AWESOME: New Romney ad features NAACP members saying “We need Romney”

Oh this ad is going to tick off a lot of people in the NAACP because it features pictures of the crowd clapping for Romney when he spoke as well as members endorsing him for president. I gotta say this is a great ad and I love the fact that he waited for the speech to get out of the news cycle to release it:

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108 thoughts on “AWESOME: New Romney ad features NAACP members saying “We need Romney”

  1. Absolutely rewarding for Romney. It’s about time that intelligent and professional African American people do not make the election a race issue. This video should be broadcast on every network.

  2. NAACP was able to maintain its farce for a long, long time. Then, the prey became the predator. We got educated. Thomas Jefferson said, “inform the people and the people will make things right” and with each passing day we have both the truth and the wisdom of his words. There was a time, when the only news available to WE THE PEOPLE were the lies, propaganda and spin the lame/mainstream Media provided. Then, as the saying goes, “when a door closes, another door or window opens.” Internet-aka-social media was the window that opened and proceeded to become a canyon of truth. Information seeped out, unfiltered and a TAKE BACK/RESTORE America revolution began. For too many years, Black Americans had been Democratic Party’s sure thing, Automatic Voting Machine, most loyal of constituents. They indoctrinated instead of educated, they robbed trusting voters of self-reliance, economic independence and political awareness under the guise of EQUALITY/Social Justice. Somewhere, along the way to a socialist totalitarian state a spotlight shone on utter hypocrisy. Slumbering dupes awoke in a fighting mood. NAACP was seen as the enemy it was; the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The mask has been ripped away. Black American witnessed the Urban Plantation Gates swing open with every pull of the 2008, voting lever. America elected its first black president. PC deemed Barack Hussein Obama their Trojan Horse to get Socialism inside the fortress. God deemed Barack Hussein Obama the sword that would fatally pierce the EVIL armor of Socialism. America will survive. America’s enemies will not. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

  3. Black were Republican before it was cool. They know about democrat tyranny and oppression that we are just starting to feel the weight of the chains of the Left on our backs.

  4. The best part of Romney’s speach was the part about having the education money follow the child to any school the parent choose’s. That would help the black community more than anything he could do. I believe any loving parent would want their child to get the best education possible not stuck in bad schools.

  5. If the Black community would only take Dr King’s advice to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, they would certainly vote for Mitt over the Won.

  6. This election is a simple IQ test.
    Do you want to enslave our children with compounding debt and scandal?
    Or do you want a real capitalist to repair the broken government & economy?

  7. Obama 2008: “Yes We Can”
    Obama 2012 “No You Didn’t
    Election 2012 Socialism vs. Capitalism, your choice!
    Let America be America again, Vote Romney 2012!

    1. Reagan-1980-“America, the shining city on the hill”

      Obama-2012-‘America, the rusted truck in the ditch”

  8. Yes Mrs. Romney works EVERY SINGLE DAY OF HER LIFE. She is a mother, wife, nurse, teacher,disciplinary, cook, maid and the list goes on and on. that is is the hardest work every. and everyone who has ever cared for children, family, home, spouse, you do know that this statement if very true, there is No monetary pay, but, the results of Happy children, respectful law abiding loving caring children who are hard working productive children and children who love and respect their God, Family, Country, Parents, And the law are the rewards and pay for ALL the hard work that is the utmost and best pay EVER. WTG Mrs. Romney you are a WONDERFUL ROLE MODEL . it is a shame that there are not tons more like you are. you a terrific . thank you again. and keep up the great work.

    1. LOL, sure it’s edited, it’s a 30 second campaign ad. The facts are these, what is in the ad is what he said, the reaction of the crowd was legitimate and the spokes persons for the NAACP are not “plants” or paid actors.

      Sure the libs will squeal like pigs but all that will do is draw furthger attention to the ad and what Romney said and no one could possibly find fault with what he said in this ad.

  9. Edited! Paid actors! Photoshopped! Tea Party conspiracy! Out of context! Out of context! Let the shouting on the left begin.

  10. Uh oh. Those brave people just gave themselves an invitation to be called traiters and whatever else the plantation libs can think of. Great ad.

  11. Some of us are finally beginning to understand that we are all in this together and we must determine our own destiny. I was not particularly a Romney fan, but this move was worthy of some serious respect. Truth is not racist. Love for America is not racist. Barack Obama has attempted to divide us by exploiting differences between groups of people – He has certainly proven that. Perhaps what he didn’t count on is the possibility that some in the black community and some in the white community; some in the Hispanic community, and some in the Asian community; some in the rich community, and some in the poor community … we love our country and those tactics he is trying to use to divide us are an insult to our intelligence and are only going to bring us all closer to understanding one another. We might not always agree on much, but we are beginning to open our eyes to the threat to our economic freedom that the current regime represents. This isn’t about race. It never was and I resent every nimrod who has tried to use racism to manipulate our fellow citizens. The jig is up… We are America!

    1. We need to restore Lincoln’s Legacy National Black Republicans. The democrat party was built on slavery, secession, segregation, socialism and the sin of legal genocide against poor people of color. They controlled the media and the schools and revised history. The old books and campaign flyers show the truth. Dr. King was fighting George Wallace, Robert Byrd and Bull Connor DEMOCRATS. President Wilson, a democrat, segregated the schools and military. Republicans undid it. Christian Conservatives fought for slavery to end and for Civil Rights to pass when Al Gore Sr. and Robert Byrd blocked it. WE built the first black colleges and had the first blacks in Congress. We left the democrat party in the late 1800’s. They bamboozled blacks. Please read Dr. Wayne Perryman’s book “Unfounded Loyalty” – he is a historian and Tea Party activist.

  12. Well done! What struck me was the contrast. Mitt, calm, positive, and presidential. Lately, BO is yellin’, pointin’, (with dropped “g’s”) and negative. Desperate despot!

  13. Winning in November might just be the easy part.
    Keeping conservative promises to all Americans is going to be the hard part, but it is the promise that MUST be kept if we have any hope of establishing any credibility among the many of America’s struggling people.
    The door is wide open for real conservative men and women, but no one will fall for empty promises any longer. We have to deliver.

    The men and women in this ad thought long and hard about what they said and they are convinced there is a better way.

  14. What is most telling about the ad is the positive tone that it sets. Romney doesn’t bash Obama once in this video. That gives the impression that it isn’t about defeating the black man in office, it’s about moving the country in a positive direction. Great ad!

  15. Hurt is hurt and being broke is old news to EVERYONE. Another “four more years” won’t wash this time Mr. Obummer! The Hope is gone and “Change” are the coins we still have in our pocket.

  16. Is there any group in which Obama has not lost support? I would imagine there are even some on the Left, who though they may not support Romney will not go to the polls.

  17. i love this ad because it’s not an ‘in your face’ ad…it’s simple…explains his plan and it lets people speak the truth…i love it.

    don’t get me wrong – i love the hard hitting ads…he needs more of them…but, this one is very strong…very powerful…

  18. The ones in that audience who vote for and manage to re-elect Obama will deserve what they get, which is more of the same. Unfortunately, those who did not vote for him will get it also.

  19. It amazes me that the NAACP that was founded by Republicans to combat racism by the Democrats and their militia arm the KKK. Find it hard to vote for conservative principles and ideas for which they themselves live by baffles me.
    I hope someday they wake-up and realize that they have been…hoodwink, bamboozle,flimflammed and just flat-out lied to by the Democratic party since the days of FDR.
    This is a great add and I hope the American Blacks realize the economy knows no color, race or creed. It doesn’t discriminate and can be harsh to rich or poor. Enough said!

  20. Was hoping it would show the standing ovation.
    Excellent timing. Exploding heads all around. Love it.

    1. Regarding the standing O’, in this case, less is probably more. I just felt like it hit the perfect balance and will cause many more black people to believe it’s OK to vote for Romney.

      The feeling I get from this is exactly that. It seems to be an ad that says, “see, it’s OK, even wise, to vote for Romney. You can still be cool and still be black, and still vote for Romney, especially since his opponent is O’. Look at the results. The audience shots were great too. Many people in that audience have kids. They must. They want their kids to excel, find good jobs, and not be saddled with all this debt O’ has saddled them with.

      How many parents aspire to have their sons and daughters dependent on the gov. forever? How many want opportunity diminished. I cannot imagine having an aspiration like that for my kids.

      I love this ad!

      1. Quite so, and as usual well said, Mr.Rs.
        Saw a programme on line recently – maybe that movie about education, Waiting for Superman, and it was heartbreaking to see the parents of children who weren’t selected via lottery for a good school. Such lotteries are abhorent, and travesties when they can condemn a youngster to hopelessness. Despite the billions supposedly poured into education, but really scooped by unions.
        I sure hope to heaven that the dirty dealings of the dems are recognised by more members of the NAACP and that it dies out like the dinosaur it is.

        1. We watched that documentary you mention just a few short weeks ago. Heartbreaking is indeed the word for it. It made me angry and empathetic to the helplessness parents experience with the public school systems in this country.

          Between the DOE and the teachers unions, it’s a complete waste of time to send your kids there every day, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions being those teachers who do right just because it’s right…in spite of, rather than because of, those unions. Teacher unions are motivation murderers.

          Thanks P M. C-ya tomorrow.

  21. Imagine if Obama ended up being the person that woke the black community up to the fact that the Democrats have been taking them for granted and have kept them on the modern day plantation. It doesn’t get any more ironic than that.

  22. Even I’ve got to tip my hat to Romney on this one.

    Now, how ’bout you quit just running the rhetoric and put Allen West on the ticket?

  23. I can just image how the DNC is martialing it’s sychophantic black chorus line into claiming this ad is racist. I am taking bets who will be the first to shout out raaaaccciiisssttt. I pick Al Sharpton 10-1 odds.

  24. I’m fighting hard to say who gives a rat’s @$$. Sorry but having this group call us Conservative Blacks every stinking “sellout” name in the book, watching them twist in the wind after Obama screwed them bring me a slight glee I find hard not to be happy about.

    I’m glad for the video that maybe some of us is waking up but in the grand scheme of things as long as Benjamen Jealous is still at the helm I would not let them piss on me if I was on fire.

    The NAACP will have to show me a lot more then one video, but I guess its a start.


    Let’s hope the inherently racist Left doesn’t attack these people with the usual smear. You know, Uncle Tom, OREO, etc. These are people who are looking for the content of character as Dr. King prescribed.

    1. What’s so funny is calling someone an Uncle Tom is actually a compliment. Uncle Tom refused to snitch on a runaway slave and was tortured to death.

    2. This ad is all well and good, but Romney’s explanation of why ObamaCare needed to be repealed got cheers and the booing of Romney for mentioning the repeal of ObamaCare was taken out of context by all the MSM. To me the Romney booing was like when a political speaker mentions something distasteful everyone boos and then goes and mentions something desirable and everyone cheers. The net result of the Romney’s ObamaCare discussion was cheering. This was totally missed in the MSM reporting.

      1. i am sorry keninil but you are wrong on this, first of all the n.a.a.c.p is often polite and respectfull to their guest mitt romney would’t be treated any did msn take the booing out of context when thats what happen,he got booed,msn didn’t miss nonthing in that reporting.and also,how can the net results of the romney’s obamacare discussion be cheering,when it was booed. maybe this is the way you see it.and the cheers and the clapping were mostly from about 20 or so,blacks that romney actually,brought as his cheering squad.they took bits and pieces of his n.a.a.c.p speach and picked out what they wanted to put in that black ad trying to appeal to blacks,they act like no blacks seen his speech at the n.a.a.c.p.most blacks know mitt romney dose not care about them.just their vote.matter of fact he dosen’t care about anybody,in the middle class no matter what race you are.he will make up phoney ads,distort the president’s words,these type of things are not honest.if he can’t be honest,in this campaigne,how can he be trusted to be honest as a president?i hope you at least think about it.

  26. This ad is stupendous. Obama, Sharpton, Jackson-Lee, Waters, Coburn and other racist Democrats want everyone to think that ALL blacks think and feel like they do. It’s not true! These people are extremely intelligent, can think for themselves, are educated and aware and love America. This ad is amazing and I applaud every brave speaker for standing up and demonstrating that they KNOW America is on the wrong track and Obama is not taking us in the right direction – ROMNEY WILL. To all black Americans who appreciate this ad and to the folks who participated in it, you are courageous Americans and patriots of the highest level. THANK YOU.

    1. Coburn? The only Coburn in congress is Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) You mean Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) maybe?

    1. Quite a bit different than what we have been seeing for the past 3.5 years isn’t it..

  27. OMG I hope Romney has significant Secret Service coverage while he is in London, Israel and Poland. It would not suprise me if the Chicago thugs have violence against Romney on their minds, especially after this heartfelt message from NAACP members.

    It looks like Cain and West are truly making a difference getting the message out that conservatism is not limited by race.

    1. I have been praying for the same thing. A very safe trip for Mr. Romney. Godspeed!

      And what a fabulous ad! Makes me proud (and not for the first time!).

  28. Fantastic ad! Its about time Black Americans stand-up against this tyrannical little dictator!

  29. This is awesome and it gives me hope that not all naacp are just drones. I hope that the Obama Campaign doesnt intimidate them like they did to booker, and to all the americans that have spoken against the regime. And i hope they approved this message.And I would like allen west out there more and he should be invited to speak at the convention.

  30. This Romney timing had been impeccable.

    On the other hoof, Obamanite cannot go ten steps with having to scrape his shoe again.

    Just when a prior stupidity is about to finish decomposition, Obama eclipses it with yet another moronic statement. Like genetically-engineered little comrades, his room full of political geniuses come up with a counter ad and exhume the dead carcass a week after disposal.

    Don’t you just love watching liberals behave?

    1. I am sure a majority will but Imagine if Romney gets 10%. If that happens this election is over at 7pm PST election night!

    2. Not every man in the country, or woman, is strong enough to be conservative, to have limits and to live peacefully and self-reliantly within them.

  31. It makes me sick on my stomach when I think of how the Democrats have used and abused these Patriots. This literally brought tears to my eyes when I saw this. This is NOT going to make the plantation overseers, Jackson and Sharpton, happy. – PI

    1. A watershed moment is soon coming when more and more black patriots begin to realize that they have been used by the left. The question is, will the watershed moment come too late?

      1. wishful thinking as always.the watershed moment won’t come to late,it’s just not’s funny how most people on the right seem to twist,or spin things,only the way they see need to do some resurch on blacks and the two parties.than you may see why,except for a very small few,there will NOt,be a watershed moment this i know.

  32. Oh man, that’ll have Barry & the gang quaking. Remember how the NAACP is supposed to instinctively hate all “(R)”‘s?

    I’m struck by the incredible opportunity Conservatism has to grow under this current liberal example that’s done nothing but drive our nation into the ground. C’mon conservatives! Get out there & talk to your neighbor about the stark contrast. Conservatism works folks. We can use this opportunity to make people think about the difference in Conservatism vs. Liberalism.

    And – this is a really good ad. 🙂

    1. It does work! Too bad Romney’s not conservative. He’s better than the Kenyan but good enough to erase $1.5 Quadrillion of debt, derivatives, and promised liabilities? That’s right, it’s quadrillion, as in $1,500,000,000,000,000. Sorry folks, our dollar is cooked. Romney will simply pull its charred remains from the oven. An oven that China built, btw. And…they might want it back as in reclaiming assets after we default.

      Got gold anyone?

      Don’t Tread On Me

      1. Btw, nice ad Romney. Exactly what we need to cook the Dims this fall. You’re actually growing on me. For a RINO.


      2. BSScoop, I’ve been terribly disheartened throughout our Primary season and that we’ve ended up with Mittens is just unbelievable. However, if the GOP continues with the next-in-line strategy, they really have nowhere to go but to a Conservative. It’s a small thread of hope, but it’s all I’ve got. In the meantime, we’ve got an opportunity to really educate people about Conservative principles.

        1. Are you implying that we should support Romney or not? I agree that the GOP has failed us and that we need to force their hand on conservatism. I’m actually of the opinion that Romney might be worse for the country because he’ll be viewed by most as conservative when he’s not and his watered down leftism won’t be enough to stop the economic avalanche that’s building.

          Oh, and this avalanche is the largest in the history of mankind. An “awakening” is beginning. Stopping Hussein in this election is basically irrelevant. Romney can’t stop this world – changing, economic catastrophe.


          1. Romney may not be a true conservative, but he is much better than the socialist we have in office now. Obama makes me sick. When he speaks without the teleprompters he sticks his foot in his mouth and he is so inexperienced I don’t even know how he thinks he can run this country back into prosperity. All his promises have failed. The increase in the debt alone is the biggest example. And he does not support Israel, our biggest ally in the middle east.

          2. No implications on what anyone should do BSScoop. The truth for me is that I haven’t decided what I’m going to do. Mittens will never get a dime of my time or money in campaigning. I’ll not put up a yard sign or support him in any fashion. I hate that he’s our candidate and am furious with the GOP for a multitude of reasons. But I love my country. Four more years of unfettered Marxism terrifies me, which is what we’ll have if Barry’s reelected. So, I’ll be prayerfully considering my options and asking for His guidance for me, as well as our country as a whole.

            1. I was not behind mcain at all.. but had my yard sign up .. If Obama terrifies you get your ass in line ..Romney is a good man, and will turn this country around ..I hope he picks a VP that alot of the far right can get behind

              1. I’m pretty sure it’s not up to you to tell me where to put my a$$, but you can put yours in whatever line you wish. Good day.

      3. But did you hear that China’s incurred with US during WW2 is not going to be repaid since it is such a long time ago. Let those commies go to HELL.

    2. I talk to my neighbors all the time, but the country is so divided that some still think Obama is the messiah. God Help US if he is re-elected.

      1. god will be helping us if he is re-elected.god,as you say,helped us when obama was elected the first is sad,that some people are so blinded by hate that they don’t know a good and decent president when they got thing for sure,obama’s election it brought out the racist bigots,even the in the closet ones.not all whites are racist,that i do know.but these racist bigots,are the ones dividing our country their the ones causing all this,and when you listen to people like rush limbaugh and a few on,you know it,fox news.these people sell hate, and some people buy it.and you say obama,is dividing the country,c’mon are you serious,wake up,you don’t have to like obama,thats your choice,but,don’t be so blinded by hate that you go aganst your own intrest.

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