Bearded drag queen in thong makes vulgar, sexually explicit toast in front of kids at former Texas CHURCH

Really hanging a lantern on the whole evil thing there, don’t you think? At an explicit drag show in Texas, children watched drunken, thong wearing drag queens do strip shows for money in a “community center” that used to be a church, which was being guarded by armed Antifa.

I mean just go ahead and print 666 on your forehead, right?

Sara Gonzalez went to document the event — billed somehow as drag BINGO — but was kicked out. However the event was in explicably carried on Facebook for anyone to witness them violating the law and endangering minors.

The clip she shares here shows kids gathering tip money thrown at the lingerie clad men after they watched the performances under the “supervision” of their parents. At the end of the clip, the vulgar bearded pig says “that right there is our future, guys” about the kids.

And that’s exactly what they think and it means what it sounds like. Not “oh the children are our future” but “kids shoving money in the butts of half naked men dressed as women.” That’s the future Democrats are fighting for.

“I know there’s little babies, here.”

He knew. He did not care. Nor did the parents.

Here’s a clip of Antifa outside the “bingo” event.

So, again, the event in front of children featured alcohol, vulgarity, and sexually explicit performances at what used to be a church which being guarded by antifa.


This country isn’t in the handbasket, we’re on the bullet train to hell, and all that is evil is called good, and all that is good is called evil.

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