homosexuality is a sin. She demurred, saying that she’s not God and she doesn’t know.

Here’s the interview. Listen to the entire interview for context, but the part about homosexuality comes at 8:20:

I’ve transcribed her full answer to the question: Do you feel that homosexuality is a sin?

You know I can’t honestly answer on that in the sense of…I have too many people that I love, that they are homosexual. Um…I don’t know. I actually had a conversation with someone last night about it, and I was like I can’t say one way or the other. I’m not God. So when people ask questions like that, that’s what my go to is. Like, I just say read the Bible and find out for yourself. And when you find out let me know because I’m learning too.

Oh I have a feeling she’s going to get a lot of people letting her know.

The reason this has come up as an issue is that Daigle’s career is going mainstream now and she’s appearing on big entertainment shows like Jimmy Fallon and….Ellen. I didn’t see her on Ellen but from the interview it sounds like she got a lot of criticism for going on Ellen’s show because Ellen is gay.

But that honestly bothers me far less than her answer to this question and the fact that she, as a Christian, demurred the way she did – it is really disappointing. I get that she’s going mainstream and she wants her career to thrive. And she has gay friends she doesn’t want to offend. But the Bible couldn’t be more clear on the fact that homosexuality IS a sin. And in today’s culture Christians need to be unequivocal about such things. ESPECIALLY in today’s culture that is rotting from the inside out.

Maybe Lauren Daigle really doesn’t know, but honestly I would find that shocking. Rather it looks to me like she’s compromising God’s Word for the sake of her career and not offending all her gay friends.

I hope that she corrects herself on this but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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