AWESOME: Gov. Brewer signs executive order blocking IDs, benefits to illegals in Obama’s amnesty program

Looks like she’s taking cues from the Obama administration on the use of executive orders, blocking illegals in Obama’s amnesty program from obtaining a driver’s license and other public benefits (h/t: Weasel Zippers)

ABC 15 NEWS – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed an executive order directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration program.

After the order was issued, supporters of the program and the DREAM Act took to the streets of Phoenix in protest. Video from Air15 showed the protesters carrying signs and walking down Central Avenue toward the State Capitol.

Brewer’s Wednesday order says she’s reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

Young illegal immigrants could start applying Wednesday with the federal government for work permits under the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

The program defers deportations for young illegal immigrants if they meet certain criteria.

Brewer’s order says the program’s federal paperwork doesn’t confer lawful status on illegal immigrants and won’t entitle them to Arizona public benefits.

She directs state agencies to start emergency rulemaking processes as necessary to implement her order.

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151 thoughts on “AWESOME: Gov. Brewer signs executive order blocking IDs, benefits to illegals in Obama’s amnesty program

  1. They have been driving without having a license to drive anyway, so why the big deal. Texas should follow the example of the best Governor in this Nation. Our Congress members are not doing their job because many of them are Hispanics and these members ( Hispanics ) feel they must help the illegals.

  2. also awesome – Levin’s monologue on the immigration law history august 16th – worth downloading the podcast.

    1. Karma will not “come around to her” until she tries to migrate to a foreign country without heeding that countries immigration laws.
      You don’t strike me as a person who concerns themselves too much about Karma though.

  3. So proud of my state governor. I find the illegals coming in from Mexico to be arrogant, rude and full of themselves. They have NO rights in my state and no right to be here.

  4. I hope she reads the conservative article/sites about herself.

    Sure make me feel better to go back and read them, I recommend it.

    It would give GOV some lift as she fights the good fight down there in ARIZONA.

    DEMS want to make that a purple state, and will if they win immigration fight….by default.

    I want to go on record I am not for keeping illegal hispanics in limbo.

    We can all figure this out and welcome whoever in in time legallly with some good ideas.

    I will back Mitt to tackle this in his first 3 years, or it will explode on all of us like a Bawny
    Frank Far$…so to speak, sorry.

    I despise the PROG/DEMS “tactics” and how they exploit the races for votes for power.

    I cringe when I see REV SHAPTON spew. (a nightmare coming true, he is one dangerous
    mutha now he is on TV with 20 viewers or so)

    NANCY, HARRY, and OBOMBO. do I need to say more?

    I think NBC is beginning to crack, so let’s crack them open all the way.
    I am open to boycotts, if WE decide it is the only way to make progressives pay.
    Dang Network is being run by the WH anyway, it looks to me.
    Maybe they need our help to break free, ever think about that?

    Heck, Brian Williams admitted to Jon Stewart/Daily Show Last night the News Teams have been screwing up.


    “Lets Roll” R/R (in tribute to Flt93 who fought back)

    Folks, if you are in a “audience” and some “one” (anyone, does not matter his reasons or media babble) starts slinging lead at you, and you have 500 + or – people, knock him the HE$$ down, throw that $10 coke in his eyes, and kick him (in head AOK) with your $200 NIKES.

    I approve, we approve, AMERICA approves.

      1. I really hate the bleeding hearts over the illegals.

        Come on down here and see the shootouts on the freeways, the high speed cars crashes as they try to get away, the high auto theft and personal property theft.

        90% of all hit and runs caught are illegals. The identity theft is the highest in the nation. The highest kidnapping rate. Burned bodies in dumpsters. The drop houses.

        And lets not forget the state parks we can no longer visit because of warning signs stating it is full of armed criminals. Here’s one with Governor Brewer standing in front of it.

  5. Love her! Wish I had a Gov’r with balls like her. He gets down on his knees for O’Bambi. All Conservative Gov’rs should issue their EOs immediately! Snap pix and video of each illegal alien getting O’Bambi’s get-out-of-jail free card, it’s admissable as evidence when R Squared has them all prosecuted for felonies and deported! Post on the web so employers know not to hire any of them.

    1. Doubtful. Each ID issued to these illegals will immediately be used to register to vote.

      Lawyers across the country have been advertising their services to anyone denied anything under the Dreamer Act. Most government cannot afford the litigation and attacks form the DOJ. The Republican Congress is silent on this.

  6. I love that picture of Brewer sticking her finger in Obie’s face…

    He’s such a poser.. and she knows it..

    1. I was just about to make the same post.
      I hope she really was telling him off though. I worry she may have been telling him about the parsley stuck in his teeth.

  7. She ROCKS!!! If only Every governor had a back bone as strong as she does to stand up for Justice… Even as she fights a corrupt inJustice department and a failed Socialist Manchild.

  8. Caption idea: “We’re gonna enforce our laws so get your dumb ass back on that plane and don’t come back”!

    1. I say we keep our best brightest and most courageous at the state and local level. As we see here we are going to need them to stave off an increasingly expanding and lawless Federal Government.

      DC is a cesspool of power, greed and lust. It is and always will be, the enemy of our liberty.

    2. Me say you are right, but will she leave her State knowing another Governor will reverse her actions?

  9. obama is determined to let illegals enter/live in this country without any consequences for their illegal actions…….that’s just wonderful, hussein!!!!! Com’on, November 6th hurry up and get here so we can begin the process of cleaning up our dirty, dirty house!!!!

    Go Romney/Ryan!!!!!

    Kudos to Governor Brewer for sticking to her principles!!!!

  10. I love Governor Brewer. No….seriously…is she single?

    Lol, just kidding but I do love her determination and strength in fighting off the Marxist pig in the WH. To me, this is another way of giving Obama the finger.

  11. Follow her lead or parish! I had my doubts about her as my governor, but her stock continually rises.

    1. Now there’s some titanium stones if ever there were any. Pray that other governors follow her lead.

      Thank you, Governor Brewer; never prouder than this moment that I’m an Arizonan.

  12. Way to Go Gov. Brewer!!! Stand up for your states rights.

    If Boehner had the spine and fortitude of Gov Brewer, having majority in the house would actually carry some weight and serve a purpose. Instead we have a little sissy wasting an opportunity to push back against this Marxist regime, and instead is letting them run rough shod over the citizens.

    Boehner is such a waste, I can’t believe any member would support such a weak sniveling little creature.

  13. God bless her. You gotta admire her spirit.

    I pray other states are emboldened by this and enact similar stances.

      1. He might get stoned and accidently do… well, I guess that’s a stretch too. I think the “do the right thing” muscle was removed from his brain. Even illegal drugs wouldn’t get him to enact this… my bad.

  14. This lady has more guts in her “finger” than the “empty suit” she is talking to.

    She has no quit or “give up” in her.

    She is a ROCK STAR at the REAGAN Library.

    I think she will be remembered in history as someone special who took on the fight, against the big bad O-BLAME-O.

    Unless we lose, perish the thought.

    They just mentioned her on GRETA/FOX… see what I mean !

    SHE must have some of that RYAN fever?

  15. Well that is having some Gonads….bigger than Obama’s!!! Good for her….Executive Order SHOVE BACK!! I love it. This Marxist orders a program and allows ILLEGALS to basically JUMP TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE over people doing it legally!! So since the Marxist orders this and that and PROVIDES NO MONEY TO THE STATES AS USUAL…Brewer takes it Obama again!! I LOVE IT!!

    Illegals protest…OH GO THE HACK BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME AND DRIVE YOUR 1952 Buick!! I am sick of it…THEY DESERVE NOTHING…they ad nothing to America except more Welfare and Dependency(OH RIGHT UP OBAMA’S ALLEY!!!).

    Good for the Governor!! YOU ARE STILL ILLEGAL and majority of American WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOU AS LEGAL!! You did nothing to deserve that privilege and cheated!!

    1. My point exactly, gotta love her courageous act, and for giving Obama a finger back and at the stupid supreme court that decimated the rights of the states to defend themselves against big government with their ruling. Shame on you supreme court.

        1. My american born in canada, we always find ourselves here in this great site, by far this is the best site to bring us the conservatives the latest and most important news.
          L….O….N….G L…I…V…E S…C…O…O…P

  16. So Obama’s new deal is called ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’? Childhood? Really? It’s designed to affect 16-30 year olds. Now I realize that illegal immigrants are probably utilizing public schools till they’re 30 years old, but come on, Dems. This ‘framing’ and ‘metaphorical thought’ methods that you liberals just love to use is getting old (and obviously boorish).

    1. Have you heard any wimpers of protest from the elephants Nukeman?

      Lawyers across the land are gearing up, signing up illegal clients and putting down payments on bigger yachts. This will be an economic stimulus alright.

      1. Yeah, the silence on the right in Congress every time Obama puts out another executive order is just deafening. Sadly. Another sign new leadership all around is sorely needed.

        1. What you are not happy with bonner, and Eric Cantor??? Lol I would like nothing more than removing the leadership in congress, boehner is a disgrace, and Eric Cantor is another rino. This is my pick Scott walker Speaker of the house, Allen West as majority leader, and if we get the senate we nominate Ted Cruz for senate majority leader

          1. All good names. I would shed the obligatory tear for Boehner when he’s booted out (but only one). It’s only fair.

            1. Hey either one would be a lot better than Boehner, I just can’t stand Boehner, he is another wheal and deal politician who does not have the backbone that a representative should have.

            1. I know he is very important, but if we are going to clean up the mess that Obama made and the rinos we need someone who has already shown that has guts like Walker, and besides we have a great lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch who is very popular in winsconsin.

  17. This could start something! I think all the Governors, especially republican Governors, need to follow Gov. Brewer.

  18. when eric tries to stop it, she should make it clear that she will make sure to slow walk it through the courts and Duh Bumbler will be OUT before it makes it to the courts.


    Take it to ’em Gov!!! Now that my friends is the sign of a great Patriot for our Nation.

    Stay safe Governor!!! The heat of the desert is nothing compared to what is going to come raining down on you from this administration.

  20. Yes, this lady does ROCK! I doubt I will ever see the day my state (California) goes red. The only thing red here is our state government’s bank accounts.

    1. It used to go Republican. Out of control illegal and legal immigration is why you’ve lost your state.

        1. Legal immigration isn’t always good either. Look at Europe and their legal muslim immigration. It is time to end mass immigration. It is incompatible with modern society. Too easy to not assimilate and we are now a welfare nation that gives welfare to immigrants. It used to be you came here and you had to sink or swim. This million plus a year is too much. We must get back to 100 to 200 thousand per year or we are going to be destroyed from within.

  21. This Woman has 2 really big ones!!!!!I have so much respect for this lady, and I agree completely with her decision….I just hope that it doesnt hurt us in the elections.

    1. What will hurt us is if Romney remains silent on this instead of supporting her. Romney may not want to admit it, but the central government now operates outside the law. The Court complicit. Congress irrelevant.

      If is states and their governors like this that are our last defense against what will become an increasingly desperate and unchecked tyrant.

      1. My problem is not that she took action, (which I think is absolutely courageous) is that I am afraid that the dems will run with this, and change the dialogue to Illegal immigration, and that is the last thing we want to do because we have the liberals out there on the defensive in terms of Medicare, and the deficits, and the Economy.

        1. Yeah but I’m noticing that the elephants seem to have figured out how to get ahead of them. I hope the donkeys and the media hacks do run with it – Romney’ team seems to know how to point him in the right direction! Should be fun. I really hope Romney takes this one on!

          1. Me too I just dont want us to get out of slamming them on the economy, on jobs, etc, I dont’ want it to become about ilegal immigration, we are winning the argument, on all levels and unfortunately the immigration situation is too poisonous right now.

            1. But this issues is not about illegal immigration so the elephants would be fools to let it be framed that way. This a 10th amendment issue now. The issue is about an illegal executive order and the duty of sovereign states to protect the rights and property of their citizens form such an illegal order.

              1. Totally Agree, but you know I am always afraid of the rinos not able to defend our position. She should Get the head of the department of homeland if you ask me.

                1. If you ask me we would be better off dismantling the DHS, refunding the good citizens of Arizona their share of its budget, and let them clean up the mess created by the Fed.

              2. And it is about the economy. These illegals, all 14 million of them are not in the unemployment numbers and are now competing against true and legal Americans for the few jobs out there. Now that the gov’t knows who the illegals are, they will go after the employers and fine them into non-existence. Remember, it is illegal for the employer even if the illegal provided false documents prior to “amnesty day”.

            2. I would like to remind you that illegals are taking jobs from Americans. If we waved a magic wand and got rid of all the illegals in this country, how many jobs would open up? A LOT of decent paying construction jobs, and other jobs would open up and wages would go up too.

              Illegal immigration and TOO HIGH legal immigration touches EVERYTHING…both use a lot of welfare and we are becoming the Tower of Babel.

              1. Why would you be reminding me of something that I know and that I am against completely 10000000% ?(ilegal immigration) I love this country and I know that this country needs to be respected and that their laws should be enforced. I came to this country 20 years ago legally, and unlike what the polls say and the liberal media, not all hispanic think the same, I am one that respects this country’s sovereignty, and find it to be not fair for people that did not go through the process get to jump the line to the front when there are millions of people that want to come to this great nation legally. I don’t know if you think that I am for ilegal immigration but let me profusely tell you I am not, I am for legal immigration, and for the constitution.

                1. For a fact, many legal immigrants from Mexico feel the same…. not to mention many Mexican/American citizens who were here before the US got there…

                2. What do you mean by Mexican-Americans citizens who were here before the US got here? You do understand that there was no such thing as Mexico until the Spanairds arrived and took over? They named it Mexico.

                3. I know the history. What I meant was that there were “Mexicans” living in SW U.S. before those states became part of US. While their history and ancestry Mexican they are original Americans–conservative and patriotic and they object to illegals coming from Mexico. That Hispanic voice is ignored and they get lumped in with illegals by progressives.

                4. There were native Americans and a VERY small percentage of Spanairds living in the SW. Maybe one percent were Spanairds. Their history is not Mexican. I would wager the native Americans living in SW at that time were unaware that the Spanairds laid claim to it.

                  I personally HATE the term Hispanic. It was made up about 40 years ago. You say that Hispanic voice is ignored. Well, I thought we were all Americans. I thought we should be concerned with the individual person and not groups. This group think is tearing this country apart. It is exactly what the left wants.

                5. I posted that because you said Obama’s amnesty is not about illegal immigration and that we shouldn’t go there. I pointed out that it is about illegal immigration and how it touches on everything.

                  I am glad you came legally and that you love this country. Sadly, I have met some folks that came here legally from Mexico and then turned around and now work to help illegals stay in this country. Very upsetting.

                1. Stop blaming business owners. The illegal Hispanics share IDs so they can get jobs. Employers have been told they cannot use eVerify. The IRS was just found to have processed 741 tax returns for the same address! Gov’t at its best even if the employer is trying to do the right thing. I’m a business owner. Just remember, if we don’t hire the minority applicant, they go running to the EEOC and the EEOC pounces. It doesn’t matter if the applicant was illegal or unqualified. The illegals are just another tool the fed gov’t is using to punish business owners because we did build our businesses!

                2. Or what part of problem is that the entitlement attitude has infected the “work ethic” to the point where it is hard to find Americans who will work. As a long term contractor in building trades with experience coast to coast, I can tell you it is hard to find young white Americans who will give an honest days work. I am not defending illegals but making the point that “taking Jobs from citizens is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of the bigger picture. The construction industry is about 30% hispanic and many illegal. If they disappeared tomorrow their jobs could not be filled by Americans who would work. It is simplistic to point to illegal workers when the larger issue of not securing our borders and installing a work ethic in our population are also required parts of the solution

                3. That’s bull. You pay a fair wage and you will find Americans to do the job. Probably not at the wage you pay illegals, but they will for a fair wage. We have construction going on here right now. I see some that could be illegal, but I see a number of whites and blacks and they are working very hard.

                4. I don’t have the energy to pick about words. I will conclude by mentioning I have many close friends who are 4th and 5th generation Americans who refer to themselves and their ancestry as Mexican, including a son in law and Grandkids. You are welcome to your strictly defined terms. My experience is not everyone insists on strict definitions, but some are willing to understand and respond to the meaning

                5. That’s depressing and bodes badly for our nation that 4th and 5th generation Americans refer to themselves as Mexicans.

                6. I don’t know…. really about the same as others, if asked where they came from will say Irish, German, Swedish, etc etc… I didn’t mean to imply they did not see themselves as Americans. If people ask me what I am, I don’t say American…that is obvious to most…. but I will say I am 1/4 Swedish (grandpa came over here when 16 yrs old), and 1/2 German and 1/4 Welsh… that part came with Wm Penn… but I am those things in the same way others are Mexican, Pakistani (another of my sons in law)… that doesn’t bode badly… I didn’t mean they had not assimilated. Just the same with other country of origin groups that are Americans.

                7. Bull? How many contractors do you talk with each day? How many years have you had daily input on these issues? What states or regions of the country have you included in your daily conversations with contractors over the last 20 years? How many years have you spent in national business development with building trade sm
                  contractors? Do you have some years experience directing human resources for a700 employee workforce?With all due respect it seems from your examples that your conclusions are based on what you see where you live. My experience has maybe been different than yours–but to term my conclusions as Bull? Not quite sure you have enough information to back that claim up.

                8. I’ve lived all over the country and in the 90’s lived in the Rocky Mountains. We were inundated with illegals then. I was constantly harassed by them. They were rude and disrespectful to women.

                  I have talked to many folks over the years who have hired illegals and they all bragged about hiring illegals because they pay them less. I was a manager for a number of years and would never have dreamed of hiring illegals. It’s not right. It’s destroying this nation. I look at the bigger picture.

                  Has it ever crossed your contractors’ minds to go to highschools and ask the principal if you could hold a job fair for kids who can’t afford to go to college? Have apprenticeships?

                  I don’t care how difficult it is for you to run your business without illegals… your business without illegals because we are losing our country.

                9. I think you sort of took what i was saying too far…. I agree with you about not hiring illegals… and I didn’t mean to imply no one will work here…. and whether you are sick of hearing it or not, the reality is that many young people do not know how to work and do not have the attitude that they should have to work. Just because you are sick of hearing it doesn’t mean it does not exist and is a factor… but no use arguing about it…. I was NOT painting Americans with the width of brush you took it as…. I was merely making a balancing point….. not at all saying that it applied to everyone… that would be a ridiculous thing to say.

                10. Short term business interests do NOT trump the long term sovereignty of this nation. Having employees that don’t work hard enough is part of running a business. Illegals should never be hired.

                  Remember, they aren’t medically screened. There was a cabinet maker in my neck of the woods that worked around illegals and he contracted a drug resistant form of TB from one of the illegals. TB has skyrocketed in the past 15 years because of illegals. He almost died, but after 800,000 bucks in medical treatment (he had no insurance) he survived, but will never be able to work again.

                  If you are around illegals you could run the risk of contracting it and giving it to your loved ones. Something to think about.

                  Many are in gangs by night and running drugs. Because of all the illegals that you and other hire, it makes it easier for the muslim terrorists to blend in. Remember, the first World Trade Center bombers snuck in thru Mexico pretending to be migrant workers. Who knows, if millions of illegals weren’t flooding our border every year, border patrol might have been able to capture those muslim terrorsists, but they were probably busy capturing illegal migrant workers.

                  You really need to look at what is happening to this country and take my suggestion on trying to recruit kids that aren’t going on to college.

                11. What’s the difference?
                  I personally am disgusted with Americans who hire illegals and then whine, “Americans won’t do the work.” You dig a little deeper and you will find out they hire illegals over Americans for one reason…..they pay them less. Then they wonder why no Americans will work for them with the unliveable wage they pay.

                  Personally, I think people hiring illegals should get jail time.

              2. We need to start identifying and postinng the names of the attorneys that are aiding these illegals to enter and remain in our country. We need to put them OUT OF BUSINESS!

        2. I disgree. Republicans need to explain how much illegals cost us every year. One of the reasons many states are in the red is because of illegals. We need to start hammering on the separatist move…”Reconquista” and all the hateful hispanic organizations…La Raza, MeCha, Lulac, etc. They are hellbent on taking over this country.

          1. No disagreement here, I totally agree, If the rinos knew how to defend their positions maybe I would not be scared, and the problem is that they like to pander to easy.
            They should start defending our position better that was my point.

          2. 27% of prison population are illegal aliens. What is that cost? And because they are taking up cells, other prisoners are released into society early to repeat and escalate their offenses. What is that cost?

    2. Why would it? The tsunami that will sweep away Zero has started.
      As sDee says, what counts is at the local level. That’s where we have to work to combat the lies and crooks.

  22. Take your cues, governors of America. If the Congress won’t put their foot down and tell this spoiled despot NO, then it’s up to you to stand up for the lawful citizens of this country.

    1. Agreed! The other governors need to find their “stainless steel ball bearings” too. If they all stand, who can prevail against them?

    2. We have to stay vigilant. Local and state elections are crucial. It will be a pleasant relief but we cannot count on Romney to save us. The balance of powers across all branches has failed. The central government deeply entrenched. The Constitution violated and unenforced.

      As the Founders intended , it has now fallen to we the people, and the states.

      1. I love the fact that you are always on alert… own friends often mock my “paranoia” because they either accept face value, or are not informed enough to care.

        1. They want us to go back to sleep. It’s too late for me. 😉

          (I tell friends and family that…. just because I am paranoid, does not mean they aren’t really out to get us)

      2. So true. And watch those judicial elections. They are try to seat our courts with radical Islam supporters to get Sharia law into this country through the courts. If there is ever another war on women, Sharia law is it. How stupid the “feminists” are to think conservatives are launching the war on women. Just wait until they experience the castration in store for them.

    1. I was just about to type a comment when I saw yours. I decided there was no need to say anything else. Indeed she did just flip off Obama! Cheers! It’s a beautiful thing.

    1. Maybe. But by the time it makes it to the courts, Obama will be out of office. Less than 90 days to go!!

        1. And God only knows what could happen between November and January.

          Heck, He only knows what can happen between now and November. 90 days is a long enough time for planning and executing a country wide crisis and mayhem.

            1. And he expanded to another 350,000 on Tuesday. He will keep doing this every day up until the election. Where the heck is Boehner with the impeachment?

    2. not sure, how could the administration fight (in court) and defend an executive order that instructs agencies to not follow law?
      would like to see this one hit the courts.

    3. Which makes me curious as to WHY no judge in the entire country that I’ve heard of has even attempted to put a STAY on Obama’s executive orders.

      1. Maybe no one has contacted any of them because they love money and they do charge for doing their job.

  23. Wow, Governor Brewer has a spine of steel. I am jealous of my fellow Scoopers who have the privilege of voting for her.

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