Beck: I love that Sarah Palin could care less about the media

Sarah Palin is under attack again by the media, as usual, and this time it’s because she won’t kowtow to their every wish and desire and announce everywhere she’s going. They say she’s gonna get them killed as they rush to find out where she is going. To that Beck says, “did you see the ending of the Princess Diana story, you morons?!?!”

But she’s also come under attack by the most patriotic man in America, Martin Bashir at MSNBC. Never mind his British accent or the network where he works, he’s all-American through and through and really cares about this country, especially the American flag. In fact that’s his beef Sarah Palin, that is her use of the American flag on her tour bus. He accuses her of using the flag to make money as she rides around in her bus, draped in the American flag, and tours the country on her non-political campaign.

Beck says if that’s the standard, then lets take the flag off the Capitol because we know many of the people there are only interested in making money.

But despite all of this, Beck loves Sarah Palin’s non-caring attitude about these morons in the media and says what they doesn’t realize is that more and more people are rising up with the same attitude. And it’s because the media can’t be trusted any longer.


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