AXIS OF EVIL: Russia and N. Korea are officially best war buddies

Desperate for weapons, Vladimir Putin has forged an alliance with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Now, after a visit to the country which is number one for the persecution of Christians, they are officially best buds, promising to have and to hold from this day forward and to offer ‘mutual aid’ for each other in case of aggression.

Here’s the news:

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday in Pyongyang, further solidifying their strategic cooperation in opposition to Western leaders.

Their signed agreement included a pact for “mutual help” in the event of “aggression” against either country, Russian media reported. Putin, in an opening statement, had thanked Kim for his “unwavering support” for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Putin wrapped up his meeting in North Korea after about 11 hours of communication with Kim, according to Russian media. Putin was personally escorted back to his plane at Pyongyang airport by Kim.

The two heads of state met in Pyongyang on Wednesday as part of Putin’s official state visit, his first trip to the secretive country in 24 years. The negotiations are the latest in a series of discussions about trade and economic relations between the two countries, both of which are subject to Western sanctions.

“As a result of your visit to Russia last year, we made much headway in developing contemporary interstate relations,” Putin said in his opening statement, according to Interfax, a Russian news agency. “A new fundamental document has been drafted to lay a long-term foundation for our relations.”

The world is spinning more and more out of control thanks to Joe Biden’s feckless and weak leadership. Now we have a new axis of evil under his watch that more than likely would not have happened if Trump were president.

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