AUDIO: Mark Levin makes a great point about gun control…

Mark Levin opened his show talking about the movement pushing gun control right now in the wake of the massacre last week in Florida.

I’ve got his entire comments on the issue below and they are fantastic as usual, but I wanted to highlight just one point he made. I’m sure it’s not the first time he’s made it, but it’s a point worth repeating and it’s really a simple point:

“The next gun control law won’t be enough, because it won’t stop this. And the next gun control law after that won’t be enough because it won’t stop this.”

Levin pointed out that we’ve already got gun control laws in place and everyone who’s ever bought a gun from a store knows it. But no matter what gun control law you pass next that adds more restrictions on guns, it won’t solve the problem. It won’t stop someone who is hellbent from still getting a gun and massacring more people.

You can pile up all the gun control laws you want, but nothing will completely stop this from happening. Which means the push for more gun control will continue until it completely erodes our 2nd amendment rights. And what then, when the massacres keeps happening?

Unless we find another solution, which Levin discusses in his commentary below:

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