Awesome: 12-year-old girl shoots intruder in self defense

This is a great story about a 12-year-old girl who is not going to turn up on a missing persons list. Grabbing her mom’s gun, this Oklahoma girl hid in a closet as a man broke into her house. As he went to open the door of the closet she was in, she fired through the door. The man was hit but managed to escape the house, only to be met by cops down the road.

Watch the video:

NEWSON6 – A 12-year-old girl took matters into her own hands during a home invasion in southeast Oklahoma.

It happened on Wednesday when the girl was home alone. She told police a stranger rang the doorbell, then went around to the back door and kicked it in. She called her mom, Debra St. Clair, who told her to get the family gun, hide in a closet and call 911.

That was when St. Clair dropped what she doing and raced home.

“I drove home at a really fast pace to try to get to her, and when I got here the police were already here. And they had the suspect,” she said.

The during that time, the intruder made his way through the house. St. Clair’s daughter told deputies the man came into the room where she was hiding and began to open up the closet door. That was when the 12-year-old had to make a life-saving decision.

“And what we understand right now, he was turning the doorknob when she fired through the door,” said the Bryan County Undersheriff Ken Golden.

The bullet hit the intruder, who deputies identified as 32-year-old Stacey Jones. He took off but did not get far before officers took him down.

“He was sitting down, the policemen had him apprehended at the end of the block. All I saw was some blood coming down his back. I’m not exactly sure where his injury was, but I saw some blood there,” explained St. Clair.

Jones was taken to a Texas hospital by helicopter after the incident. An investigator on the case said Jones was released from the hospital Thursday and extradited to the Bryan County Jail.

The 12-year-old girl was not injured during the ordeal.

She told another local news station this:

“I see a lot of girls on TV that get their house broken into and they turn up missing and just knowing that that could have happened to me. I was scared.”

(h/t: Drudge, Michelle Malkin)

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99 thoughts on “Awesome: 12-year-old girl shoots intruder in self defense

  1. I thought that every time there’s a shooting, Liberals are supposed to go on TV and demand that we get rid of guns. For some strange reason that isn’t happening in this case. And for anyone who didn’t catch the end of the video, this is the first time I’ve heard it mentioned that this intruder was arrested a year ago for abducting a 17-year-old girl with “diminished mental capacity”.

  2. That’s Right!!! All of you that think we should not be able to protect ourselves or are family’s you go tell this girl that you would rather have her hurt then home with family!!!!!
    This is why we should have the right to carry and shoot a fire arm! If you don’t want to be shot, then don’t do something to get shot!

  3. For many years now as a former Hunter Safety Instructor I have been advocating for mandatory Firearms Safety classes in our schools. Starting in Grammer School where children are taught not to play with guns and to run if one of their friends has Daddys gun.
    Then in Middle School (Junior High School) they advance to safe handling; how to check that a firearm is empty, and to unload it if it isn’t; not to point it at anything alive; and dozens more safety measures.
    Finally in High School they are taught how to load, unload, and handle a loaded firearm, how to clean and care for a firearm, then finally after sufficiant firearm safety has been taught, take the students to a range and teach them how to shoot one.

    I can guarentee there are thousands of qualified Hunter Safety Instructors who would volunteer their time to teach all of the above without pay.

  4. This young lady and her mom are most definately conservatives; if not now they soon will be when they realize that Obummer and Clinton are trying to take away our firearms. imagine what would have happened to this young girl if there was no firearm in the house that she could defend herself with; almost as important as our 2nd Amendment giving this young lady the chance to defend herself, is the sheer courage it took for her to actually use the handgun in self defense; many adults would have frozen or hesitated too long before using the firearm.
    If Obummer and Clinton had their way, this little girl woud be a victim!

  5. I just hope the anti gun liberal blowhards don’t go after the girl and the mother for some violation of a law. Going after the victim who shoots in self defense is political correctness, because that is a crime nowadays.

  6. Some states have laws against parents allowing a child to have access to a firearm. In some states firearms have to be unloaded with the ammunition stored in a different location. What if the “gun control” people had been successful in preventing this child from defending herself? When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

  7. Give this girl a medal. Bravo! Too bad the perp lived. Why wasn’t his name and photo included in this report?

  8. MSM will not inform American public about that – it goes against their antigun stance
    Number one fear of all criminals (from studies in prisons): an armed victim.

    1. The parents would be in jail for having a loaded and unlocked weapon in the house, and the child would be put into the pedophile filled foster system.

  9. Good for this girl and her family! Great story to what could have been an awful missing persons or worse. I have to say for the girls sake, I am glad to hear there was a door between the girl and the intruder. (Hopefully not being able to see ALL the graphic stuff will help her recovery more than having to deal with a visuals too~ small blessing in disguise, if I have the story right that is)

    Glad the government hasn’t taken all the guns away yet.

  10. Good for this girl and her family for teaching her how to shoot. Hope she realizes how lucky she is to have saved her life.

  11. what a great feel good story. The fact that this suspect had kidnapped a girl in the past is heart stopping. This girl is amazing and I hope she gets through this ordeal and understands what she did was not only to save her life but possibly other young girls. RS thank you for posting this. This is a real PRO GUN rights story.

  12. YES!!! What a brave girl. I’m so glad her mother keeps a gun and that the girl knows where it’s kept and how to use it. If more attacks on children ended like this, there would be fewer people trying to attack children.

    My only concern is that someone look after the girl’s mental wellbeing. Shooting someone at any age can’t be easy, doing at the age of 12, has to be difficult. She made the right choice.

    I bet that Jones really has a “diminished mental capacity” now that he’s been shot for his actions. He will probably think twice next time he thinks about going after some kid.

  13. Good for her. I’m sure it was a traumatic experience, but she handled herself better than a lot of adults would have. I’m also glad the family had a weapon and the girl knew how to use it. Kudos to the family for that!!!

  14. Too bad he lived. Air-lifted? How about a 15 mph ride down a “bumpy” road to the hospital. Maybe the deputy gets lost and arrives the next morning at the hospital with a dead man. No tears here ! The creep deserves no better.

    1. You have me giggling.

      Perpetrator shot by 12-year old while attempting to abduct her lives. #NotOptimal

  15. I don’t envy the lady 9-1-1 operator. She stayed so collected and calm when the girl was saying help me- enough to tug at any woman’s heart!

    1. And notice how the 911 operator was supportive of the girl having her mom’s gun? That 911 operator is a hero. If that had been a libtard on the other end she would have told the girl to let go of the gun and the girl would be gone.

  16. Brave girl, smart Mom. Called her Mom, Mom gave her excellent instructions and the girl followed them. Now I have been putting off purchasing a weapon for self defense. Not anymore.

    1. I recently bought a Springfield XDs 45ACP. Good caliber, simple to operate, light and packable. It only holds five plus one rounds, but they have an extended mag that makes the grip longer, and gives two more rounds. You can also get a 9mm that is fairly small and holds more rounds. (glock 19)

      Happy shopping.

    2. If you need help, I’m sure lots of us here would be glad to offer all you need.

      LOL Starting with Mike the Marine.

  17. What a world we live in that 12 year olds have to be exposed to these criminals. This is a great story and hope it gets around because maybe it will have intruders thinking twice and decide home invasion is not in their best interest. Hope they put him in jail and he stays there a very, very long time.

    1. That is the problem. People like these fools get probation, house arrest, their sentence cut in half, mistrials, reduced charges. Before it’s done and over with the county is paying the criminal for wasting their time and another kid comes up missing. It’s insane. If there was stricter laws, this crap wouldn’t happen.

      1. Not just stricter laws but better judges who apply them. Too many times the judge let the perpetrator off with a light sentence. This shouldn’t happen.

  18. Just watch. Holder will be swooping down on Oklahoma soon to arrest this 12 year old for not having a license to carry. I’m glad her parents have taught her how to handle a gun and how to protect herself.

    Childhood injuries from guns come more from them not knowing how to handle and respect guns than from the fact that they are in the house. Just like parents, the children need to learn gun safety early and when they do, guns are safe.

    It’s the liberals who know nothing about guns who cry the loudest against them.

    1. Even worse are the liberals who know everything about guns and precisely why the Republic depends upon the Second Amendment, who cry for regulation.

      1. Liberals are dense. If it weren’t for guns they would be living in oppression and slavery. What a nincumpoop.

      1. Exactly. And they say that’s safer for children. I say what’s safer for children is learning how to deal with guns. I’ll bet that if this girl had not been properly trained, she would not have been able to fire the weapon.

        You also bring up an excellent point why I would never move to California. I live in Illinois and it’s bad enough here. Texas sounds sooo much better.

        1. I would love to visit Texas, just to see the countryside and meet some of the lifer residents in the rural communities. I am an Oregon boy who likes my mountains, but I guess that they do have some in Texas.

          Oregon is actually pretty good on gun laws. You can modify anything that isn’t disallowed by the feds, no gun lock requirements, etc. Guns run pretty deep into the culture, or at least in the lesser populated areas, which is most of the state. (geographically)

          I always here Chicago laws mentioned as being draconian, but you say that the state is better than California. That is good to hear, at least.

          1. Well, I must qualify here. When I say I think California is worse than Illinois, I mean overall. Illinois is the only state in the nation with no conceal-carry or license-to-carry laws. We have to have a FOID card (Firearm Owners ID) and Chicago bans guns while having the worst crime rate in the nation. Outside of Chicago, the rest of the state is actually far more Conservative and there is an outside chance that we can turn this election for Romney (just my wet dream, perhaps). It’s our Democrat-controlled legislature that hurts us overall.

            If I were to rate the states, California, New York and Illinois would be in the bottom three.

          2. For a long time, Texas did not have carry permits. Folks could not carry a handgun on or about their person other than in their home or their place of business. There was an exception for “traveling.” The restrictions were for handguns. There was no law against carrying a rifle or a shotgun. Most states allow open carrying of a sidearm. Texas does not. We can only carry when we have a license. And the weapon must remain concealed. Texas does have a law against allowing a child to have access to a firearm. However, there is an exception for when the child accesses a firearm to defend people or property. So, in Texas at least, the parents of this child would not be charged with the crime of permitting this child to defend herself with a firearm. A more sensible approach would be to have an exception for children who have successfully completed a course in the safe handling of a firearm.

            1. I never would have thought that Texas was worse than any other state. I guess that tells us clearly what people’s “perspective” on Texas is, verses what might actually be the case. In Oregon, you can open carry, but have to get a permit to conceal carry. Yet, if you have a hunting or fishing license, during season you can conceal carry without a permit. Strange, if you ask me. Then I did find out that there is a database on all who have licenses to conceal carry that is accessible from a cops car, and it is illegal to have the card if it has expired. I had a cop ask me three times if I had my concealed carry card. I said “no” three times. He then told me about this law. I let my CC permit expire, because it costs $200 every two years to keep it. Nice eh?

              My opinion is that they make so many laws, that nobody could know them all, or even obey them all. In so doing, they create a situation where they can literally bust people for “something” every time they stop someone.

              It is called a police state, and we are living in one. Do you think that this guy even knows your rights? How many times does he violate their rights? Third video down.


              Edit: I just wanted to add that it had been ten years since the permit had expired. I was still in the database as “ever” having a CC permit. This is all linked to my DMV records, because he knew it before he came up to my car.

  19. Oh man, I am clapping wildly over here! Thank God she knew what to do, and that America is still free enough that she had a gun to protect herself with. Had this happened in Canada or England, she’d either be another statistic, or taken to jail for illegally possessing and using a weapon, and facing a lawsuit of attempted murder, pain and suffering by the perp.

    Good for her!!! I needed the smile this story gave me.

  20. Guns do not kill people, criminals kill people. I live in a very safe part of my state. Rural, sounds like a small war going on most of the time from all the target practice going on at all my neighbors places and my place also. Safe place because all the good guys are armed and the bad guys know it, all they have to do is listen and they get the idea real quick like.

  21. The left needs to watch this news story. They want guns taken away from everyone. Have them a-holes tell this little girl that it’s more important that we don’t shoot the bad guys and just let her be kidnapped and/or molested and/or murdered.

    Liberals will probably scream bloody murder because the girl had the gun, then they’ll bitch because she shot before she knew what the indruder was going to do. Libs always side with the criminals….the murderers and the child molesters…..and never with the victims. The victim to the liberals is the criminal. liberal a-holes should be ashamed of themselves.

    Thank G-d the girl put a bullet in this guy. Too bad she missed his heart.

      1. Twig and berries? Lol, that was pretty good. Did you make that up? I’m going to have to use that from now on. I agree with you.

    1. I think that the death penalty should be used for rape, abduction, murder, etc. This would be a case where the only thing missing was that he didn’t succeed, to qualify. If he had died, it would have saved society a lot of money, time, and an eventual recurrance of events.

      1. No arguments here except for an addition of clarity. I am for the death penalty for murder in heinous crimes and pre-meditation for sure. Sometimes pre-meditation can be understandable, like if a woman is being stalked by a man that is threatening her life and the police won’t do anything about it. Get him first. Spontaneous reactions would have to be taken case by case, because sometimes the murder is unintentional (like punching a guy in the face for harrassing an innocent girl).

        1. I don’t want people to get the death penalty for vengeance sake, but for the same reason that we have any form of punishment, which is to be a deterrent. I also believe that rape is such a severe violent crime that it should qualify. I also recognize that we have a morally inept society and a corrupt court system, so trusting them to do justice is difficult if not impossible. This makes it harder to advocate for more death penalties.

          1. I agree. Rape does so much harm to the victim that it is impossible to understand unless you’ve seen it. In many ways rape murders the person while leaving them alive to deal with it.

          2. I’m only for the death penalty when the identity of the offender is for certain. Like BTK, the Carr brothers, Jeffrey Dauhmer, etc. If it took circumstantial evidence to convict someone then it’s not enough…unless maybe it’s a mountain that unimistakenly identifies the culprit.

      2. I agree with you on principle; but its a slippery slope. There are far too many cases of false accusations of rape by vengefull women. However, if the rape is proven beyond a doubt then castrate the sucka! Use two rocks to castrate him with; doesn’t hurt a bit…. if you keep your thumbs out of the way.

    2. They will scream racism too. Notice how the perp has a prior record for obducting a 17-year old with diminished capacity yet they don’t show his mug shot. Gotta wonder why not.

      1. OH, no I didn’t notice. A little secret…shhh. I didn’t watch the video. I just read Scoop’s narrative because I trust him. But I watched it just now.

        So the guy was black? I don’t know if they’ll scream racism on this one because they’re dealling with a 12 year old girl and any idiot would know that’s a loser before they even start. I had originally said that they will complain because she didn’t wait until she knew what the intruder was going to do, but (for the same previous reason) they may not do that, either. Under normal circumstances….like if it was you instead of a little girl….they’d accuse you of being the bad person.

        I don’t know about the mug shot. Maybe they didn’t have it? Lol, I’m sure you don’t buy that.

        1. I don’t know what race the guy is but I always wonder when the MSM doesn’t say.  In MN if the perp is white, they say so and the mug shot is shown, if not it is not.
          We had a recent incident here where a daugher and mother tackled the perp and held him by gun until the police arrived.  Racism was screamed far and wide.

          1. Oh, I see. I never thought about that when watching the news. Yeah, I watch for bias but it never hit me that they would use that tactic. I might have to be more percepive… I told you. 🙂

  22. Story on the Blaze today.

    Pediatric Group Says ‘the Safest Home for Children is a Home Without Guns’

    Just as there are reports emerging that the gun industry has been thriving under President Barack Obama’s administration, an association is advocating for stricter gun laws in the name of protecting children.

    The American Academy of Pediatricians said Thursday that there is a need for tighter legislation to prevent firearm-related injuries and death in children and teens. AAP states in its renewed commitment to its stance that the safest home for children is one without guns, but admittedly there are measures owners can take to reduce risk.

    If the parents had listened to groups like that, the girl would be missing or worse today.

    1. Indeed.

      One wonders if those pediatricians have got statistics showing how many children get injured doing what kids are supposed to do, like climbing trees, jumping into rivers, playing with dogs, doing any sort of competitive sport …
      Perhaps they even have statistics to show how many children are injured and killed by crazed, drug addicted parents? Or statistics about the murder, rape or abduction of children?
      Noo – it’s only guns which are dangerous. Sure. Next they’ll go for kitchen knives.

    2. I had my own gun when I was 12 years old. Grew up with them. Was shooting from my daddy’s knee before I was strong enough to hold any of my dad’s, or my mom’s guns. I feel naked without my pistol.
      Except for my sister, we were a family of hunters.

      Our gun toting small town dads ran off the Hell’s Angels when they came in and tried to take over our bar. Our dads knew that the bar was just the beginning of a total takeover, so they got together and escorted the gang to the border with instructions not to come back. It worked.
      Crime is still nil to none in that small town. Strangers are welcome, as long as they behave themselves.
      Rumors are that some mine shafts still have room…

    1. I seen where pediatricians have found children killed by firearms occur at a rate of 1.5% just .5% higher than those children injured by their doctors. Far less than by drowning, riding in cars, bicycling, and other tragedies.

  23. Good for her! Guns don’t kill, rape or steal… people do. Thank God she kept her wits about her and was able to arm herself. Very happy that she isn’t another heart-breaking news story or a statistic.

    1. I’ll say Good FOR HER!

      My Dear Friend Marie is in Bixby Oklahoma, she has a few gorgeous little nieces…and I know she’ll want their MOMS to see this VID!

      1. Your comment it right on and everyone should be able to defend themselves until Law Enforcement does arrive.
        However,I strongly support Law Enforcement and would like to point out that this is seldom the fault of our First Responders. Many LEO’s cover areas of 10 to 20 miles and more; consequently they may be several miles away from you; this is due to reduced budjets they are forced to contend with.

        That is just another reason we should all fight those who would take away our 2nd Amendment.

        Now the UN is talking about a treaty to take away our guns; you can plan on Hellery Clinton and Obummer signing it!

        1. I support them as individuals but when they screw up they all seem to band together and circle the wagons then the union jumps in and complicates it even more furthering the idea that they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

          How did we get to this point? The cops cannot even admit when they make a mistake because of the threat of lawsuits so then no apology is ever offered and prejudgement becomes worse. A little more on the part of personal responsibility on behalf of all citizens would negate the ill affects of bad actions law enforcement.

          If you get pulled over, admit your mistake, apologize and move on. Most enforcement officers are sympathetic and will cut you some slack. As far as drug running is concerned, quit shooting at the police, you’re the bad guy here until the law is revised saying it’s OK to run drugs. The police are doing their jobs and shooting at them, attempting to run them down only makes life for the rest of us more difficult. These guys don’t make a ton of money to put up with the kind of behavior the crooks are throwing back at them. Real crime should be punished harshly and minor ones should be seriously dealt with but not to the point of violating everyone’s constitutional rights.
          Enough rant….

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