AWESOME: Romney responds to heckler in Wisconsin, then tells Obama to get his campaign out of the gutter

Romney did a great job responding to a heckler, then turned it on Obama telling him to get his campaign out of the gutter. Fantastic.

Consider this your open thread for tonight.

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203 thoughts on “AWESOME: Romney responds to heckler in Wisconsin, then tells Obama to get his campaign out of the gutter

  1. FING JERK that will not let the people question and or respond to citizens protest!
    I would invite them on stage what are you screaming about? If they were to protest Afghanistan, chemical, and biological warfare, the misuse of HAARP, I would embrace this persons first amendment right give them them right to be heard not herded! What a shameful display! THat’s not a heckler, that’s an American Freedom Fighter confronting the NAZI’s of THE NEW WORLD ORDER! WE now have a one world government! SHame on us for allowing them to trash our Constitution!

  2. My health care has gone up by 3,000 dollars and I may not be able to keep my doctpr and Barack Obama is a pathetic liar, over and over again.

  3. Romney’s Team needs to come up with some Zingers for the Hecklers, like:
    Shouldn’t you be working? Oh that’s right, no jobs.
    How much is the DNC paying you to play the horse’s ass mascot today?
    President Obama’s speech is in (name town) today.
    Vote for me and you can one day heckle a real President.

  4. I like what I am hearing across many media outlets. The anchors and press core are being questioned and they cannot respond intelligently. If the Romney/Ryan Team keep up this approach, the truth will be told.
    Stay on subject and don’t bow to the BS.

  5. I have been one of those voters who was not looking forward to having to use my thumb and forefinger to hold my nose while voting for Romney, but now with Ryan on the ticket, I may actually be able to vote and keep my hands away from my face. ROMNEY/RYAN GO.

  6. The biggest insult you can throw at a typical Obama supporter…just chant “USA, USA, USA…” – they hate taking pride in this country more than anything else…

  7. I have noticed that Romney seems like a new man the last few days. I think being with Ryan has rejuvinated him. He seems to have a real personality now. If he keeps up this level of energy and personality he will win.

    1. I totally agree. He’s finally looking like a fighter. And he has to be to go up against Obama. Dirty tricks and all. Obama will lose.

  8. Just gave $50 to Romney. Keep it up, lefties! Keep us angry! Don’t let us forget how much we need you out of power.

  9. Romney was not my first choice. But once it was obvious he would be the Nominee I supported him all the way. I worked in SLC when he ran the Olympics, he is smart and talented and knows how to bring America back from the brink. Adding Ryan is just a sign of how Intelligent he is. Between the two of them obama/biden doesn’t stand a chance. obama cut Medi-care in half to help pay for the ACA TAX. Any old people who vote obama are foolish. Start watching the daily polls especially after any debate. Slowly but surely Romney/Ryan will take the lead. Probably won’t be as big as Reagan/Carter but Romney Ryan will win big. Just follow the truth.

  10. Gov. Romney is fired up, this is what Ameicans need to hear from now until November from our Presidential and VP Candidate…sounding American.

    tea party patriot
    Vote 2012!

  11. Romney kicking some ass. Good.

    Keep the pressure on the charlatan and his clownish veep. They’ll wilt.

  12. Good response, Mitt!

    It really pisses me off that the so-called “fact checking” sites call Romney a liar because he says that Obama is gutting work for welfare. They also called him a liar for repeating that Obama said “If you have a business you didn’t build that”.

    Fact checking sites aren’t even reliable. If Romney said that Obama was a Muslim earlier in his life they would call him a liar for that, too. I see how it goes. If it doesn’t match what the Democrats claim (despite the facts and evidence), Romney is going to be called a liar. Screw the fact checkers.

  13. Obama doesn’t know any other way but dirty to play. He’s being financed by some of the most despicable, frightening people on the planet. He’s being directed by the most reprehensible political player in the history of campaigns (indeed, he makes Karl Rove blush). Obama has no record to stand on (other than a bad one) so you better believe that Obama and the billionaire socialists that fund him and his “movement” will play every dirty trick in the book – INCLUDING MURDER – to win this race. The manufactured crisis in Aurora; the manufactured crisis in Milwaukee – these are BOTH funded and dreamed up by the Soros machine and they will KEEP HAPPENING unless and until we vote him out of office.

  14. The most thrilling part about this was Mitt finally took a page out of Sarah Palin’s book and directed that Heckler right back to the source. He finally took on Obama!

  15. somewhat OT,
    Scoop how are you getting these quality videos, you recording off tv then transferring?
    there are a bunch on youtube of this but none as complete as this one.
    searched fox site but did not see it either.

    1. Yes, finally some people with class and grace and love for America. You can really see the difference – the quality of people the Romneys and Ryans are compared to the low life trash that are the Obamas. The difference is so stark it’s almost funny – if it wasn’t so frightening.

    1. Being a gentleman with dignity, class, intelligence and grace seems to be taken as a weakness these days. Too bad. I’m sure glad the sleeves have been rolled up!

  16. Obama supporters will be out there to disrupt all they can. Mitt handled that situation perfectly.

    1. You are absolutely right! Mitt took the opportunity to turn the issue back to the criminal Barney Soetoro. That is where the conversation should remain.

  17. Interesting! Conservatives have never had a really good response to extreme leftists disrupting conservative events by heckling, other than frogmarching them out and the left frequently used these techniques to paint the conservatives as being touchy or violent. I really like the use of chanting something positive, something that evokes American victories in the Olympics, to counter an Anti-American technique used mostly, though not exclusively, by the far left.

    (I am not a HUGE fan of the USA chant at the olympics, it evokes Team America: World Police just a little too much for me, but it is a heart felt sort of cheer so it does make me smile when it happens, and TA:WP was hilarious to boot, so…)

  18. Obama has nothing left but these mindless, parasitic dirtbags and Romney clearly has the intellect and courage to sink their boats dead in the water.

  19. All that and without a teleprompter too! Romney needs to do more of these kind of speeches. Sometimes he comes across as stodgy and stiff… The above shows him vital, and knowledgeable, in tune with his audience and most of all passionate about his campaign! More like that!

  20. Obama the bully mistook Mitt’s natural tendency to be mannerly and decent with weakness. Mitt & Paul Ryan have the “right stuff” to get rid of the wrong stuff that Obama has repeatedly shown as President. Blaming others for his failures, dishonesty, cronyism, lying, deceit, corruption, collectivism, dislike of America and Americans, betrayal of allies, not being transparent, failure to lead, poor judgement, low class behavior and disrespect for the office and others. Obama WILL be removed because America recognizes who Obama is. Evil only flourishes when people see it and refuse to combat it. Video that shows what Mitt will do and why we must oust Obama.

  21. The only thing that would have made this better: Mr. Romney reminding the world that Mr. Obama has a PROVEN history of vulgar campaigning; clearing the way for his win by “arranging” for scandals to fall upon his opponents.

  22. Obama has set himself up, because the teleprompter doesn’t have a compelling story like it did 4 years ago. Obama has never run anything but his mouth, and off teleprompter script, he is just as big a failure at speaking as he is at governing. Americans are tired of anti-exceptionalism agenda and now see his mean-spiritedness that the MSM was able to hide four years ago.

  23. I’m hoping the ground rules for the presidential and vice-presidential debates prohibit the use of TelePrompTers. President Pinocchio will lie, of course, and no one in the lapdog media will challenge him on his lies, but perhaps Romney will be prepped well enough to call him out. It would be a lot of fun to see the POTUS sputter, crash, and burn in front of millions of viewers without the TOTUS to feed him a script.

  24. Mitt Romney…I take back all the lack of confidence I had in you. You seem to be hitting it out of the park right and left. You are going to give us a landslide!

  25. Ya know what would be awesome? If the Romney campaign were to send some hecklers Obama’s way. The wouldn’t have to interrupt with stupid talking points. They could just chant “U-S-A! U-S-A!” at random moments. Because if there’s one thing Team Obama DOESN’T “believe” in, it’s America. Patriotism is subversive in their world, so let’s aim to misbehave, shall we?

    Think of the awesome footage that that would generate: Obama, forced to shout down hecklers shouting “U-S-A”. Bwahahaha!

    1. I am sorry but doing that will bring us down to their level and I like to think of us as better people then them

      1. Yes, by all means look down your nose at those frontiersmen who ambushed from behind the trees, those ever so proper redcoats, lined up all nice pretty, like ducks in a row. Give me a break! And give me a fighter. We have a country to save!

      2. I respectfully disagree … we have painfully learned that civility in response to intellectual dishonesty is counterproductive in the defense of liberty, for it allows the dishonest to frame the debate as they see fit.

        Subtle, even humorous incivility such as Sarah Leslie Griffith describes above is a great way to get one’s message across, and not just to the “target” … and bdog57’s suggestion reminds everyone that Mr. Obama’s view is not the only acceptable one out there, even though the MSM – the Ministry of State Messaging – would have you believe otherwise.

        We don’t have to give as vulgar as we have gotten, but we do have to CONFRONT these purveyors of intellectual dishonesty on every level, in order to overcome the stranglehold they have on mass media …

        … as well as overcome the accepted, conventional wisdom that has allowed them to lead this nation into decline; a conventional wisdom that turns “experts” into the lords of a modern serfdom, where responsibility is assigned according to pocket depth while an artificial “working class” is encouraged to outsource their responsibility, authority, and resources to the “experts”. They have had a century to implant that wisdom into our society, and it will not be easy to turn hearts and minds from it.

        We need to be as bold and confrontational – and HONEST, a quality which often demands the kinds of confrontation we have avoided as “uncivil” – as the One who, in Matthew chapter 4, confronted the ultimate purveyor of dishonesty with the facts-on-the-ground with a high-and-hearty “IT IS WRITTEN!”

        1. My friend I never saw it that way you have convinced me my fellow patriot we do have to start playing their own game and beat them while we are at it.

          1. Now that is how conservatives discuss issues. I share proudhispanicconservatives concern about descending to the left’s level, but I think ritchie is right too, that we have ‘root, hog, or die’ in this election. Mitt has to fight on the muddy ground to get to the White House. We can’t stay above the fray or we will lose. Mitt looks to be a fighter, as opposed to McCain trying to stay dignified last time.
            I think Romney/Ryan looks very good so far.

    2. I really don’t like the USA USA chant, personally.

      I’m sorry but it just seems ” frat-boy-ish ” to me.
      Just my personal taste.

      If we had a school system that produced young people who could spontaneously burst out into “America the Beautiful” or “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”…
      That would move me to tears.

      Until that time, the weak substitute, Olympic-style boosterism of “USA USA” will have to do.

    3. Romney is slightly more or less subtle, depending on your point of view. He sends his bus to drive around the block of an Obama venue, leaning on the horn the whole time. They send cakes that say, “You didn’t bake this!” for Obama’s birthday. Some have said these are childish pranks, but I don’t think so. They are pin pricks designed to get Romney inside Bambi’s head and under his skin. I don’t know what form future pranks might take, but for sure they will do what narcissists hate most, make them look the fool.

      1. You mean, get Mr. Romney to live rent-free in Mr. Obama’s (and Axelrod’s) head?

        Seems like a sound investment to me.

        It also keeps them honest, by telling them that we are ready and willing to play their game, to give back even better than we get since we have truth and principle on our side … sending the message “Don’t start none, and there won’t be none …”

  26. Romney needs to make a swift and decisive blow to Obama the Impostor. Get as many attack dog speakers in crucial areas. The Romney Army now! Let the revolt begin. He can’t do it alone. Campaign like crazy. Get nuts. Make the O-bots shiver.

    1. Good idea.

      Case in point, Obama’s college records.

      I suspect that the reason they are not made public is because they show him as a resident-alien.

  27. Must admit that I wasn’t that thrilled about Romney. I do think he’s competent, but I wasn’t sold on his commitment. His selection of Ryan has sold me, though. Ryan is a serious man, who addresses serious issues. I respect him, and what he’s run on. My parent’s may hate him, but I find him more appealing than Romney.


  29. WOW! This is the fighter I have been waiting for! I think Romney will surprise all of us if we get him elected. If he fights back like this on the core issues we can save our country; all may not be lost just yet. Tea Party Rules!

  30. Romney did an excellent job here, and he just has to keep it up and he will win by a landslide!

    P.s. The quality is better this time. Thanks!

  31. The reason that Willard’s not fit for office is that he’s absolutely interchangeable with Obama. Don’t forget that this clown is responsible for socialized medicine in Massachusetts.


    1. Four more years of the current clown in the wh will be national suicide. Go rain on someone else’s parade!

    2. I suppose you’re not going to vote for Gov. Romney. If that’s the case then you will be helping to re-elect the worst human being that has ever held the title POTUS should he win. And you will have assisted in the demise of this great country.
      Won’t you be proud….

      1. So if R0mney loses to 0bama because he doesn’t have a spine, can’t debate and is one of the most progressive candidate running as a Republican, can I come back and tell you that you helped re-elect the worst human being that has ever held the 0val office?

        1. No, you can’t say Romney was the worst human being ever to hold the oval office.
          Have you never spent any time at all researching the backgrounds of these two men?
          There is no comparison and I don’t care how you try and spin it.

          1. I’ve spent more time than you think I actually did (and maybe you should have spent as much time as I did, or should I say lost my time because at the end of the day we’re voting for typical politicians who don’t care about the little guy like you and I).

            They are both evils, and the outcome of voting for the lesser of two evils is still an evil candidate. I’m not stupid, I know 0bama is a marxist who knows what he’s doing. I’m not stupid, I know that R0mney is no conservative and will flip flop at the first occasion and will not attack who he thinks is a “good guy over his head”. Thank God I watched all the debates so I could have R0mney telling me how bad 0bama was (that was sarcasm).

            My point is R0mney is not the solution to all the problems that 0bama created. If you think he will fix them then you’re mistaken. Hopefully I’m 100% wrong on this but common sense tells me I’m not.

            1. You go to war, with the candidates you have.

              We did not get into this mess overnight … and we won’t get out of this overnight. You are looking for a Hail Mary pass when the three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust ground game is called for to get us to the conservative governance both you and I seek.

              Keep in mind that Mr. Romney won’t be as likely to flip-flop away from conservative principles, if he is facing a Congress with enough members who hold those principles to keep him honest. Mr. Obama, OTOH, will try his best to obstruct such a Congress from doing the right thing.

              Is Mr. Romney perfect? NO. But to equate him to the Progressive who seeks to impose a soft, cuddly fascism upon this nation by hook or by crook, is far short of accurate.

              1. I’m just afraid that people get excited the same way the other side was excited like they were with 0bama. I just lost all the trust I had in any politician, left or right.

                If Romney wants to go to war with 0bama without calling him what he really is, then he already lost. Like I said I hope and pray I’m totally wrong about Romney.

                I mostly agree with everything you said though. Thank you for the civil discussion Ritchie.

                1. Thanks for the conversation, Zeeshopper … when I am met with civility, I respond in kind … as opposed to my response to those paragons of intellectual dishonesty, the Progressive parrots who cross my path. I have painfully learned that civility in response to intellectual dishonesty is counterproductive in the defense of liberty.

                  I think that those in the Tea Party movement, in particular, are supporting the R^2 ticket with eyes wide open … we’re just not as into the whole cult-of-personality thing as the Progressives, because we don’t place our total trust in someone just because they are more “intellectual”. If elected, Mr. Romney will find that our support is not guaranteed if he strays from sound principle … and the greater the number of principled conservatives that are elected to displace Democrats we have, the more likely we will make such dissent stick and drive Mr. Romney back to sound principle.

      2. Wow, overhype much? Are you seriously going to claim that the current teleprompter in chief is worse than FDR, GWB, or Tricky Dick? Sure, he’s a criminal, but he’s a minion, not a mastermind.


        1. YES that’s exactly what I’m claiming. FDR was a progressive, GWB was a good man faced with a situation America had never seen before, Nixon was an idiot but what the dems have done since Watergate makes him look like a choir boy….so, yea, I’m serious that bo is the worst human being to be POTUS.

    3. Interchangeable with Obama? Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full. See that part where the crowd chants “U-S-A! U-S-A!”? Does Romney look comfortable with that brazen display of patriotism? Sure looks like it to me. Unlike Obama, I KNOW that Mitt would never be ashamed to wear a flag pin. As anodyne as the slogan “Believe in America” is, it’s a huge slap in the face to our Citizen of the World President. Sorry, Bammy, this country DOES believe in itself and we’re not content to let you manage our decline. Go Romney!

  32. And all without a teleprompter. Can’t wait for the debates. Romney is going to wipe the floor with the impostor and Ryan vs. Biden will be pure entertainment.

  33. Wait a minute … Look at Reince Priebus and the other guy in the background. What’s with the phone? And watch while Priebus doesn’t clap with the rest yet stares straight ahead at where the heckler would soon start to heckle from. Did the phone call alert him that the heckling would soon commence? Was this a ruse by the RNC? Did Romney have a preplanned comment to make himself look good? If so, not a bad plan.

      1. Read my nearly five thousand posts, it’s easy click on my icon, then call me an Obamabot you humorless moron.

        1. I know your history. You once said you wouldn’t vote for Romney if he were to run with Jesus Christ. You will never vote for Romney and therefore will do your part to elect Obama. Live with it.

          1. I did say that. It was around the time George Soros (Satan himself) basically endorsed Romney. He didn’t see much difference between Romney and Obama. Is it any wonder we conservatives don’t either? Let’s see if Paul Ryan can carry Romney over the finish line, and if Romney is man enough to let Ryan lead.

        2. Studied what Freempg said. NOPE. Nothing there except taking a phone text, hearing and keying in a heckler, and then clearly glad Romney did well with it. Not staged.

          Kinda sick, isn’t it, that someone’s projecting Obama onto Romney. (p.s. I didn’t care for Romney either – Newt’s my guy – but Romney’s waaay better than Obama)

    1. Oh my…aren’t you the clever one. The RNC has been found out, whatever will they do now….
      You really think an actual heckler couldn’t find their way into…oh never mind…
      What ArticOcean said.

  34. Obama sent about 15 protesters when Romney spoke in Brunswick Ohio. I must say they are pitiful. Considering 2 thousand stood in the rain waiting for him to speak.

    If 15 is the best Obama can do even when they pay for them he is in trouble.

  35. Obama is like a Candy tree to pick for Romney to pick from, and this is (I hope) just the beginning. Romney you better start calling Obama out directly like that.

  36. I think the pick of Ryan for VP has invigorated Romney as much as it has us. I am so pleased to see him on his feet and swinging. This campaign is going to take a lot of doing just that. And here I was, worried that Romney would not bring to the race what he did during the winnowing phase.

  37. Well if he and Ryan really want to change things, then bernanke HAS GOT TO GO. The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed. Corporate welfare has got to go and the dollar must be backed by real gold, not oil.

    1. Gold won’t work, but I agree with the rest. They simply need to start out with a new sovereign currency and phase out the fed. They also need to legalize currency markets to allow competition and free markets in currencies to take hold. A sovereign fiat currency could work, it just has to be handled properly. Backing the new sovereign currency with commodities is a good idea, but you would have to figure out a secure way of doing it to have stability, and you would have to get rid of most regulation on commodities.

  38. It was something to watch! It was interesting to see Romney’s face it was like a slow boil and then Slam! It was as if he had an epiphany and decided it was time to attack.

  39. Wonder what the going rate for hecklers is nowadays. When the Dems talk about creating jobs this is probably what they mean.

    1. Ask the New York Times and the rest of the anti-Republican hecklers in the Democrat media-complex.

  40. Once again Scoop reminds me of how much I like this page, Nobody has covered the vp nomination of Ryan better, and no one has brought it faster than Scoop,
    Thank you Scoop We love you.

  41. What I found interesting is the co-ordination of the heckle. Carl Cameron reported that one heckler started in front of the cameras and had security come and take him/her out. While that happens, the NEXT hecker (positioned up front) begins to heckle – free of security for a little longer since the FIRST heckler has effectively removed some of the crowd control people.

    Look to see this repeated – very militaristic of the Alinskyites…

    Gov. Romney handled this well. I imagine he has several planned responses for this that will tie their behavior to the POTUS’s low-life campaign and point out the classiness of his campaign.

    Stay classy San Diego… haha

    1. Yeah that’s a typical leftist radical tactic and I’ve also seen video of college muslims doing the same thing to shout down Jewish speakers on campus.

  42. I think they are a dynamite duo.
    This will bring fiscal responsibility and jobs to our country.
    I heard Rush one day describing a conversation he had with Gov.Romney. He
    very sincerely told Rush that he knew he could do it, he could turn this economy
    I believe him. He saved the Massachusetts economy & the bankrupt 2002
    Olympics. He is eager to do this. And he will.

  43. That was some fine judo there by Candidate Romney.

    We knew he could do it, because he threw Newt to the mat in that debate that killed Newt’s campaign.

    Obama is going to be in trouble in the debates.

    1. I hope so, but I have a bad feeling about how much Obama could point to Romney’s past as being much like what he has done. I know the arguments, but I am reluctant to overestimate Romney’s debating ability, or underestimate Obummer”s. After all, bummer is a lawyer. Romney had better get it straight, and go in being able to argue the points based on specifics, because that will be bummer’s weak point. If bummer gives specifics, Romney had better be able to refute them. Romney needs to be able to paint a big picture for people as well, and not just quick statements and generalities. He needs to be able to deliver a philosophy that goes well with the rest of it. If he can achieve this, he will win.

      1. Obama may have graduated from law school, but he never worked as a lawyer except as some low level instructor. You do know that Mitt Romney is a lawyer and he also has an MBA. And Mitt has something Obama doesn’t, he has years and years and years of public speaking thru his church and just as many years running the show as the Head Honcho. He is no stranger to taking charge. Mormons start their kids off at about 3, getting them used to speaking in front of a group and carry it on into adulthood, since the church is all lay ministerial. Besides, he is heads and tails smarter than Obama. And lastly, Romney is a detail man. He loves the details and he is said to know the details of any project inside and out and better than anyone else involved. Obama is really too lazy to master too many details and he complicates himself by being a pathological liar. Romney will run rings around him as long as the moderator isn’t completely biased in Obama’s favor. I think from now on you will see Mitt Romney become more and more each day more forceful and then as soon as he is actually nominated officially and the General Election Funds are released, all I can say is get out of the way and enjoy the show, because it is going to be quite a ride from the Convention to November. Mitt Romney has been a winner all his life and we’re going to see how winners win and pathetic lying losers lose.

      2. All you need to know about the debates is that Obama lies. That’s it. When he starts sounding reasonable, then you know. That’s the way it was when he debated McCain. He sounded fresh and new and reasonable. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on this time. He has a miserable record.

        1. Anyone who is truly wanting to destroy Obama in a debate only has to be able to give specifics on many of the criminal things that he has done. If Romney doesn’t mention the criminality of this administration, then I will know that this whole election is one of two things:

          1: A rigged election that two people now have to make a good show of, but not go too far as to defame the puppet presidential seat.

          2: Romney throwing the election as McCain did.

        1. Heh.

          Keep clicking like on Scoop’s posts, that multiplies any likes for me or anyone else here because it increases his site’s “karma” score out there on the interwebs. It also lets the lefties know there’s more of us than them!

  44. Wow, I never thought id say it but i really am coming around to Mitt Romney. More than anything, it feels like he really wants to win….not for his ego, but for America. I think he believes in the country that allowed him to succeed and wants others to have that opportunity. All things that are the exact opposite of Barack Obama.

    If he continues to rise to the challenge like this, i am confident the voters will have an supremely easy choice on election day.

    1. I agree AlecJ – I’ve been watching their speeches all weekend and I’m so moved and excited about our chances this November – more than I ever!

  45. I was watching the speech live and I was hearing the heckler in the background, I got to tell you I prayed to god that Mitt answered it, and not only did he answer it he used it to make an example of the Low life Obama and how he wants to not fight on the issues, instead he wants to continue on the “DDD” (Divide, Distract, Destroy.)strategy, when Mitt responded to the Heckler, I had goose bumps running through my body and I was like “Thank you”

  46. This HAS to be said – loud and often…

    The MSM won’t report on O’s ‘gutter politics’ – because they’re right in the gutter with him!

    But they’ll be incensed enough by Mitt’s comment to report it – so the folks will know…

    1. God question!!! I couldn’t believe my ears!!! I mentally substituted his voice for that of Palin, and there I had it: he sounded severely (LOL) conservative!!! No, no jokes, Romney was excellent!!!

    2. There’s been flashes of it all along but he’s definitely focused like a laser in the last week or so. He has the opportunity to institute a recovery bigger than Reagan’s. Since we’re in more debt, higher unemployment, higher deficit spending and in my opinion lower morale across the country than in 1980. He can do it if he only listens to principled conservatives in the Reagan mold and rejects the big gov moderates who helped bring us the situation we’re in.

        1. hiya, just got your message…I am not on facebook(I know..I need to get with the times eh?)..but thanks for the invite!

            1. I might just break down one of these days and do it, but I have a feeling I would become obsessed with it. Between raising my two toddlers, running a business and of course being on Scoop..well you get the idea! Right back at ya with your posts..that is why I love it here, so many great people believing in a better future!

              1. It’s true that it eats up some time & requires discipline. But it also restores some sanity with some like-minded folks. ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you with the two toddlers! Get ’em potty trained & life is awesome with little ones!! Mine are 9 & 10 and I must admit that I don’t miss those days much… However, I’m seeking the “Pause” button on their ages. Unfortunately, they’re not cooperating when I ask them to repeat a year on their birthdays.

    1. I think Paul Ryan told him to take them out of his purse & start acting like a man. He’s definitely acting a bit more confident with Ryan by his side.

      1. I hope having Paul Ryan as his running mate continues to give him strenght and confidence. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be facing bo and his brown shirts alone.

  47. Obama has been in the gutter so long I don’t think he knows anything else.. sad, but true.

  48. There were so many good moments, but one of my favorites was when he talked about the “you didn’t build that” statement. As everyone knows, the left has been claiming that the right took that sentence out of context. But we all know that the entire tirade Obama went on was anti-business and contemptuous. He was sarcastic and condescending, and as a small business owner celebrating my 10th anniversary of success this month (with a lot of years of blood, sweat and tears to get here!), I was completely offended.

    So it made me extremely happy for Romney to say something about the left accusing him of taking the sentence out of context. He invited everyone to go to youtube and listen to the whole thing, and then he said the entire context was worse than that one sentence! That was awesome.

    I hope he keeps saying it over and over again on the campaign trail. Let’s see if that part gets into the MSM’s nightly newscasts!

      1. When your opponent accuses you of murder the gloves just roll off.
        It took Romney some time to get comfortable in his own skin as the nominee, now that he is, I think he’s going to going to take Obama to task.

        1. I agree both Ryan and Romney all weekend have been rolling around with their sleeve up meaning Obama we are ready to fight your maxist agenda.

        2. I hope he takes him to task. What bothers me about what he said in this clip is the comment about not dragging this campaign into the gutter. McCain said the same thing, and we know where that got us. I think that he needs to pull out all of the word stops, like “socialist”, “borderline communist”, “Marxist”, and even “anti-American”. These terms would not be hard to defend.

          1. I know John McCain, and Mitt Romney is no John McCain. McCain is a RINO politician and couldn’t beat the Worst. President. Ever. Romney is a tenacious businessman who knows how to sell deals to investors, turnaround companies and hire and fire based on performance… somethings we need in government today.

            1. I hope that he wins, but I cannot engage in promoting him as the answer to our problems. Sorry.

              1. He is not the answer … WE are the answer, when we take back the responsibility, authority, and resources we have been encouraged to “outsource” to our government, at the encouragement of Progressives for almost a century.

                He’s just the foot in the door, to keep it open for the rest of us … and keep the Re-, er, Progressives from shutting it in our faces.

            2. I worked for Romney during the 2002 Olympics. You should have seen the housecleaning as soon as he came in. Unecessary people were let go, bad workers were fired, “fine art” was sold off etc… It was wonderful to watch! If we can get these two in with supportive congresscritters there will be some good changes.

    1. Michael Phelps didn’t win the most Olympic medals ever because he didn’t build the pool s he won them in. Nothing to do with his hard work and determination. Gabby Douglas didn’t win the Gold individual gymnastic medal because of all her hard work and sacrifice. No, she didn’t build the beam or the floor mat that made her win so she didn’t win it on her own. That’s Obama’s logic. Romney should start using these analogies to point out his stupidity.

      1. Yeah, he’s getting good at those, but I like your two suggestions. Good ones!

        In one speech today, he used the example of going to community school at night to learn a new skill which leads to promotion at work. Are you supposed to thank the DMV for your promotion because you needed a driver’s license in order to drive to the school? And in this speech he used the school kid and the bus driver, but same idea. I love it.

    2. Wow Rosie – 10 years of success. Congratulations!!
      This anniversary has been made even more momentous with the R&R ticket, eh? Wishing you continued success, and a boost in 2013 and thereafter.

    3. Obama said that, not from his teleprompter.Shows his true self, and his contempt of successful Americans. Obama’s ego is shining through,and his utter dislike of all the rest. The man is a simpleton and a legend in his own mind.

        1. NYGINO! Where ya been brother? We’ve been wondering about you. My guess is that you were on a beach sipping pina coladas…

          1. Thanks ISC! I’ve been up in the N.Y., N.J. area in the heart of libland without a computer surrounded by uninformed, closed minded folks who had me spreading the word and trying to get people to see the light. It is so good to be back home in Florida and home at TRS with intelligent, happy friends. Missed everybody.

            (I got two Obama voters to promise me they wouldn’t vote this year.)

            1. NYGino, not for anything, but I think you need to be doing that good work in your swing state. Get to those nursing homes already and tell those people Obama robbed $700 billion from them to put into Obamacare!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

              I’m taking care of libland up here, don’t you worry.

              1. I hear ya Rosie, will do. Have to say I did enjoy family and friends and got an opportunity to have some Jersey tomatoes and corn and hot dogs and great bread!

                1. I bet you did! The vines are overflowing this year. There isn’t anything like a Jersey tomato, I don’t care what anyone says. A little olive oil, fresh basil, dip some of that great bread in the juices… oh yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚

                2. They don’t call it the Garden State for nothing! Now if they only get their politics right…………

                3. We actually might! I’m reading that Kyrillos (R) is actually polling higher than expected in his run against Menendez for the Senate, and that’s amazing because I haven’t seen a single political ad yet from either side. Something’s brewing, and I think it could be the rumbling of a nationwide landslide this November by the silent majority!

                4. The silent majority is getting louder.

                  I hear they’ve proven that the State Capital floor is level. Senator Lautenberg is drooling out of both sides of his mouth now.

                5. Except maybe an Indiana tomato? We’re off to the State Fair today for some meat on a stick & grilled corn on the cob! Drought be damned!

            2. Well maybe you got some good steak & Cabernet? Sounds like a tough row to hoe, but I’m sure you were the perfect man for the job. Spreading the truth with love as a cheerful warrior… You make us proud!

              Welcome home my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

            3. Good for you! I am in Texas and am heading to NY for my honeymoon. (Our cruise leaves out of there, and I figured I would try to change people minds also) Great minds, think alike, huh? I have gotten through some peoples minds here in Corpus Christi, but with the liberal media, speaking nothing but good things about our idiot, lying President, it is so hard to make people understand. We should all get togeher and be our own media….the media that tells the truth!

              1. We are on our own media Kristina, TRS. Lots of truths and open opinions expressed here. Very civilized site also, not much offensive language but a great deal of humor and an epidemic of sarcasm. Hope you stick around and share your thoughts with us. Have a wonderful honeymoon. All the best to you and yours.

            4. not everyone in NJ is uninformed and closed minded. We are leaning red and I hope it goes that way

              1. Only the liberals. I grew up in North Jersey by way of Brooklyn and, although I’m living in Florida for the last 24 years I still consider myself a “Jersey Guy”. There was a time, not too long ago when Jersey was a red State and I have no doubt that it will be one again. Most people think of the Jersey Turnpike and oil refineries when they think of Jersey, they have no clue how beautiful it really is and how much character the people have. Hope my comment didn’t twist your nose Irene.

          1. Hey ABC! How’s things on the other side of paradise? Great to be back talking to you. Missed you too, but I’m sure you know that.

  49. Atta boy, Mitt, don’t let some obama zombie interfere with your message of bringing America back from the brink. And you’re correct about the dims running the dirtiest campaign in history…that’s the way they operate. Keep on message, Mitt.

    Go Romney/Ryan!!!!!

  50. Be prepared for more douche hecklers like that guy. It’s all Obama’s got. He knows that he’s been exposed as a liar and a fraud.

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