Beck frustrated Fox News isn’t covering revolutionaries

To be fair, it isn’t just Fox News but the whole of the media. But considering Fox News is the best, they get a special mention from Beck:

“We have revolutionaries here in America speaking, American citizens speaking about an open violent revolution and no one will cover it. No one. Even Fox News doesn’t even cover it. We’re the only ones aren’t we? … I don’t know why they’re not covering it. I don’t know why people aren’t covering this. Would they cover it if you had tape of Al Quaeda saying they are going to get out into the streets – they want violence? Of course you would!”

It goes on from there to him suggesting that the media doesn’t think these people are a threat, and that’s him being nice. But it is interesting that he would criticize Fox News directly, considering they are his employer. Kudos to him for being fair, but my guess is you won’t hear him saying this at 5pm.

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