Awww, Sad Face: Even Jeb! Knows Jeb! Isn’t Doing So Great, Poor Guy

I missed this over the weekend but it was too good not to share. How sad have things gotten for Jeb Bush, whose poll numbers look more like a stellar Earned Run Average? They’re so sad that you might actually feel a pang of empathy for him in this clip from Sunday morning when an astonished George Stephanopoulos jumps on Bush’s suggestion that his message is “working.”

George Stephanopoulos isn’t my go-to guy for analysis, but I gotta tell you, Jeb, it’s hard to argue with his sputtering amazement. Working? Come on man. Look at the polls. Look at who wins the debates. Look at the world around you!

“Working” is not the word to use for your message, Gov. Bush. Laboring, maybe. But not working.

And in truth, even Jeb knows how well Jeb’s campaign is not going:

“Don’t forget Nevada.” Wow buddy. Bless your heart.

h/t to loony lefty post at Daily Banter.

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