Awesome: Glenn Beck interviews Sarah Palin

This really is a great interview. Glenn and Sarah first start out by discussing the Politico article yesterday where Jonathan Martin lied about Palin being a ‘diva’, to which Sarah calls him a ‘punk’ on the air. They go from there to talking about this election process and how the races are tightening up, and end with a dig at Alan Grayson.

It’s a great 11 minutes! Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “Awesome: Glenn Beck interviews Sarah Palin

  1. This was a nothing interview-Beck needs to stop playing softball (it sounded like girl talk) and stop throwing out crumbs to his listeners. I am assuming this interview was to combat the politico article yesterday by Jonathan Martin-whihc mentioned something like how Sarah didn’t make time for Beck, Hannity and whomever interviews…this is NOT what true patriots are concerned about-it was a waste of time and I thought a bit patronizing by the both of them to their supporters.

    1. And so you and dmk2113 above post “concern troll” comments in order to try to hijack the obvious message here . . . the fact that Jonathan Martin at Politico made up a negative story abouut several people, and posted it to the intenet in a desperate attempt to try to blunt the message in the last few days of the mid-term campaigns? And when he was proven wrong by all the principals in his story, he REFUSED to “man up” and retract it? He is a loser.

      And your comment makes you as much of a loser as Jonathan Martin.

      1. And in addition Cheryl~, your opinion — “. . . it was a waste of time and I thought a bit patronizing by the both of them to their supporters.” is a typical empty ploy of the left. Their supporters will speak for themselves, thank you very much! No one needs to give ANY consideration whatsoever to your obviously uninformed and larboard-canted view.

        1. Hmmm…you mean just because I don’t fall over Beck and or Palin I am on the left? Wow…if anyone shows people how they can like and support people on all sides it IS BECK and PALIN!!! Thanks for commenting though!

      2. Honestly, you really should try to express your opinion and thoughts without making personal attacks…

        I do think Beck had her on to say see- she is coming on my show-no problem here- I don’t know if Martin’s article is true or not- I don’t follow him- all I know is that many times when Beck talks to Palin it is of little substance-I can almost tell you what she is going to say before she even comes on depending on the topic-those are my thoughts and opinions and again you don’t need to call names! Thanks for commenting though!

        1. Well miss troll and dmk2113 if the shoe fits. And it seems to, as the comment GOT under you skin. Truth hurts. Please go back to the lefty sites. thks in advance!

          ta ta for now! LOL!! Silly left wing progressive libratard. What? Didn’t think we would notice?

  2. It’s not like she’s asking for anything prohibitively expensive or something ordered from overseas . Geeez . I think to hear her speak would be worth much more .
    She’s making history .

  3. The point isn’t the actual facts of the contract, although to tell you the truth I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a bendable straw at her podium, but then again I wasn’t looking.

    The point is that the media blows all this stuff out of proportion to make it sound like she’s a DIVA for it. Most of these requests are just standard operating procedure that the WSB throws in contracts.

  4. I don’t know why they continue to make jokes about her having first-class airfare or a private jet in her contract. Or, for that matter, bendable straws.

    They’re both in her contract – and both of them are absolutely reasonable things to ask for.

    I’d be more impressed if she’d just own it.

      1. It doesn’t, really, I just think it’s disingenuous of her to be denying it. She could just say “look, I am a speaker in high demand and I generally request a few things from my hosts when I’m going to give a speech.” rather than making all of these ridiculous insinuations that she’s somehow being smeared when part of her contract got leaked. It just strikes me as someone dishonest, that’s all.

        And please don’t respond with a “XX politician/celebrity also demands XX,” I’m defending the rider in her contract here.

        1. you brought it up, so it must matter to you somewhat.

          It doesn’t matter. Everyone who speaks and gets flown around the country knows that if you want something specific, you put it in your contract, that way it doesn’t get miscommunicated.

          But when it comes to Sarah Palin, the Left spins this stuff out of control as if she’s the only one. I mean, they were even talking about her boobies not that long ago.

          I’m sick and tired of it.

          1. It’s just something that liberals like to pick at. They hacked on Sarah for her wardrobe during the election. But Michelle takes 40 people to Spain and it’s no problem. Liberals are mentally ill.

        2. She has already “owned” it in other interviews. And I’m sure she’s as sick and tired of this crap as you are. Except she is putting the blame where it belongs, unlike you are.

        3. Where does she deny it in that interview?

          The BS she and Glenn were referring to was the smear piece in the Politico. That had nothing to do with her contract rider, and in fact seems to go out of it’s way to point out that it has nothing to do with her “demands”:

          The point of the piece is obvious. Sarah Palin is toxic to the candidates who don’t want her involved, and is too unreliable and unprofessional with the candidates who do want her involved.

          In other words, it’s bullsh*t. Which is exactly what they joked about.

    1. But here is the problem with your comment… the private jet is only applicable if it is needed… ie. she is speaking or tied up somewhere else and only a private jet would get her there. So to say it is mandatory is really fudging the truth and that is the complaint in the media and liberal spin on this. She normally travels first class… is there something so royal about that? And has she ever denied flying first class? As for bendable straws, come on… all that is in the regular contract from her Speakers Bureau. Again, has she ever denied that? No, but did the left wingers and liberal media make a big deal out of it? Yes, and that is why she made a joke about it. By the way, are you really, really concerned about these things? Do you stay awake at night worrying about them? Why not find out what is in Al Gore’s contracts or Bill Clinton’s and you can get even more worried about their special contract requirements… oh, you can’t find out about those details? you mean Gore and Clinton keep those secret? gee, what must they be hiding? we have to find out, please someone hire a detective to go through their garbage to find out.

    2. Part of my job is advancing shows…there are riders in contracts that address food, hotels, dressing rooms. What usually happens is you ask for the moon and settle for what the budget affords. Also, many times the “star” has only one contract and it’s fairly generic and it doesn’t account for each city, venue, or appearance and the differences in each of them.

      I seriously doubt the straw thing…first class or chartered jet is very believable for no other reason than safety concerns.

      Grow up, people. She’s a celebrity and seems to be pretty normal despite her fame.

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