Awesome! Alan Colmes and Megyn Kelly debate The Right Scoop!

This time it isn’t just isn’t my website name on a video, but a whole segment between Megyn Kelly and Alan Colmes debating my article about the ruse that is the new civility narrative! Woah! I never saw that coming and I am quite shocked to say the least. But I’m betting it has a lot to do with the fact that I posted my article this morning on Hot Air. Thanks to Ed and Allah for allowing me to guest blog today.

The funny thing about this segment is that while Megyn Kelly seemed to believe that my argument was at least plausible given the ill-timed call for civility, Alan Colmes found my premise to be completely absurd and called me a conspiracy theorist. I’ll take that as a compliment from him.

If the Left were actually serious about wanting civility, then we would have seen it throughout the eight years of Bush when they were going nuts. Just review Michelle Malkin’s excellent archive of lefty hate. No, they were silent about tone and civility. And even now, since Obama took office all we’ve heard from the Left is how racist and violent the Tea Party is even though none of it is true. Still silent. But now that the Left has lost control of the House by such a wide margin, they suddenly want to call for civility by politicizing a shooting that had nothing to do with civility? How convenient.

We see right through them.

A big thanks to Stephen Gutowski of Eyeblast for getting the video for me. You should follow him on twitter.

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