Baseball LEGEND Curt Schilling gets SUSPENDED for daring to tweet the TRUTH about Islamist EXTREMISM!

Here’s today’s lesson in the “truth-telling will be punished” file. Baseball great Curt Schilling has been suspended for tweeting a pretty reasonable criticism of Islamism:

It’s too bad that he was made to cower before the politically correct police – what was his “bad decision”?

Here it is:

curt schilling tweet


Yeah, that didn’t last long. Here are some of the headlines that came out of it:

curt schilling 01

That’s from SBNation – it’s SO awful!! Muslims were cowering because of his tweet!!

curt schilling 03


OH he’s sooo “insensitive” to Islamist monsters!! Can’t offend ISIS!

I think it’s exactly crap like this that makes so many furious and eager to support someone like Donald Trump despite his rather mixed track record on conservatism.

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