Bartiromo CORRECTLY points out Biden sees Putin as a PARTNER on many issues. Left goes INSANE.

Maria Bartiromo is being attacked by left and “right” on social media, media-dem blogs, and leftie-MSM outlets today over her commentary on Fox News this morning. They are acting like what she said is totally insane, but when you watch the clip you won’t be able to find any of that.

Instead y’all will recognize they’re squealing so loud because she’s so right on target.

“I was on the phone all weekend with various people about this conflict right now. What I took away from all of my phone calls is the strategy of this administration has been underwhelming and not enough,” she said.


“Some people have told me over the weekend that they feel that at the end of the day this administration does not see Putin as the enemy, they see him as a partner on many issues,” she added.


Putin is LITERALLY a partner to the Biden administration. That’s not some crazy theory, it’s a thing that is happening. We’re working WITH Putin and Russia on a whole menu of things, including “climate change”, Iran, and more.

The libs are having a COW not because Bartiromo said something crazy, but because she said something accurate.

Here’s an example of the blue check cascade. You’ll be SHOCKED to note they immediately go to Trump and the media’s Russia hoax.

“When is this administration going to get serious in telling Vladimir Putin we are done with partnerships?”

That’s the correct question. Well it’s half of the correct question. The other half is, “if you’re not going to get serious, why are we involved at all?”

“I don’t know how many more deaths we’re going to be talking about until we get there but it seems that right now the outcome is pretty clear.”

It does. We aren’t crapping or getting off the pot. So what ARE we doing, exactly?

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