[AUDIO] Rob Schneider Comes Right Out And Says It! ‘We Are Sliding Very Fast Toward Fascism’

On talk radio on Friday, actor and comedian Rob Schneider talked a good deal about having non-liberal beliefs while in Hollywood, the Obama administration and business, freedom the press, and finally, our national slide toward fascism, in a fascinating interview.

Highlights via Truth Revolt:

There’s a polarization that’s happening…I do think you look can look at government and go, “Wow, it is out of control now,” and if you do criticize or tend to be not directly along a liberal stand, you can get murdered.

There’s not one segment of business under the Obama administration that hasn’t been hurt…he attacks for-profit schools, which is totally an elitist thing from a guy that went to Harvard. I think for free, by the way.

We don’t really have freedom of the press. It’s owned by about eight different companies, and it doesn’t really express or help the average American.

And of course …

Democracies don’t end well. We are sliding very fast towards fascism. It’s an ugly kind of thing. There’s this kind of mob mentality that we have to be careful of.

Now that’s what you call an interview. No doubt his hate mail box will be overflowing by morning.

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