Awesome: Romney responds to protesters at campaign rally today

At a campaign stop in Michigan today Romney took a moment to respond to some protesters shouting “four more years” by asking the crowd if they wanted four more years of Obamacare, Dodd Frank, stifling energy policies, higher taxes, and greater regulations that strangle small businesses. He then yells back to the protesters:

Sorry, the guys who want four more years, you can stay on that side of the street! We’re getting American working again on this side of the street!

He then acknowledges some in his crowd shouting “four more months” and says that’s about right.

I let the clip roll for a bit because it’s actually pretty good. Romney gets fired up about what he’s gonna do as president and it comes across very well.

Watch below:

UPDATE: If you want to see the entire speech, our friends at ElectAd has it here.

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102 thoughts on “Awesome: Romney responds to protesters at campaign rally today

  1. He wants energy independence, he better start by strangling the EPA. Even with Obama gone, the entrenched liberal bureaucracy will still be killing us. Nice to see him stand up and show some spine. Let’s hope he follows through when he’s elected.

  2. Right ON, Romney! Well done sir. Don’t stop after the campaign – keep it going once you are in office and we just MAY Restore America!

  3. ‘Restore America, don’t fundamentally change America.’

    This is the best speech I’ve heard Romney give to date. He was very good with the protestors. He put them in their place without really trying. All he had to do was say he would do exactly the opposite of what Obama has done for 3 1/2 years. There’s a lot Obama has screwed up and it’s nice to hear what will be restored once Obama is gone.

    It will take time, but just starting will give us real hope and help our economy to grow.

  4. Awesome. More please!

    I was wrong about Mittens. I was sure he’d roll over and play politically correct if he got the nomination, but it appears as if he’s playing to win.

  5. The obamatards need to get used to being marginalized by Americans. Because that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of their lives.

  6. He’s hitting his stride. That’s great. Sounds very good.

    That campaign stop looks like Frankenmuth, MI. That is a cool town and was definitely on his itinerary today. It’s where “Bronner’s” is, the largest Christmas store in the world. I’m talking multiple acres of Christmas stuff under one roof, and open year round. It’s freakin’ unbelievable. Frankenmuth boasts nice restaurants, shopping, river tours, horse-drawn carriage rides etc. It’s a German town founded by Germans who immigrated here over 200 years ago.

    Other than Mackinaw Island, Frankenmuth is probably our favorite town here in Michigan. Next time you’re in Michigan drop by both of those. Avoid Flint and Detroit. Frankenmuth and most other Michigan towns are nothing like those 🙂

    1. The thing that makes him special is that I sleep well at night knowing he isn’t going to commit political is nice not to worry….couldn’t say that about Santorum

      1. Yep. Hanniity interviewed Romney at the old mill there, which aired tonight. My Father-in-law has made that same suggestion regarding Saugatuck. He’s a born and bred Michigander who also lived in China for approx. 20 years.

        What Michigan town are you close to when up north? We live fairly close to Alpena, another nice town. That’s where we saw “Cats” performed live on Father’s Day.

        I’m a southern boy who migrated to Michigan with that Michigan gal of mine. The one I married 25 years ago when she dared enter Florida. As soon as she got homesick, we packed up and moved here. This is where we started our business about 15 years ago and never looked back.

        Good to see your old picture back. Some people and some things are keepers.

        1. Saugatuck has gay people. Shhhh! Didn’t bother me a bit. Not even the three cross-dresser dudes that looked like pro linebackers in drag. Biggest set of high-heels you ever saw.

          Southeastern Michigan for us. Near enough to VirusX to bring down his property value.

          I went to school in Florida, moved up to coal country when I was in my late teens, and then to Michigan for the last 14 years. Now we’re headed the other direction on account of the K-Missus don’t like snow.

          Glad you like the pic. I’ll have to work in some wrinkles and grey hair before too much longer.

      1. Committed to memory? It’s called being informed. Try it. Not hard to memorize three towns…at least not for me. I live in Michigan. So do all of my grown kids. I read that one of the towns he was going to today was Frankenmuth. Hannity interviewed him in the old Frankenmuth Mill and he spoke at the new mall there, it looked like. We’ve been to both there several times. I recognized the spots.

        If it “explains a lot”, you won’t have any trouble mentioning two things that it explains will you? I’ll check back in a day or two to see if you mentioned even one thing it “explains”.

        You’re still ‘smarting’ from last night huh? I understand. I wonder what it’s like to get personally and intellectually shellacked. I’ve never had either happen. Maybe you could enlighten me on what that’s like too. It must happen to you regularly. Please give the dumb dupes at C4P the finger, and tell them it’s from me.

        I refer to the dreaded thumbs up of course 🙂

        1. ah, hahahahahaha!
          stop it, you’re killing me Republican Shill
          man are you appropriately named

          1. Yeah, I figured as much…but look at his picture. He’s the handsomest hog I’ve ever seen. A precious picture of health. Charlotte, of web fame, might appreciate him. “Some Pig”. Remember that?

            By the way, Rshill7 stands for “really steep hill # 7″…a challenging memory from my motorcross days 🙂

            Bedtime for Daddy. Nite ya’ll. Thanks Nehemiah.

  7. The one thing I respect about Romney is that I don’t see him doing anything or saying anything stupid. He is too smart, now that the wind is at his back he will build on it, that is what makes him a better candidate. Can’t say the same about my other choices, Santorum, Cain, Bachman.. It is going to be up to us to shape his agenda…time to get to work!

    A politician is the most honest person you will ever see, as long as you know that everything he or she does is in the spirit of self-preservation. We need to make it clear that it is in his best interests to do what WE want him to do…that is where WE can make the difference!

    1. Sorry to comment on my post..But the Paul folks need to understand that we can probably get a lot of what you guys want accomplished with Mitt as Prez. Don’t take your toys and go home, there is so much we agree on, and where we do, we can influence the outcome….Just gotta get off the high horse first

      1. good point. We will become a socialist ruin if Maobama is reelected. With Romney, we can work to influence him. Much greater shot at limited gov’t with Romney than Maobama.

        Rand Paul agrees with me.

    2. What do you think that Santorum, Bachmann, and Cain did/said that was so wrong?

      BTW: I think the media had it out for Cain.

      1. I don’t think it was wrong, hell I agree! but you can’t give the Media any ammo.. look they are having to cut and paste Romney to try to create something….that is how desperate they are! He isn’t giving them anything they can use to twist or divide…they didn’t say anything that turned me off, but Santorum’s religious stuff, Cain saying he wouldn’t hire any Muslims, and can’t remember what Bachman said, but it was something similar…I agree with them all, but it is too philosophical of a discussion for a primary, once you are elected you can go there but right now you just gotta keep the pressure on and not screw up…Obama has nothing to run on, you don’t need to take political risks at this point..The difference is so stark even a blind man could see it….Follow?

        1. Newt with the Black male youth comment….very true but we are still a PC society…we can change that but it takes teaching and time

        2. Disagree. All those conservatives strike more of a contrast to Obama than ROmney does. That’s the most important thing.

          The media will always try to find something. With Santorum the whole made up “he’s going to ban contraception” thing was garbage and most people weren’t buying it.

          Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, Newt, and Sarah (had she ran) all could’ve beaten Maobama much easier than Romney since they articulate conservatism better and have the records to back it up.

          Any GOP candidate can beat Maobama, but the more conservative, the greater the victory.

          1. The difference which I see is that you have a pro-USA guy vs an Anti-USA guy, a Pro-Private Sector vs a Pro-Big Government guy…I think that is all you need..keep it simple stupid. KISS a military abbreviation very true…not time to split hairs then you get caught up in the media spaghetti that keeps you off message..I agree it is about more than that, but lets win the damn election first! can’t rebuild the house until you extinguish the fire

            1. Reagan did the same thing…he didn’t try to teach Conservative ideals through the media, he kept it simple, then gradually and over time educated folks

            2. Those ideas are Conservatism 101, those ARE conservative messages and the easiest to understand and the hardest to misconstrue

      2. The whole point is it is not time to show your hand. You don’t need to, he isn’t running scared he is confident and he is pushing the subject instead of allowing the media to get their foot in the door to get him off message…brilliant and impressive. We might be ready for an Allen West in 8 years but right now we just have to keep it simple and stay on message

    3. You nailed it. He’s friggin brilliant. His timing on that Romneycare stuff being just exhibit A.

  8. Wasn’t my first choice, or second, or third or well forth….but the guy has his stuff together and is very sharp and witty. He could do great things with a bit of Conservative pushing…I am optimistic Can’t believe he lost to McCain…the Huckabum factor…Thanks Huck!

  9. Hey, I’m impressed….well, maybe Mitt is growing on me. Of course I will vote for him, I just wasn’t enthused by him like I am by Sarah Palin.

  10. If that was NObama there, he’d be bumbling and fumbling and mumbling and desperately staring at his teleprompter to tell him what to say!

    Romney was on a roll… Just “four more months”!

  11. The full Wawa clip and now this is really making an impression on me. I never knew Romney was that good a speaker and without a teleprompter. I can’t wait for the debates.

    1. That’s the spirit buddy.

      So is Romney growing on ya? Is there a chance you’ll support/vote for him?

  12. If you want to be in Europe’s shoes 5 to 10 years from now keep voting for Democraps..

    That is where Obie is taking us at a rapid pace.

    Romney is not perfect by any means but he is a Hard nosed business man. He knows what a profit loss statement is unlike our current Potus who hasn’t the foggiest idea of how to run a pop stand..

    It’s an easy choice, and then we must work to stack the congress with constitutional conservatives every chance we get.. Rinse / Repeat…
    Keep up the pressure an not sit on our butts after the November election like we won the lottery or something.. Elect the best conservative every chance we get. We need to become brick layers, Build it one brick at a time. Become masters at getting good conservatives elected and lay those bricks one by one over and over and over.

    By 2016/2020 we could have a great conservative candidate ready for the White House and a solid majority in congress and be well on the path to correcting the disaster of the past decade.

    The American people will support us just like they support Gov. Scott Walker.
    Walker proved the left wings support is one based on lies..

    1. rinse/repeat…lol. I think some people are shortsighted about all of this. It didn’t get this way over night and it’s not going to get turned around over night. One step at a time but with all of us working together, we can get ‘er done!

      Your comment is SPOT ON!!!

      1. Agreed wodiej,

        We have to push each and every day that America is a nation based on the rule of law, not the rule of man.. And we must become champions of the Constitution as it is that document that will keep us free.

  13. Mitt was coming up with his words extemporaneously and wasn’t using a teleprompter like O’whathisname!!! He looked very comfortable. Thinking on his feet and not stammering all over the place like O’whathisname does once his teleprompter goes on the fritzzzzzzzz!

    1. Makes sense, because Romney is a real American, with personal conviction to do good things for our country. If you’re passionate about something, you don’t need a teleprompter to tell you what to say–unlike Oblamer the Emperor!

  14. You know, this guy will actually make a good president. He’s certainly a million times better than what we have now and he looks like he actually has a spine, something we desperately need right now. November is looking pretty good for the Republicans at the present moment. Let’s keep up the momentum and get this guy elected!

    1. As Palin said about protesters at one of her events and the crowd yelled them down…”see how easy that was?”

  15. Well that is what I need to see, Romney letting loose and seemingly real and unrehearsed. Scoop… keep em coming!

    1. If he hits his stride, I think he will do fine. He just needs to loosen up like he did here.

  16. Well, we have seven more months of the SCOAMFOTUS.

    Seven more months of Executive Orders,

    Six more months of no-budget spending,

    Five more months of him campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime,

    Four months of intense, fall campaigning via the most negative ads ever, with race-hustling at an all-time high.

    Three months of stock market mega-jitters over the outcome,

    Two months of Obama hacks stealing everything that isn’t nailed down in the WH.

    One month of Presidential pardons of Eric (A)Holder, along with every terrorist and crook never killed by a drone.

    Then we have work to do.

    1. Killer comment K-bob.

      But we will spend the first year after the “Ousted One’ leaves with Pooper scoopers cleaning up his mess.

        1. No, I mean if.

          One thing I learned in campaigns and politics, you never rest on your laurels or make assumptions.

          The election is still a light year away in political terms.

          1. Fair enough. But I think Romney is a shoe in at this stage. Unless the Emperor decides to postpone the election – “For the greater good of the country” that is.

            1. There is absolutely no telling what the Obama campaign will try between now and November. I will venture to say that most of us cannot even imagine some of the things being discussed among the oabma campaign powers to be…

              Like M_J_S say’s November is still a light year away in political terms…

              That is a fact…. These leftist are an EXTREMELY dangerous group. I would venture to say there are those associated with them that are willing to do Whatever it takes to secure their desired outcome..

              1. I don’t doubt it for a minute. We just have to make sure we outmaneuver them and challenge them at every turn. I’m quite happy with the GOP ads and the Ads put out by Romney and the clips like the one here, showing Romney relaxed, but sharp as a tack.

          2. I was a firm believer that Obama could hang O-Care around Romney’s neck, and kill the Romney campaign cold dead. You saw me write that a bunch of times. If Hillary was running against Romney right now, Romney would be toast.

            But even I didn’t think the economy would suck as bad as it does. And right now, the direction it’s heading is down. DOOM! city, on steroids. The “debt contagion” is causing serious crumbling–no longer just around the edges.

            So even Romney, who is markedly left of Reagan, will win. At this point, Romney would have to screw up far, far worse than McCain’s stupid, “suspend my campaign” move. I mean something on the order of getting caught in bed with the wife of a high-ranking Mormon church leader.

            I just hope the world avoids nuclear war between now and next June.

      1. By “Square One,” I assume you mean similar to “making sure everyone is still alive after the house just got flattened by a tornado.”

        Because the real “Square One” would take us back beyond the Wilson administration, at least.

      1. I’ve been catching up on the story. Now I get what you meant. Yeah, families of Mexican citizens killed because of this foolishness should have a shot at justice.

  17. I want to see the unemployment rate go up by a few hundred thousand workers (temporarily). Fire all the leftists in government and force them to find jobs on pig farms.

      1. Woops. Didn’t mean to insult pig farmers. I had an uncle that worked on a pig farm and he would come home and the smell was beyond awful. The work is good honest work, but the pigs are awful. I couldn’t do it.

          1. How you possibly remembered that clip or where to find it is beyond me, lol. Good fit to the discussion, though.

            1. Watched it with our kids many times. Unfortunately, I had to patronize Google to find it.

        1. Kong If you need to start feeling good for a while, check out “Minutemen 2012” on It’s a free movie and it is good.

          Thank you for your support for our nation, sir.

          [hulu id=371270]

          1. Thanks for the link. I watched some of the movie, very eye opening. It’s just so hard to comprehend why these brave men and women have to do the one job the government is actually charged with performing. Right down to the repairs of the fense…no doubt out of their own pockets. Stunning.

            1. I want to volunteer but my wife says the illegals are still getting through. I’d feel good if I could just do something.

              1. You are doing something. You’re sounding the alarm and making your voice heard at the voting booth!

          2. I watched until I was too tired to keep my eyes open, lol. They do the work that our government refuses to do….and are considered the enemy. That one illegal had a good question, though. Paraphrased….“If your government doesn’t want to do anything to us why do you?” Our government sends them the wrong signal.

            It’s hard to not feel for a lot of these people who are just looking for work, but we have Americans out of work and…additionally….the illegals drive down the working wage. Plus we don’t know who they are and there are many, many hardened criminals getting through. I will say, however, that we have a problem with Americans that would rather be on welfare than get out and do a job that involves hard work that the illegals are very willing to do. That says something about what we teach our children about work ethics and entitlements. I worked the pastures on my first job picking weeds out of a strawberry patch for $5 an hour….27 years ago. The farmer also had me doing all kinds of odd jobs…whatever he could think of to keep me busy. Those are jobs illegals do now. That needs to change in our culture.

            1. It’s almost that poor, articulate Mexican waif, seeking work, is a born communist.

              “If a law isn’t enforced, is it really a law?” I believe this fellow, and the other socialists and the rest of the communists swarming the border like fleas would use the same arguments against the Bible.

              Mark Levin shoots down the President’s immigration prosecution halt defense by saying, “Are the children brought to the US by their parent to blame?” And I look around and I see conservatives rubbing their chins and looking up at the ceiling, speechless!


              This compassionate conservatism idea is absolutely bogus. Just as we all understand that “liberalism is a disease,” so is this notion about “Compassionate Conservativism.”

              The lines in law are clear, When some whining criminal is able to shake you on your beliefs, you must immediately recognize that you are being had. You either have a law or you don’t. This sniveling criminal is using standard commie and Alinsky tactics to attack you and make you think you are wrong. I’d spit in his eye from the car window, if I’d had the breath.

              When a parent is convicted of a crime in this country, and his wife and children suffer, no AMERICAN president comes out and says, “We must save these innocent people. They have done nothing wrong.” The man who commits the crimes, whether he intended it or not, hurts other, hurts those one he loves. Part of the solution to becoming “NOT A CRIMINAL” is to realize what damage you do when you break the law.The illegal parent who came here and had their child were rolling the dice. They lose.
              When a parasitic worm lays eggs in you intestine and is later removed by surgery, will you forgive the spawn which hatched in your bloodstream?

              We gotta stop feeling s*** and start thinking about s***.

              Thanks Kong.

              1. Lol, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I’m letting my “feelings” get in the way. I want the law enforced and I want the border protected. Doing so will solve the problems that “compassionate conservatives” find themselves in…..such as an innocent child brought here by their illegal parents. I have used the argument many times that it’s the parents’ fault, not ours, of what befalls their children because of their actions. They need to stop allowing anchor babies, for one.

                We need Mexican workers. I propose we essentially close the border and stick to using green cards or work visas and only allow in who we need….temporarily…..and know who they are. Enforce the laws and make them leave when their cards expire. All the sad situations we see people get in can be solved if we just do three things…enforce the laws, close the border and end “anchor babies”. No illegals will find themselves in a situation brought onto them by their own parents then.

                1. I understand what you meant. You’re insight kinda stimulated so additional thought in me. We are absolutely on the same path and I honor my fellow travelers.

        2. The Democrats have been eating the taxpayers money at the Pig trough for far too long. It’s time to send their oinking butts home.

  18. Restore America does sound a lot better than fundamentally changing America as Obama has certainly done. Romney may just be able to incrementally roll back enough of the progressive tide to get this country back where a real conservative can be elected without the cacophonous cry of the elitist rino’s and the mentally challenged liberals.

  19. That was pretty darn good impromptu.

    He mentioned Europe, and Europe is blaming us for their woes. Really? Europe is a decade ahead of us in liberal policies and it’s our fault? All the way to the end the left will blame conservatives for the collapse of society even if all policies are being forged by the left. It’s unreal.

    1. Green beret – the deal is that socialists always blame someone else for their lousy god-awful policies that run their country’s off the financial cliff. You know what I mean right? A good example might be the current divider in chief that squats in the Whitehouse blaming headwinds and the Arab spring, the japanese tsunami, the crisis in europe, lets see what else oh yeh of course BUSH !!! thats socialists for you.

      Sooner or later Socialists always run out of others peoples money.

      1. I know exactly what you mean and I completely agree. Wasn’t that Queen Elizabeth that said (paraphrased) “Sooner or later socialists always run out of other people’s money”?

        1. It was Margaret Thatcher – Queen Elizabeth although head of state would not be allowed to make such a political comment.

          1. Yeah, yeah. I was just testing you, lol.

            I did not know Queen Elizabeth couldn’t make those types of political statements. Learn something every day.

    1. The “four more months” line will also work well when September 20 or so rolls around.

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