Awesome: Watch a hot girl shoot semi-automatic rifles and pistols on Hannity

Hannity had Jessie Duff, a world champion shooter on his show tonight to demonstrate several different semi-automatic rifles and pistols showing the caliber and how they fire as well:

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145 thoughts on “Awesome: Watch a hot girl shoot semi-automatic rifles and pistols on Hannity

  1. When I saw Jessie demonstrating the use of these firearms the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Why are liberal women invariably bad looking?’ I mean, is that a requirement of the left wing mentality and the anger the inside of them causes them to be unhappy with the result that it spills over and makes them almost ugly? Leftists or liberal women are either constipated or really very unhappy and you see it in their face, personality and mind set.

  2. You are asking for respect in your comments and you name your video as hot girl..???? She is a world champion shooter, who cares how she looks? Her achievements should hold her above that type of labels.

    1. Really, are you trying to be that PC? shiite lady, I suppose your upset cause she’s hotter than you. Unreal, whiney witch

      1. I see she removed the comment where she painted all conservative men as objectifying women. Please do not think she speaks for all us conservative ladies. Unfortunately due to the feminist movement men are not supposed to say anything out loud anymore. I guess you are supposed to fill the role that children used to occupy, seen but not heard. I for one think it’s ridiculous. I’m glad all you conservative men are on our side, because unlike liberals you all have true principles and would be the first ones to defend any women who was being denigrated or actually harmed in any way. Like I told her in my reply I don’t think any disrespect was intended.

        1. And with that very kind comment you have just made a friend who’d throw down if necessary for.

          Thank you.

          1. That’s sweet of you. You’re welcome, friend. Anytime. A girl can never go wrong having a Marine in her corner! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    2. How is this different than all the women on Pinterest posting pictures of different men to pages such as “hot guys or men, men, men”? Believe me they do. I do not think there is any disrespect intended here. I haven’t seen lewd, crude, or prurient comments. I’m sure if this were liberal men discussing this video, you wouldn’t be able to say the same thing. As a single girl, I think Tim Tebow is hot. Even if I were married I would still think the same thing. However that doesn’t take anything away from his accomplishments at playing football. Just like these guys saying this lady is hot doesn’t detract from her skill or achievements. If anything her accomplishments probably add to their appreciation, the same as Tebow’s willingness to stand up for his beliefs adds to my appreciation of him.

  3. Silly Hannity having TRUE gun experts educating people about guns, the laughing hyena (biden) has already cherry-picked the “real experts” for his phony committee .

  4. Poignant example of ignorance in the media and politics. Semi-auto means you don’t have to manually complete (and re-start) the firing cycle. That’s all. Semi-automatic weapons are simply an improvement on the manual-action weapons. Similarly, limiting the number of rounds in a magazine does nothing. Nothing. Remember the Kennedy assassination? Bolt action Italian surplus rifle. One shot at a time. Didn’t save President Kennedy, did it? Legislating firearms will not save even one life. That’s a fact.

  5. I’d have liked her to show how fast one can eject and load a new magazine. All the uniformed clowns talk about limiting “clips” and clearly have no idea what they’re talking about… I wonder how fast Jessie could put 21 rounds down range using three 7 round magazines. (Not to mention the only firearms I can think of with 7 round magazines are the Kahr CW-9 and the Baretta 32 – I’m sure there are others… maybe.)

  6. Interesting that the Bushmaster .223 – that the left and the media are really demonizing and want to ban – is actually the weakest weapon she fired.

  7. Since this was clearly educational, maybe they put a woman on there to appeal to women who might not ordinarily watch, or are less likely to understand the technical aspects of guns/calibers that are referred to on tv, since guns are typically something men are more familiar with. If you’re put off by the use of an attractive woman (also a champion in her field, which qualifies her more for this slot than her looks) maybe you’re really implying that women are too superficial to see past the fact that she’s attractive. IF the emotional default impulse is a feminine quality, maybe women are naturally more comfortable in the Dem Party – emotionally driven policies are their specialty.


  9. I was listening to Fox today and a Repub. senator (a young guy who was at the Benghazi senate hearings and who was very fiesty and outraged about it – can’t remember his name), anyway, he said concerning the new gun executive orders, “We all know that both republicans and democrats want to protect children….” (in reference to some wanting to add or beef up laws on the books). Democrats want to abort children before they are born and are even for live birth abortions. How could anyone conclude that people who are pro-choice want to protect children? Just saying…….

      1. Is that where he lives?

        If so, I’ll start really, seriously, consider moving over.
        Lots of financial calculations to be done beforehand … and consult the housewolf, re: heat in summer …
        And/orr: play the lottery …

        1. A bright future for this young man. We’re 50-something πŸ™‚ If heat is an issue, the Carolinas are perfect and it’s beautiful.
          Trey Gowdy vs John Bonehead? No competition.

  10. of course you put a hot girl here and you couldn’t care less about the 50% of your readers who are attracted to guys…

    why do so many conservative sites do this? they specifically do things to attract guys and they don’t even bother to attract women.

    liberals have an idea that “conservatives don’t care about women.” but sometimes i see conservatives actually help liberals feed that narrative! why would you shoot yourself in the foot? i don’t know why, but i really do keep seeing it happen on conservative sites…

    1. Lighten up a bit. All the ladies on this forum know full well that the guys here respect them, their intellect, contribution, passion, and everything else they bring to this forum. Some of the smartest contributors to this forum are ladies. The guys here will jump all over (and probably give an immediate ban) to anyone on here abusing any of our lady patriots based on personality never mind attacking the ladies based on their gender. Just my 2c.

    2. When I read a well written piece on this site, I don’t ask if the writer has testicles or ovaries; rather, do they have a functioning cerebellum.

      And I couldn’t care less about skin color, either.

    3. Like I told a poster below I don’t believe anybody was trying to be disrespectful or only caring about what men want to see. If this was about a man I don’t think you would have the same objections. Appreciate it for what it is. These guys are on our side! I think it is pretty cool that she can shoot like that!

  11. “Algerian special forces stormed a natural gas complex in the Sahara desert on Saturday to end a standoff with Islamist extremists that left at least 19 hostages and 29 militants dead. Dozens of foreign workers remain unaccounted for, leading to fears the death toll could rise.”
    Hitlary and Pintetta will take responsibility – end of story. They assume they did their job.

  12. She should make the video again and put it out herself. Much as I like Hannity, he darn near ruined it by his blabbering and criticizing her shot grouping etc. I found it educational not because of Hannity, but despite him. If he’s going to do a segment like that he ought to let the lady with the guns do the talking. She was great!

    1. Wolfie, ruined for me too. He is just annoying like that and seems to not know much about guns either. But why should he, with Fox security around them?

  13. Lets face it boys n girls, gun grabbing administrator n his staff will never get the simple fact it’s. Not the tool but, how the tool is used. For that reason on it’s own we’d have to ban so many everyday. Items. Politicians and. Media has blinded the non gun owners and poisoned by the lies they spew

  14. good segment, but they should have focused on why these are useful for self defense, and why a ban on high capacity magazines is misguided

    most people don’t care about sport shooting

  15. It would have been great if Sean’s producers had allotted a little more time for this segment. I guess they couldn’t infringe on time needed for yammering talking heads.

    I think Jessie tried to address the fact that most of the features of the “assault weapon”, which an assault weapons ban would prohibit, have no bearing on its lethality. If there had been more time, she could have explained in more detail why “assault weapon” is such a misnomer.

    Also, it should be noted that this type of weapon is also available in a .22 cal which is the same caliber that many of us had as “our first gun” as a youngun. Yet, it would be classified as an “assault rifle” under the ban.

  16. I watched this last night and loved the point this video makes, but perhaps some contrast is needed.

    The AR-15 has gotten a bad rap from gun fearing individuals and the contrast made by showing the impact of the rounds is crucial to educate those less informed about guns or fear them.
    The general consensus is the AR-15 looks evil. This young lady did an outstanding job with her shot group save a couple, demonstrating the AR-15 round will do less damage than a 30.06 and definitely far less damage than the shotgun she used.

    The contrast I would try and invoke would be that of antifreeze, it is a green liquid that taste sweet to most animals, very inviting, but is extremely dangerous. As how this pertains to we humans, many meth labs use antifreeze to help in the cook process to develop their evil product. But none on the left are calling for a ban on antifreeze, are they.

    As for the M1911 or as she put it the 1911, was designed in 1911 with beginning development, or research and development even earlier, for military use. The story behind it is a good one and should be known so people can get a better understanding of why the fire power of the weapon is so important. (enjoy the read)

  17. That’s how my little girl’s going to shoot when she grows up. I just hope I don’t have to train her to shoot an illegal gun. Although, training her to shoot an illegal gun will make me feel doubly grrrrreat!!

  18. Today Saturday 1.19.2013
    Remember the Gun Apprecation Rallies are being held at every state Capital Building in the United States. Starting at 12:High Noon. Try to make it if possible. The Tea Party along with many other groups and American citizens are standing and showing their support for the 2nd Amendment: The Right To Bear Arms, The United States Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and The Declaration Of Independence.
    This is going to be only the begaining of the fight that Washington is seeking, so try and make it to the rally if at all possible.

  19. She’s good, I mean, real good. Great shooting. Hope the American public learned something from that. A gun is a tool. How you use that tool is up to the individual. Lots of people are killed each year with knives, yet I don’t hear anybody wanting to ban knives. And if it’s sheer numbers you’re looking at, more kids are killed over a few weeks in Chicago than died at that schoolhouse in Connecticut, yet you don’t hear anything about that, even though Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. Unless people are willing to deal with the criminals who use guns, instead of the people who legally own them, nobody is going to listen to Washington.

  20. What they did not say… if a pistol grip is added to the rifles or shotguns…..under the Assault Weapon Ban….they become illegal purely because of the Pistol Grip…..which does not alter the function of the weapon at all. That is how stupid the Feinstein Law was….and is again.

  21. Now me being a Brit, I know zero-nuthin-eff all about guns, never mind actually having held one.

    So tell me: if I want something to absolutely floor an intruder, would the gun making that nice, really big hole a good idea? I’d be standing on top of my stairs, shooting downwards – and the floor in the downstairs hall is wipeable … or am I too bloodthirsty?

      1. A .44 magnum is fine if you’re a good enough shot to hit who you’re shooting at on the first shot AND if they’re standing still. If you’re in a situation that requires rapid fire of multiple rounds, you’re screwed because the recoil of that pistol is so violent, the chances of hitting anywhere close to where you think you’re aiming is pretty much nil.

        If you want to intimidate an intruder when they see your weapon, a .44 magnum will do the job, but if you want the ability to fire off multiple rounds quickly and accurately, you might want to consider a 9mm loaded with hollow-points.

      1. All great guns – thanks! – but, ahem, is it a good idea to get a gun which can make a bl**dy great hole in an intruder, with one shot? Like that outstanding lady did in the Hannity clip, or is it, well, frowned upon by the authorities?

        1. If you ask a law enforcement officer to recommend a good home defense weapon, it’s more likely than not that he/she will recommend a pump shotgun with a 18.5 inch barrel as one of his/her choices. That’s why that type of weapon is commonly called a “Home Defender”.

          1. Thanks – not that any police officer over here would ‘recommend’ anything like that to me at all, in fact they’d probably bang me up for asking … πŸ™

            Until we take our rights back over here, I’ll have to rely on my ‘attack’ housewolf, and on using my hand-held hoe which, when applied to intruder’s head with force, will, sadly, be lethal:

    1. shotgun is best – you don’t aim, just direct the barrel forward – and we will NOT pay for perp’s hospital and 20-30 years of his living as good as he never lived before,
      because he’ll have some problems with walking around with the hole like you’ve seen on the clip above. πŸ˜‰

      1. Excellent – that’s what I wanted to hear!
        Point gun – scream ‘gerrout’ – then pull trigger. Good stuff!

    2. I keep a 12 gauge shotgun under our bed, loaded. We {me,wife,4kids*} ALL know how to handle it safely, fire it, reload it, clean it……
      Has 00 buck shot, it’s in her presentation and it is the PERFECT home defense gun in my opinion. And it will make a hell of a mess.

      *grown and gone

  22. In the South, there is an old saying that the cracking noise of a shotgun being cocked is enough to make a burgler high-tail it out of the house into the next county.

    They know how much damage a shotgun can do.

    1. It’s not a “cracking noise”, it’s the racking sound of a shell being advanced into the chamber in a pump shotgun. With the shotgun demonstrated by this young lady, there is no racking sound because it is a semi-automatic. I keep my Mossberg 590A1 12 ga Tactical Defense Pump Shotgun within arms length of my bed. It is loaded with eight 00 buckshot shells, but I don’t keep one chambered. I can pick it up and in one motion, pump it, making the racking sound. The sound of it can be pretty intimidating to any intruder who recognizes what that sound means.

      1. racking or cracking is the reason I bought a 12 ga pump action remington for self defense first. That sound is one the scarest sounds that a bad guy can hear. My second self defense firearm will either be 357 magnum revolver or a 9MM semi-automatic – I haven’t decided yet.

          1. I use to have a Taurus 357 mag and I loved it, but I’ve never shot a 9MM, so i may take your advice!

    1. I was wondering about the grain of the .45. I use to have a Colt 45 Mark IV nickel plated sem-automatic and I used full metal jacket 230 grain rounds and I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

  23. That ain’t a hot girl.
    That is a full growed and absolutely lovely Wife of someone else.
    Hat’s of to the victor.
    Aside of all that, I think she could do well representing the shooting community without insulting the sesnselessabilities of the left, and I would seriously consider her doing so with my blessings, and my backing.
    She is a lot of fun to watch. I think she could do good PR job for us.

  24. Kudo’s to Hannity for the segment… unfortunately, as usual, he’s toomuch of a stupid ham to pull it off without a hitch.

    He keeps talking about “how good a shot” or “you missed that one”, etc…….when the whole point of the segment is to show the AR15 round in comparison to others and why singling it out for banning isn’t logical. Hannity steps on his own message. Let the shooting champion make her point.

  25. My go to is my Shotties. I hope no “progressive” see how big of a hole a 12 ga produces or that with each trigger pull 9+, 30 cal bullets are launched at one of their constituents breaking into my home.

  26. She’s a champ and lovely as well

    Where did the first 9mm shot go?

    Hey! – I’m pretty hot

    I’ll make a video and send it in

    I hope the bad guys don’t see this comparison

  27. Reminds me of the joke;
    A highway patrolman stops a car in West Texas for speeding. The drivers hands over his licence, insurance, and his Licence to Carry.
    The cop asks;
    ” Are you carrying now?”
    “Yes sir.”
    “What are you carrying?”
    “Well, I have a 9mm Berreta in a shoulder holster, a 357 Colt in a belt holster, a 1911 .45 in the glove box, a AR-15 in the back seat, and a Browning auto 12 gauge in the trunk.”
    “My God ! What are you afraid of?”
    “Not a damn thing.”

    1. They don’t ask. Texans are always armed. It’s a rule ingrained since birth.
      Gotta do this funny story.
      In the midst of a “routine traffic stop” the DPS had already found my M1A and pistol in a tactical bag. No problem. But when they found my Buck knife in the console they went nuts. Thank God they didn’t find my bootknife.

  28. Did I miss something? At an indoor range? I can throw a rock with better results.
    Come on down to Texas.

    1. But consider that she was (eventually for the first time) on national TV with millions of viewers, about a hole production studio, cameramen & sound-crew and Hannity watching live – plus Hannity immediately commenting her skills.

    2. LOL, that reminds me of when Lily Mae Clampett pulled out her slingshot to hit a clay pigeon or something!

      edit: I’m sorry Elly Mae Clampett

  29. Maybe Jess could do a demonstration on the House floor for all the DOLTS who don’t seem to have a clue!!!

  30. My wife doesn’t read Right Scoop, so I’m safe. The 30-o6 and the 12 ga. packs a lot more kick than that .223. She bucked back on those two.
    Did her second 9mm pistol shot bull’s-eye the first shot? I think it did.

    1. Nope, a couple inches high up in the bottom edge of the bordered blue sign..
      But she isn’t in competition… and is swapping out guns and just doing a demo..
      The next two rounds hit exactly where I think she wanted to plant them.

      1. I watched it twice on TRS and then saw it replayed on Hannity. It DID hit there at 6 but barely made a hole.

  31. Although I am not into the hot girl thing..I totally am into a girl that knows how to shoot like that…awesome.

  32. Just seeing the difference in holes these weapons make should open a few eyes out there. It’s always the fear-mongering to people that don’t know that causes the most damage in the media.

    1. The Left says if we put Jessie Duff as a spokesperson, they will counteract by putting Janet Napolitano or Janet Reno as their anti-gun sex goddess.

  33. EXCELLENT segment!

    I hope Sean and others keep putting things like this out there… to dispel all the bunk that the corrupt media and the lying politicians are puking out there. VERY informative.

      1. nothing compare to a lady with a gun, this , I’ll walk in my sleep, God you make something awesome next to my worship for You !

      2. seriously, you think everyone coming to your site cares about hot GIRLS? 50% of us don’t care… come on.

        that’s the problem with a lot of conservative sites- they specifically do things to appeal to men but they don’t even make an effort to appeal to women. it’s so frustrating that we’re forgotten about, even though our conservative values are just as strong as yours.

        1. and why can’t a strong, knowledgeable, intelligent competitive women be appealing to other women. She seems like a great role model to me

        2. You must be ugly. Whats wrong with being a woman or being pretty to the eye of the beholder! It’s irrelevant!

        3. I’m a conservative female and I thought it was cool that Hannity got a gal to do that spot. It was even better that she was pretty because that really pisses off the left. That’s why they hated Sarah because she had it all ( sucessful, bright, hot, hot husband,gun toting, beautiful kids, patriotic, son in the military, no skeletons in the closet) If you are looking for some eye candy, all the conservative men are pretty hot too.

    1. Too bad she was wearing a wedding ring. I thought we had a dinner date for MiketheMarine. Just imagine the conversation. πŸ™‚

          1. I had no idea the story behind this great company!Β  I was sure to stop buy the one nearest to me and part with some of my discretionary spending πŸ™‚

            1. I did not know them either. Glad you got to go shopping. A favorite pastime of mine. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your new goodies. πŸ˜‰

      1. That was good. Count me as one who, while being an owner of handguns and having limited experience with 12- and 20- gauge shotguns, was basically ignorant about the AR-15. That brief video was an excellent primer; and I intend to learn more. Thank God for youtube and friends like you on the web pointing others to resources like this video.

        1. Glad it was helpful.Β  Thank Scoop for providing this forum so we have the ability to connect and share!

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