Beck & O’Reilly bet: If more than 100-200k come to 8/28, Beck can have the 8pm slot

O’Reilly is guessing Beck will only have 10-15k on 8/28, but I think Beck will probably have at least 200k in attendance (probably many more), and BillO will be eating his words.

But just *think* of how the Left would go nuts if Beck switched to the flagship 8pm spot. Oh man, that would be fun to watch!


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26 thoughts on “Beck & O’Reilly bet: If more than 100-200k come to 8/28, Beck can have the 8pm slot

  1. @Jamika, Were you a victim of amnesia? There were over 1.2 million participants. Just look at the aerial photographs. Oh, I forgot, if you’re a Liberal Left Weenie, you have reality issues, on top of your anger and racial ones.

    1. @Bob, was that wit? From the witless? Or clueless rather. You Left wing Leeches need to get your lives straight. Give up Drugs and sex with anything and become Americans. Soon now, the FREE RIDE will be OVER. It’s no joke, working Americans are going to take their Country back from the wrong headed Left and Crooked Right. This Republic will not fall, not this year, not any year, no matter what agenda the POTUS and his minions espouse.

  2. Hug, cry, love of your fellow American, this will awaken droves more people I feel. Not to mention attendance will be over 150,000 or there abouts. “Stand in the fire of truth” and we shall. Peacefully, non violently, and respectfully. Let’s hope at least for a teachable moment, or fair coverage from the media. Bless you Glenn for trying to actually unite the country, in a time we see less and less of that.

  3. Ok, I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m going to predict that the 8/28 is going to attract one of the largest crowds in history on the mall.

    So here’s my guestimate: 1.5 to 2+ million people will be in attendance.

  4. I remember that, and O’reilly was one of those who repeatedly said only 75,000 even though some of his guests tried to tell him that was way off the mark! Sometimes I wonder is he Jealous, after all Beck is supposedly a friend of his?

  5. I think a lot of people are being naive. BOR will not leave anytime soon and he is counting on FNC keeping him in the slot. Does anyone really think it’s up to BOR who gets his time-slot, including him?

    It’s a game. He knows he isn’t going anywhere and is just keeping Beck in his place, jokingly.

    Also, as much as I like Beck, putting him in that spot is crazy- He is just too much of a wild card. Sean Hannity’s spot would be much more appealing…even Greta’s slot (actually, that one would be awesome because I would get Beck at a better slot and I wouldn’t have to hear about Natalie Holloway type stories ever again.)-Win-Win

  6. I was just thinking that maybe this “bet” was made because the switch or phase out of Bill O is already in the works and this is their way of phasing Bill out and Glenn into prime time. Just saying……

  7. I’d love to see The Glenn Beck show in the O’reilly factor time slot the next time BO takes a vacation..

  8. Perhaps this is the excuse O’Reilly is looking for to retire? I’ve said for the last year or so that I believe Beck is being groomed for O’Reilly’s spot, and it’s in FoxNews and O’Reilly’s best interest to leave while the ratings are still on top.

    That said, O’Reilly could well recant and make some excuse like he was joking, or disbelieve the numbers.

  9. Millions, YES! These things can’t be measured until they’re actually happening, and then the realization is shocking. Beck’s snowball is growing so huge as he rolls along. O’reilly doesn’t have an inkling. I, for one, would love to see FOX put Glenn in O’s time slot so working folks on the west coast could see his show. We working class who can’t spend our $ on recording equipment and have to watch in real time.

  10. But who gets to count? The last time the mall was filled, the media kept saying it was only about 75,000. You could look at the pictures and tell it was more than that!!!

  11. I can understand why O’Reilly thinks there’ll be only around 10 – 15k. Afterall, as we know from media, there were only a few thousand people at the 9/12 rally last year.

  12. BTW, as of TWO DAYS AGO… they had already registered enough buses (how the Park police determine ‘projected staff/resources count’) to plan for a crowd of… 300,000.

    O’ really should actually listen to the Morning show once in a while. He bombed on this one… already.


  13. I put the potential total (areal photo verifiable) at 1.2 – 1.5 MILLION.

    I believe D.C., from the Memorial to Mr. Lincoln, the mall… all the way to the surrounding park of the Washington Monument will be overflowing.

    If not, it should still be a momentous, historic day for all involved.

    CM Sackett

  14. Can’t wait for O’reilly’s reaction when 500 hundred thousand or more turn out! It would be nice to see Beck’s face at 8pm. instead of O’s. He really has become a middle of the road empty suit! I guess those White House dinner invitations are more important.

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