Beck: I’m begging you to get prepared


Responding to outrageous comments made by top libtalker Thom Hartman, a passionate monologue ensues from Beck who sees a coming crisis that nobody is talking about and he is begging us to get ready.

This is easily one of his best monologues lately. Enjoy!


UPDATE: I’m reading in the comments that some of you are taking issue with Beck’s monologue. I am going to defend him over the part that I believe is causing the stir. I typed out his comments from this section that begins around 6:35:

It’s going to take the greatest American generation to survive what is coming. That’s not because of Obama. It’s because of the economy.

Look at the price of oil, dammit. Look at the price of food. Look at what is happening with inflation. Look at what is happening overseas. Look at what is happening in China. It’s not this administration. This administration is taking advantage of a coming crisis. I am talking to you about the crisis.

And the only way – anyone from the left or the right, I don’t care if Ronald Reagan was resurrected from the dead and they were like ‘follow him through this crisis’. I am telling you don’t let anyone to take advantage of you in a crisis. Be able to stand fast.

What I believe he is saying is that with all the buildup in the economy of entitlement spending (and other unproductive spending) that is bankrupting both state and federal budgets, there is a crisis coming. Even if Republican were president, this crisis would still be coming. Obviously we know that Obama and the Democrat party are accelerating it with major spending that has lead to severe budget deficits in the last two years. But there would still be a crisis coming with no budget deficits. David Walker, the GAO under the Bush administration was preaching this in 2007. So when Beck says that the crisis isn’t because of Obama but that he’s taking advantage of the already coming crisis, I think that is what he means. Obama didn’t cause the crisis we are in, but he is certainly using it to try and push us over the edge.

And regarding the ‘right or left’ phrase, I just don’t believe he was suggesting that both the right and the left are bad. I believe he was emphasizing that you should prepare yourself for the coming crisis and that you should be sure that whoever you choose to lead doesn’t take advantage of you, regardless of the label. He’s always talked about content of character and I believe most of you would agree that is most important when choosing someone to vote for.

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60 thoughts on “Beck: I’m begging you to get prepared

  1. Strangely, I think Frances and Beck have a similar message… “your politicians are failing you.. don’t be afraid to stand up and be counted”….

    .. now for me that should always be through the ballot box, its not perfect but its the best/worse compromise.

    I am a bit confused though.. for Frances Pym the crisis is the economic one…. so many people unemployed and living on food stamps… in such a wealthy county.. it is a shame .. what is Beck’s crisis?

  2. Beware the politics of fear and hatred from all sides!

    I think you are all right to be suspicious of Government but don’t be suspicious of the detail.

  3. It must be frustrating to try to be the voice of reason in chaotic environment, where everyone tries to smear your name yet you, you only try to make people aware of the truth. Our government lies to us, there are people with agenda’s to make this country something else and we are no longer The Super Power. That is great so now can we start worrying about America? Can we shut the borders down bring our troops home, to keep them home to defend the homeland only and work on the people we have living here now. We have been the most generous nation in History and I believe in giving, but we are in a bad spot and need to worry about ourselves for now.

  4. Both the Republican and Democrats support the idea of economic central planning via the Federal Reserve system. So Beck is right, whether your politically driven mind accepts it or not. Some of you need to stick to Limbaugh’s political hackery if that’s what you require.


    Dear Speaker Boehner,

    PLEASE do not fall for the Democrat plan of mixed seating at the SOTU.

    They are simply looking to hide amongst Republicans. They don’t want to be easily seen standing/cheering (or NOT standing) for Obama’s government expanding programs. They just came through a tough shellacking and are very worried about the next one coming, especially since there are far more Democrat senate seats to defend. They don’t want their actions visible to their constituents, to the country.

    Also, I believe they want to distract the viewing citizens from the fact that some Supreme Court Justices won’t show up.

    The Democrats want to hide amongst the Republicans. Please GOP. Do not give them cover.

  6. Continued to Las…

    When it comes to where I and Onema are (he’s a friend of mine) there are a lot of different names which all ultimately mean the same thing with minor differences in at most the method. He prefers Voluntaryist, I prefer whatever.

    Voluntaryist, Agorist, Anti-Statist, Anarcho-Capitalist, Libertarian, Anarcho-Libertarian, etc.. Libertarianism taken to it’s logical and consistant conclusions IS all of these things. Which is why Rothbard, founder of the Cato Institute, student of Ludwig Von Mises (the man who converted Hayek away from socialism), and author of the “Libertarian Manifesto” actually coined the term “Anarcho-Capitalism.”

    He disliked the “Anarcho-” part of it later though, since the majority and earliest Anarchist philosophers were anti-property or even anti-capitalism since they saw Capitalism as an economic system of hierarchical exploitation (see: Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, and even Benjamin Tucker).

    The only one that has a real noteworthy difference are Agorists who advocate a reverse Cloward and Piven plan of focusing market activity in black markets or grey markets to starve the state out of existence. The others tend to favor education and persuasion and/or using the political process to make what gradualistic gains can be.

    It’s all in the end the same thing and Austrian Economics is another common thread in it all.

    Some people would say that Capitalism on it’s own is anarchic, given that where there is a state there will be lobbying, legal tribute, banditry, favoritism, and barriers to entry. The conclusion of them is that the only way for there to be a truly free-market is to have total freedom, ie. without a state.

    Government is not to be conflated with the state either. People and groups govern themselves, a State is forcibly governing others, along with other distinctions.

    This idea runs as far back as 4th-6th century B.C. with Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, and Pao Ching-yen, the Taoists as well as the economically focused Ssu-men Ch’ien.

    More recently there is Lysander Spooner, David Friedman, Murray N. Rothbard, Walter Block, Stephen Kinsella, Roderick T. Long, Lew Rockwell, and too many others. Most of them are fellows at the Mises Institute. Ron Paul is a fellow there and I’m thoroughly convinced.

    Rothbard and Long came to Libertarianism from “the left,” while Onema and I came to it from “the right.” The hardest part for me was letting go of Constitutionalism/Minarchism. Lysander Spooner’s essays called “No Treason,” helped with that.

    Minarchism – bare minimum state responsibilities. The obvious problem being that “minimum” is subjective as all heck. Napolitano and Stossel are Minarchists.

    I won’t get into the “Libertarian Socialists,” (Chomskey’s intentional language butchery) and Anarcho-Syndicalists or Anarcho-Communists here or today, their idiocy is frustrating to no end.

  7. Always expect the best but, prepare for the worst.

    After you’re in the swamp, up to your butt in alligators, you’ll wish that instead of watching reruns of Hollywood Squares you had spent the some amount of time, doing what your neighbor did, build a fence around his part of the swamp.

  8. Look at what’s happening in Hungary. George Soros (Soros György), They’ve closed down the media despite the EU and other’s protests. They have made Hungarians outside its boarders citizenship. Remember that the Hungarians joined Hitler because Hitler promised they’d get the main parts of their country back lost because in the Trionon Pact, they lost a large part of their land for starting WWI. They don’t claim to be sorry for what they’ve done and most don’t even claim to have joined Hitler, though their claims are inaccurate – they didn’t like it. Now we have a nationalist Orbán Viktor and George Soros is his puppet master and most either don’t care, don’t want to know, or simply don’t know the “New World Order” thing. Now, Hungary is the presidency of the EU for six months (they have a rotating presidency). This means George Soros owns Europe and the US. Now, you can evaluate what has been happening in Hungary and the EU and in my view, it’s gonna pale in comparison to Greece. It’s all true. I’m not a Christian, but it’s all true. Please believe!! I now present you with a little story, The Tower of Babel:

  9. Piven is a dimwit that speaks without knowing what she is saying. She is actually on tape saying that she has no facts to back up what she is saying but she knows she is correct -huh ??????? If that is all it took to get a degree and an overpaid job, too bad noone told me before – I could have been President of a company.

    Mr. Beck if you or a staff member are on this site (as I think you are at times), I and some others I know, have been unemployed over 2 yrs and never heard anyone blame their bosses (ex) or firms for their unemployment. My boss was in tears when she had to let the entire staff go and now she is on part time herself. At least that we get. Those I speak to have put the blame directed toward Obums admin and our local officials that have done nothing but drive business out of our country and tied our hands at every turn to stop us from achieving or stopping the coming disaster.

    As for being ready to lead – most are not, but in times of crises people step up and often surprise themselves. I have worried about what will happen when we loose our anchor voices/guides as others are.

    Can we set up a chain of some kind?

    Let’s keep praying that the people of our country continue to wake up and walk toward the direction that God wants for our country. Let’s work for freedom and justice and that we will have the ability and strength to help each other through the coming crises.

    I often think of the people that survived the holocaust by any means they could (I am not making a judgment) and wonder how did they like themselves after it was all over, were they able to look themselves in the eye? I hope that lesson as hard as it is to think about will carry us to be kind to each other and help each other when times get tough. There is always an end – make sure you can look yourself in the eye after it is all over and done.

    1. That’s the major flaw of the democrats everything is based on a false premise. I can’t remember the name of the book but it’s taught in most colleges, well somebody did some digging to discover the book was factually wrong. They still use the book on the premise that even though it didn’t actually happen it could happen.

      Anne Coulter points this out regularly. Time and time again claims made by race hustlers and people on the left are false. I think it was Sharpton who claimed that AA’s were being unfairly targeted in Maryland for speeding tickets. Somebody went and looked at the video that had radar detectors and it turned out that AA’s were actually just speeding more than others.

      Another example is Whoopie on BOR. When given statistical fact that Jews instead of Muslim are actually more persecuted in NY, she just dismissed it because it didn’t fit her world view. I’m sure to this day she still thinks it’s Muslims.

    2. That’s the major flaw of the democrats everything is based on a false premise. I can’t remember the name of the book but it’s taught in most colleges, well somebody did some digging to discover the book was factually wrong. They still use the book on the premise that even though it didn’t actually happen it could happen.

      Anne Coulter points this out regularly. Time and time again claims made by race hustlers and people on the left are false. I think it was Sharpton who claimed that AA’s were being unfairly targeted in Maryland for speeding tickets. Somebody went and looked at the video that had radar detectors and it turned out that AA’s were actually just speeding more than others.

      Another example is Whoopie on BOR. When given statistical fact that Jews instead of Muslim are actually more persecuted in NY, she just dismissed it because it didn’t fit her world view. I’m sure to this day she still thinks it’s Muslims.

      1. You nailed it mister. Abortion proponents during the Roe V. Wade era put out numbers of women who died in “back-alley” baby killings which were completely bogus. They simply pulled them out of the air based on nothing. The politicization of science and the politicization of facts. I often spell it like this ~politification~ although spellcheck doesn’t like it.

        Isn’t that weird? Imagine this conversation starter and then realize you don’t have to. It goes something like this. Hmmm, why do your facts differ so violently from my facts?
        Aren’t facts, facts? Sure, but only when they’re true. But, isn’t a fact a thing that is true? Well, it depends on who says it, checks, verifies it, blah, blah. In a world where the ends justify the means, you can take No Thing for granted. The theory of evolution and the theory of global-warming are both spoken of as if they are facts and if you try and dismiss them, you are summarily dismissed yourself. Yet many of us know that they too are bullshirt of the lowest order…and odor.

        In the old USSR there was an Olympic event, three teams competed. USA came in second and USSR came in third. I believe Japan came in first. They (USSR) reported it thusly. “USSR comes in third, USA, second to last“. The number of teams competing wasn’t reported at all. Sometimes it is the way things are reported. You’ve seen it often. We are fortunate that we now have much more freedom of information.

        China is becoming more pragmatic and a little less idealistic. They are heading in the direction that we are heading away from, and we are heading in the direction they are leaving. I really hope the scales, somehow manage to fall from the eyes of much of the left and they begin to see what many of us see. I am not holding my breath.

        It’s their religion. The only one they’ve got.

        1. Thanks, it’s funny how the way someone frames something can change the entire context of the information.

          It’s funny that you call it their religion. Not that I think you’re wrong about it but that religion seems to pop up for the nonreligious as regularly as the sun rises. I laugh every time I think of atheists getting together to worship their non belief. Tree-huggers worshiping at the alter of Gaia led by their prophet Gore. Not that I have anything against atheists I’ve just always found it ironic. I don’t believe in God or organized religion but I do believe in organizing around no religion.

  10. Nothing wrong with being prepared. The sky isnt going to fall, and we will all will ( hopefully ) live to see another day- but it can’t hurt to stock pile a little food, warm clothes and etc.

    1. This generation has never seen hard times. Individuals cannot provide for themselves. This financial collapse will be much worse than the great depression. Many will not live to see another day. I pray that our suffering would be cut short. Our currency will crash. There is no stopping it at this point. Global control will ensue. Globalist want severely reduced populations. These are facts, not conjecture.

    1. I don’t know who this guy is but I know he’s not Steele.
      He mentioned the word Conservative with pride!!!! AWESOME!
      I take it he’s not part of the establishment?

      1. The ‘not knowing’ him is why I posted the video. Outside of Wisconsin, few knew of his work… but THUS FAR, he has:

        1. MOVED ‘mountains’ (check the history of WI politics…)

        2. RAISED B I G $$$ (part of the job of the chairman… that Steele was terrible at)

        …and he did it all while standing FIRM, LOUD, and STRONG on conservative principles (as best this Southern boy could uncover)

        1. Thanks for linking to that video.

          And out of the ashes of the RNC the Phoenix rises!

          He sounds like he’s a salt of the earth type fellow. Yeah I knew Wisconsin went Red but with all the other stuff happening at the time the significance of it got lost in the mix.

          Wow he can raise money, we won’t have to take loans out to help campaigns. Did the Tea Party just seize control of the RNC?

          Ace of Spades Headquarters also has a post up about him too.

  11. If Ronald Reagan rises from the dead and decides to lead I’m thinking all bets are off at that point. Sorry but if Reagan does rise from the dead I’m following him unless of course George Washington rises from the grave too then I’ll be torn.

    If this lib talker is so unimportant and has so few listeners why is Beck doing CYA here? I wonder if he’s just expecting all of the victims irregardless of the evidence to blame him.

  12. I’m a Beck fan, a big fan… there I’ve said it… BUT…

    I’m truly baffled how this could be rated one of Beck’s best monologues. In fact I’ve found it to be one of those irritatingly equivocal “it’s both the Democrats and the Republicans” nonsense that Beck has been doing for the longest time. He says this type of pap as if the Democrat leftists are going to wake up and acknowledge how fair he is.

    And it’s not just the economy! What’s he talking about? He undermines his own message. Aargh! He undoes all he’s been working so hard to expose with this stuff. He has a clear message from his shows and then he equivocates. Why can’t he stay on message. He utilizes the amazing research of David Horowitz’s Freedom Foundation, particularly on Soros’ shadow party, or things like Huffington’s phony baloney “Shadow Conventions”, then gives us some pap that it’s the economy.

    No… Beck had better stick to the truth that the Democrat Party no longer exists. It has been subsumed under the left-wing progressive movement over the last decades and now is firmly in the camp of the hard-left since Obama took power. He needs to call it like it is that those voting Democrats out there who are Democrats because their father was a Democrat are living in a make believe world. The radicals and the globalists have totally taken over this execrable party and is utilizing the leftists in media to drive America into the ground. He needs to hammer away at Fox-Pivens ties to the Democrats like the Motor Voter law.

    The Democrats need to be exposed to sunlight. I don’t get his soft peddling of the issue.

    1. “…Democrat Party no longer exists…” (las)

      This so true. Some folks have voted ‘D’ their entire lives and do not realize that, like the Oldsmobile commercial said:

      This is NOT your father’s democrat party.

      Note: It isn’t even close.

    2. las, most of his monologue was about the Left. I agree that you can’t divorce this administration from our economy, but when he said it’s the economy and then referenced other nations around the world, I took what he said to mean that he sees a global economic crisis coming and that even if our economy were growing, it will still have an adverse affect on us.

      Perhaps I misread it, but I didn’t get the feeling he was talking ‘right vs left = both bad’ as he has in the past. I hate that stuff too.

      1. You’re right … there is a lot to parse in what he said… it tended to be all over the map… but there are some inconsistencies in his messages that need to be pointed out. Those inconsistencies are about the Democrat Party and Islam.

        Although he didn’t say Dems or Republicans, he said “I don’t care if you’re from the left or the right”… shades of similar things he’s said previously. Here is where I have problems with Beck. He’s hated anyway by the left and the Democrats, then why does he not connect the dots to the Democratic Party of the radicalism in much more uncompromising terms. He’s absolutely too soft of the Dems thinking he’s throwing a sop to fairness and balance.

        The other thing he refuses to touch is authoritarian doctrinaire Islam which is burrowing into all of America’s institutions right now and it is connected to Obama. I reference Beck’s absolutely unconscionable demonizing of Geert Wilders from The Netherlands as being “far right”. Beck had no idea what he was talking about. As for Obama, Obama cut his teeth at the feet of Rashid Khalidi (a Yassir Arafat operative) and honed his understanding of the Middle East from this man. Beck has addressed Islam but only in terms of “a radical few”. But I’ll cut Beck some slack on this however. You pick your battles, so Beck should leave this one alone and leave it to someone else… ANYONE ELSE who will even touch this.

          1. One thing is for sure Becks fans aren’t lemmings. They think for themselves and don’t follow blindly.

            That being said I think you’re right in your assessment of what he was getting at.

            1. AND Beck encourages us NOT to be lemmings: “DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!” “DON’T TRUST ANYONE – NOT EVEN ME!” and so on.

        1. l- Wow, hit the weaknesses hard and with articulate frankness. Thank you.

          The King of Saudi Arabia gave 10 Million to Harvard Univ., 10 million to Georgetown to open up Chairs in Islamic studies for the sake of understanding Islam. Oxford has a huge Chair in Islamic studies. A New York Times reporter asked him if he did this because he wants understanding. Yes, he said….. and is he planning on opening a Chair in Christian studies in Saudi Arabia. No, we don’t have Christians here. Well isn’t that the point – If you want understanding …..(2006)

          If you Google Chairs in Islamic studies you will become sick. The answer has been clear to me. Why the support of Islam in American leadership???? It’s got nothing to do with being a tolerant American and every thing to do with following the money….$$$$$$$$$$$


          1. hi grizzly…. Saudi is such a backwards and corrupt country… but they know what they’re doing!

            Its not just to academics that they given money but to companies too… The Saud’s are massive investor’s in the US…. Haliburton for instance.. I’m sure I read in the spectator that Bush’s old oil company had been invested in by House of Saud too….

            They are a bad influence on everything except perhaps oil prices…..

            1. J- Sorry I don’t have stats on the companies they invest in but I would not be surprised if Al Gore has his millions from them as well. Global warming is probably one of their more important issues. They lose their heads over that one….

              Now,J-, you musn’t be intolerant. Watch the post I have above – drop down to the “Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve” video. Islam is trying to be very tolerant. Why can’t you?

              After you watch it let me know what you disagree with. If I don’t hear from you on this subject I’ll know you’re a ‘TROLL’ and your head exploded after watching the truth. 🙂

              If you’re really a Brit., I understand that troll means to post comments with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response.

              OOPS! There I go again, violent rhetoric…CM Sachett might be here soon (with respectful humor I say this)…I’m leaving….


      2. Beck knows that both the right and the left have done the same things, just in different ways. He has said it many times. He has an interest in warning people, whoever they are. (right or left) Beck works for a hug conglomerate who does limit his ability to be blunt and specific about certain things. Beck is not right about everything, but he knows that financial disaster is coming. He also knows that the chaos which will ensue in a financial collapse will require preparation to survive. Without mental, spiritual, and physical preparation, many will lose hope and die. This is something that stirs emotion in him, and is also the reason for the sense of urgency which comes through in his voice, and tone.

        It is apparent in the posts concerning this clip, that many here are still defending the right, and blaming the left. If everyone knew what Beck knows, they wouldn’t care much about either party. Neither is going to save anyone.

        The heading you put on this clip attracted me to read these posts. It saddens me deeply to see that so many are still towing the party lines. When you know something that would greatly benefit someone, you have a desire to tell them. Especially when you know that it will possibly save them from great pain. Beck and I have this in common.

        My prayer is that God will open the eyes of the people in this country to the reality of what is coming. That they prepare spiritually and physically for what they are about to endure.

        I can understand, to some extent, how the prophets of the Bible must have felt when they spent years warning people, and nobody listened. I can visualize the tearing of their clothing in frustration. How deeply sad they must have felt. How utterly helpless they must have felt in trying to save people who just wouldn’t listen.

        Sometimes people just have a mental block. Possibly put there by God for the sake of their salvation. That they might one day be saved in their destitution. Otherwise they may take pride in their own works, to the day that they parish, and be lost forever. God can use the works of Satan to save those whom He chooses.

        Yet the multitudes, even Christians, would deny the depths of evil that Satan can accomplish in the world. They would say “there is no way that people can be so evil”. They would deny Satan’s ability to cause great suffering through even the well intentioned.

        Those who have not the eyes to see will see only what they wish to see. This blinds them to the truth. God gives us truth, yet we deny it. God gives us wisdom, yet we let dust collect on it. God gives us knowledge, yet we do not use it.

        Wide is the road that the many will take, and narrow is the path to salvation, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. Those who take the road most traveled, either left or right, will parish. The narrow path is like a prophet crying out in the wilderness. Many know that he is there. They hear the message, yet they ignore it.

        The truth will not be widely accepted by men, especially in times of great tribulation. And certainly not just before. Therefor look for those who are not heeded by the many. Look for those who are crying in the wilderness, and listen to them. Test the things that they say, and reason out all things with Godly discernment. Do not underestimate the ability of Satan to wreak havoc on the world, and to sway world leaders.

        Let go of all preconceptions concerning the world. Give up hope of a better world controlled by men. Put your hope in the only One who deserves it. All men are corruptible, and no man is not tempted. Only one ever existed on earth who resisted temptation. He is no longer on this earth, but is ready to return to earth for those who trust in Him and Him alone.

        God Bless

    3. Yeah, I watched that pretty dumbfounded. I thought I had gotten use to Beck’s gibberish pandering to whatever, but that was bizarre even by his standards.

    4. From everything I can see about Beck, he seems to be doing the right thing on the “right vs. left” argument you’re making. He does have some ADD, (as do I, so I can forgive him when he gets off track.) You are right that it is not just “the economy”. He tends to get a little carried away and slips on his words I think. Its not just the economy. Its a lot of things. In general, it is our loss of freedom, our destruction as a nation of principles and values. To me it is very clear what he is doing, and I applaud him for it. This is Glenn Beck’s message (to my understanding) in a nutshell.

      The problem is that America has become accustomed to rooting for either political side as you would a football team. We tend to root for Republicans and Democrats, conservatives or liberals, while the more pressing problem has not been from the right or the left, but from the progressives who wish to take away our freedoms. Both the Republican and Democrat progressives obviously are realizing this weakness and they have been using it to their advantage. We tend to aggrandize the faults of the other side while underestimating or overlooking the faults of our own.

      In this way under George W Bush we got progressive government measures like the Patriot Act and TARP, with conservatives tending to be far more forgiving of this. We were asleep when Bush did it, and that is exactly why the game of pitting us against each other as the so called “left and right” works. The fact is, Bush was wrong to do those things. We need to be able to “man up” and admit when “our side” has been wrong. If there is a fault Beck has, it is in not distinguishing when he is speaking of the left or the right as a body of people rather than the left or right in principles and values.

      The fallacy of left vs. right, Republican vs. Democrat becomes very noticeable in these sorts of arguments you see:

      “Why don’t you like President Obama?”
      “Well because of this and this and this.”
      “Oh, but look what the Republicans did when they were in power!”

      This is CONSTANTLY being used in order to distract people from the real arguments here. We are losing our freedom and because of our intellectual fanboy-ism we will continue to do so until we can stand on the side of true principles and values instead of standing for the “R or the D”. It is a mistake for Glenn Beck or any one of us to be railing against the Democrats instead of promoting the principles of freedom, and pointing out the offenses against freedom from anyone, regardless of where the offenses come from.

      This sort of intellectual dishonesty is taken to the extreme (by the progressive left) with the situation of the shooter. They will vilify the conservative talk show hosts and Fox News for imagined calls to violent action, while most of the premise of what they are doing is openly taught by people like Frances Fox Piven who advocates violent uprising so that those in authority can take progressive measures. Trivial to see what they are doing, now that Beck has pointed these things out.

      The Democrat party is indeed eaten by the progressives, but there are remaining old school blue dog Democrats. We can reach out to them. We can encourage them to take a stand against what their party is doing to our country.

      1. Everything you said really comes down to your statement that the Dem party is “indeed eaten by the hard left progressives.” That was simply my point and left wing progressivism is diametrically opposed to conservatism. And the contrast is being dragged into the daylight where the left is in full war mode. It’s obvious in the MSM. Can’t say it any other way. They are at war, but conservatives are yet to clue in.

        As for blue dog Democrats… do they even exist? Or are they on life-support? I’m all with you to encourage them to take a stand against their party, but frankly it’s like asking if there are any real moderate Muslims. I just don’t know, I’d like to be optimistic. But help me out here… I just don’t see them.

        1. When I say the party is eaten, I refer to the leaders of the party. I think that many of the Democrats GB reaches out to are simply the rank and file registered Democrat voters. Perhaps there are some who are leaders, but I think he understands they are in the small minority. Among the voters themselves I think the blue dogs will fit into the older segment of the population. The majority of the younger Democrats seem to me to fit more into the category of “useful idiots.” But yes, moderate Democrats exist. They’re nowhere near as vocal as the hard left progressives power or in the media, but they exist.

          I agree that left wing progressivism is diametrically opposed to conservatism. But remember that the political spectrum is more complex than just two sides. The spectrum of left vs. right is a good point of debate, but not nearly as important as the spectrum of totalitarianism vs. freedom. GB is simply trying to get both sides, left and right, to wake up and realize that they are about to lose their freedom. His point is that moderate Democrats can find common ground us on the principle of freedom, and we can leave the less important debates for another day.

          Seeing the debate as an issue with only two polarized opposites is a mistake. Its more complex than that. Political and intellectual fanboyism to the point where the R can do no wrong and the D can do no right is also a mistake.

          The point is that those who are doing right are doing so not because of the R or the D next to their name but because of the principles they follow. And people can be right much of the time while wrong part of the time, or wrong much of the time while being right part of the time. When we see a very important wrong that needs to be righted and we see others who disagree with us on many things who also see the need to fix that wrong, we can unite on that one thing and leave the debating on the less important matters for another day.

          My guess is this. You’re a decent person. If you saw Nancy Pelosi hanging from a cliff about to drop and be smashed to oblivion, you’d do whatever you could within your power to help her. You may disagree with her vehemently on many issues, but you agree with her right to live. Furthermore in such a situation you would reach out to her to help her live.

          Is the principle of liberty and freedom all that far in importance from the importance of human life? My belief is that they are very close in importance. I may disagree with Democrats or liberals on a large number of things, but I could work in good conscience with them on things that are more important, (such as securing our liberty) and leave the debate on things i disagree with for another day. A progressive liberal or communist is a different matter entirely, since they wish to take away our liberties.

          1. Here’s the short and sweet response. I can be a bit wordy sometimes so I will boil it down here. I agree with most of what you are saying, except I approve of his approach to the Democrats for the reasons I stated, and his honesty in the matter that our loss of freedom is the fault of both Republicans and Democrats, both the right and the left.

            1. You know… it’s funny when we all get into these discussions. We all have our own focus and pick out issues to highlight and when we highlight certain issues, then all of a sudden people misunderstand. I guess it’s natural. I’m sure Scoop experiences that daily … that’s what makes speech an imperfect mode of communication.

              I hope to “highlight” or clarify an issue or two…

              Everything you say, I can’t disagree with. You summed up the moderate Dem issue quite nicely. I agree with Beck on most things. His “be prepared” message, although very discomforting is in my opinion apt and needed and to quote Paulchri above, prophetic. I also believe there is an economic tsunami coming based on global interdependence… and we got here by blurring borders and abandoning the idea of nation states (a concept that conservatives hold to) and instead of pulling back and rethinking and putting on the brakes, our political betters are going to push on the gas pedal with untold consequences. But even too… this globalist drive is a manifestation of the statist agenda… the leftist push to enslave all nations. There you have it… it’s not complicated… it is Leftist… it is totalitarian. In my college days in the 1970’s I saw the working of the Left which has become the default cultural philosophy we are witnessing today. It cannot be emphasized enough.

              When will people understand that all forms of totalitarianism are from the left? I don’t get why this is such a hard concept to understand? State capitalism, national socialism, so-called “democratic” socialism… all of it is the manifestation of the left. It’s the remolding of man according to man-made Utopian dictates… the source of all political evil. Conservatism, however is on the right. It is true freedom as opposed to Totalitarianism because it is based in natural law, something which the true totalitarian hates because natural law is from God, and he hates the idea of God. I’ll leave this idea for now.

              But if people don’t get the deep philosophical roots of the distinction, they will easily gravitate toward the “middle way”, the “third option” simplistically saying that right and left are extremes at opposite poles. Not so. To be on the right is to understand how the world and how it works. It’s reality based, not Utopian based. But few want to tackle this. Most want to comfort themselves in the squishy middle so they won’t be called names by the default left in society. And that squishy middle is always moving ever leftward. Some are offended by making a big deal of left and right… then call it totalitarianism and freedom… if that makes is more palatable to people.

              1. Sorry to interject myself, but based on what you said, what will it take for you to join me and Onema on extreme radical “right” (freedom) side of the spectrum? 😛 As opposed to some arbitrary rest stop along the way.

                1. Still lurking in the shadows are you… slippers on sipping coffee on a Saturday morn taking in the ocean breezes… assuming you are on the coast. Good to hear from you… snow’s falling here lightly, dog sleeping beside me. What between reading and snooping on the internet, I hope I have time, but point me the way if you are inviting me for discussion.

                2. Lurking in the shadows? I can’t tell if there is veiled hostility or if I’m paranoid. Probably the latter.

                  I was half-rhetorically asking you what it would take, if the scale is between tyranny and freedom and you are on the side of freedom, to get you to join us on the extreme/outer limits of the freedom end of this spectrum.

                  I actually am on the coast, though, lol, east coast of central Florida. Pretty nice weather for once but I’m still 30 minutes from the beaches.

                3. Ah, you’re just paranoid… no hostility on my side, Dan… I like our discussions. I got it that you would be tempting me to some anarcho-capitalist or libertarian hybrid of some sort. I don’t know what or who Onema is, so I though you were inviting me to a discussion forum.

                  But as I am a free-market Capitalist, I just may qualify as half-way to anarcho-libertarianism. To parody NewsWeek magazine: We Are All Right-Wing Extremists Now – to use the DHS definition from their threat assessment of early 2009. I don’t know how much more right I can get? I need to do more reading on libertarianism however.

                  My particular interest, however, is the nexus between the philosophical cultural defaults in the Post-Christian (I would argue we have moved from Post to Anti, as Ravi Zacharias argues) Post-Modern West and the various manifestations of left-wing activism so prevalent in our institutions. This forum here is not the best to expand and chew on this meat. And the thread is lost easily, and my Discus access does not show my previous posting. I can get yours, but not my own.

                4. Well, apart from the culture really being nothing more than the aggregation of a group of people’s wants and beliefs (discounting media activism) it seems to me that the primary conflict in the “culture wars,” is over the State’s meddling in/pushing Christianity or not. That’s my personal take on the more contentious issues.

                  That issue would be resolved by default in the absence of a state. There would be no legislative body to encourage or discourage subjective mores and no to mandate or prohibit religious activities within or without any concept or terms of employment.

                  The separation of church and state can’t be an issue to bark about if one half of that equation is not there. That necessarily meaning that there would no longer be public schools would leave matters of prayer in schools up to the administrators of the schools themselves.

                  Want a creationist school? If there’s enough demand, it likely will be supplied.

                  Culture, outside of “government” playing a positive, negative, offensive, or defensive role in the issues of post-/anti-Christian post-modern society, is ultimately up to the intersubjective consensus. Remove the state and evangelists will no longer be “suppressed,” and able to share the good news to win that consensus.

                  Below I posted a bit about Libertarianism, not the Minarchist or Constitutionalist bent on exhibit by Stossel and Napolitano respectively.

                5. l- I’m not interrupting your conversation just eavesdropping.

                  I too have that problem with disqus. It happened to me after I got a “you are infected” popup that showed up on my screen and then I tried to paste http sites on RS. False….was what Disqus said and wouldn’t let me post until I removed the letters ‘http’ from the sites I had pasted. Scoop was not able to help at all.

                  So I rationally concluded with much scientific and computer investigation that THE LEFT HAS TAKEN OVER DISQUS. And I believe Daniel must be the ring leader.

    5. Las

      Democrats look so far from hard left to me!! I live in the UK, and politics are much more consensual! Most see some value in the welfare state for instance… it’s not perfect. But a force for good.. You just need to keep an eye on it.. which isn’t always so easy…. otherwise you get like Greece or France.. truly expecting something for free….

      From across the pond I find it hard to see what the Republicans stand for.. were they not traditionally conservative? The Bush government seemed very radical and pretty irresponsible… lack of fiscal responsibility… invading Iraq.. etc..

      I can see how polarised so much debate is in the US… nasty things said on both sides…. I wonder in whose interest it is to have such a ideologically divided country… or has it always been like this?

      1. J- I’m no las. Hope he finds time to respond. He‘s a lot better at it then I.

        I appreciate your outside-looking-in comments. If you’re near London, I learned how one country can cram so much diversity and activity into one city and yet not make you feel swallowed up in it, like New York. 40 plus Universities. WOW. How smart you fellows must be.

        But when I last visited the UK my eyes were opened to the divisions between England and Ireland that still exist- talk about extreme and hostile for your quaint (having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque) Island. And at that time Northern Ireland vs the rest of Ireland. And today we see violence in your streets. We see a land that has bent over and allowed Islam to give it to you in the rear (kick your butt – and take away your freedoms) – Banning Michael Savage from Britain because he speaks out against Islam is not good and many Americans are angry about that – I don‘t know if you‘ve heard of this radio talk show host?).

        Disclaimer: If I’m not making sense it could be me (most likely) or a few words that mean 2 entirely diff. things to the both of us.

        America from my point of view is huge and diverse. The loudest voices today reveal a divided country. A country in turmoil.

        But walk across America – and you will see some of the warmest, non-politically active people that would still welcome a stranger into their home – we do.

  13. It’s a common malady on the hard left. An acute and chronic (is that possible) lack of intelligence and wisdom ‘un’accompanied by common decency.

    Common decency doesn’t wear a dunce cap but can still be decent with one on.

  14. The funny thing is, if you can try to find some humor is this, is most people I talk to do not think it can happen here. I kid you not. It is already happening. When municipalities can’t afford to pay peace officers anymore, I don’t care where you live it will be chaos like this country has never seen!

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