Beck: Shirtless little boy patted down by the TSA has autism

Glenn Beck had Luke Tait, the college student who took the infamous video of the TSA agent doing a pat down of the shirtless little boy, on his show this morning to discuss the incident at the airport. During the interview, Beck said that he learned from a ‘refounder’ (Congressional insider) that the little boy didn’t actually set off the metal detectors as the TSA reported, but rather the boy had on a baggy shirt that caught the attention of the TSA and thats why they wanted to do a pat down. Beck said he also learned a detail that hasn’t been reported yet, that the little boy has autism.

Those two details, if true, certainly put this in a different light than the TSA reported. It would also better explain why the agents tried to intimidate Tait into deleting the video, as he describes in the interview.

So I guess we should all give kudos to the TSA for helping protect America from an innocent little autistic boy with a baggy shirt. Great Job TSA!

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45 thoughts on “Beck: Shirtless little boy patted down by the TSA has autism

  1. Is that any reason for T.S.A. to rub and grope this young mans bare skin , which was in plain sight . SICK , PERVERTED, EVIL, CREATURES . DONT FLY , DONT BUY , DONT COMPLY . If WE dont STAND for ANYTHING , WE WILL FALL FOR EVERYTHING

  2. Im with the ancient on this one for the most part.

    I have just about lost what little faith I ever had in the Federal bureaucracy and its ability to do anything in a sane, logical manner.

    Why is it that the law enforcing branches (DOJ etc) treat terrorists like citizens, and our citizens like enemies?

    Am I willing to subject myself to a reasonable degree of screening for flight safety? Yes, but to what degree.

    If an Arab terrorist of the Muslim persuasion thinks it would be a good idea to stuff an explosive up his anus, are white ten year old autistic boys boarding a plane going to be subjected to a proctology exam because they are walking abnormally?

    Good God, can we not get a grip ? ? ? ? ?

    I could add something else about power hungry control freaks who happen to get elected President, but I’ll save that for a another thread

    1. The really important thing is, would they change their gloves after each proctology exam? I hear that they don’t on the pat downs.

  3. Hummmmm. My son flew from NY to SC on Tuesday night. No nude scanning, no pat-downs, just the normal metal scan and x-ray of pocket items. Not sure he even took off his shoes. There are a lot of HOLES in this new security screening process. Still feeling safe?

    1. That is a common or under reported misconception1> Only about 70 airports have the Scanners2> In some of the Airports with the scanners only about 1 in 12 to 1 in 20 people get randomly selected to be scannedso with 1 & 2 combined you have a very low chance of having to go through the scannerThe problem is, that by 2012 they want to have these scanners in all airports, and sometime after that they want it where everyone, 100% of travelers, go through them. They are rolling them out slowly for 2 reasons, 1 to get the public used to them, to condition you. and 2 because they cant get the billions needed to buy them through this congress. Once everyone is used to them at the random level no on will protest when the put them literally everywhere.NOW is the time to stop them, this is the proverbially slippery slope because if anyone thinks this will stay at a handful of airports and only used at random they have their heads in the sand, if allowed this will replace all metal detector, think about all of the places with Metal Detectors, anyone want to see these pornoscanners in all of those places?

      1. I’m all about stopping the government in their tracks of ever increasing involvement in our lives. But there are so many other things that need attention over this, like the way our politicians are spending us into oblivion, or taking over aspects of our economy that everyone knows they will ruin (healthcare, student loans, mortgages, car companies, etc.).

        Those things are a greater threat to our lives and liberties than going through a body scanner or getting patted down.

        I don’t like it as much as the next guy, but let’s focus on the things that are really important because the screening is really not that bad in the grand scheme of things.

        1. Please…This is not a do this, or do that. All government intrusions on liberty should be fought until our dieing breath, I dont care if it as simple as a SeatBelt laws (no I do not agree with them) or a Major as National Health Care. ALL Intrusions should be fought tooth and nail. and FYI I do not see this as a minor intrusion, if I was confident that 1> The Images were really deleted, permanently with a DoD Approved Wipe2> The Scanners would never spread beyond the airports3> That government was capable of properly calibrating the xrays and keeping it running in the safe zone4> That the government screened, trained and ensured all agents were professionals 5> That there was no union6> That there was a clear and followed punishment and firing policy for abuseThen I might be willing to consider the scanners, all 6 of the above point have either already been proved false, or similar areas have proven the government incapable of doing it properly.

  4. I feel safer already. Autistic kids in baggy shirts scare me on airplanes.

    Christ, our government hires a bunch of idiots.

  5. “The Ancient”,

    Aye, and AMEN… on ALL POINTS.

    “I’m just doing my job” and “I’m just following orders” are the gutless yips and whines of cur dogs and useless sheep… not the words of Liberty-born FREE MEN AND WOMEN.

    CM Sackett

  6. Im sorry to inform you, The Ancient, but the average american has no idea what liberty is anymore, because they believe they have it.

  7. According to Beck this Father is the Devil, and he would have stood their Silently and then Thanked the TSA Agents for abusing his son.

    After All, according to Beck, it is not the Agents Fault it is the Agency’s fault.

    BS, and frankly the more beck defends people that willfully violate other peoples rights the more he discredits himself.

    As I have said many times, it is the responsibly of all free people to resit and refuse to follow unlawful and unconstitutional order, even if they means you lose your job….

    If my boss came and told me to do an illegal or immoral act I would (and have BTW) refused and/or quit on the spot.

    If your not part of the solution, you are the problem

    1. In a way I agree with you that the agents are a part of the problem because of what they do, but I don’t believe that they are “the enemy.” They are just people who want to do their job, earn a living, and go home to their family. Most of them probably aren’t qualified to do much else, and they probably don’t really enjoy feeling people up all day. They might be part of the problem, but I don’t think they are bad people.

      1. I wont go down the path of using Nazi References about “Just doing my job” but that is NEVER a defense.

        However the Most Alarming statement in your response is “Most of them probably aren’t qualified to do much else” That is a MAJOR problem IMO, we need professionals not people that washed out of the last McD’s Job Fair

        1. Your original point sucked. Second point was good. Besides, reported that the Boy’s father took his shirt off to speed up the process not the TSA.

          To say the TSA staff is willfully violating people’s rights is absurd. You do not have an inalienable right to fly and if you believe the screening process violates your rights then don’t.

          1. Jeeze, it is said that I have to keep repeating myself, before I get in to how very very wrong you are, I never stated, nor did anyone else, that the TSA took the kids shirt off, even in the original YouTube Post it clearly stated that the Dad took the shirt off, that is really irrelevant, the TSA should not have touched the child, shirt or no shirt.

            Now to the meat of your post

            You are correct no one has the “right to fly” just like I dont have the right to a job, land or any other tangible item or service, But what I do have is the right to be secure in my persons from unreasonable searches, Touching the sexual organs of any individual is an unreasonable search, Taking Nude Photos of a person is an unreasonable search. Further adding to this abuse if the fact that since 2001/2002 this has been a FEDERAL AGENCY not a private company doing these things, Why is this import, because Federal Agents have Immunities under the law that private companies do not, and it make is MUCH MUCH harder to punish and prosecute abuses.

            I am glad your willing to give up essential liberty for perceived safety. Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation that we must be electrically strip searched before boarding an airplane, visiting a government office, riding a train or entering any public venue? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

            1. Your right to a job and owning land are inalienable (so long as you don’t force someone else to give it to you, also one could argue that you already can’t OWN land seeing as how you pay taxes to keep it and if you don’t they take it). If the goverment wants to take those things then I’ll jump on your band-wagon, but comparing that to the TSA screening process is humerous.

              I agree private companies should be doing this not a federal agency.

              1. I feel the need to clarify;
                unalienable rights – those that are self evident, i.e. life, liberty, etc. and are independent of governments or cultures.

                inalienable rights – those that can be surrendered or taken (by governements or individuals) i.e. owning property, having a job, etc.

                If the government infringes on these rights it is our duty to replace the government with one that we can agree on, but I think the disagreement comes from how the TSA screening process affects our liberties. Can we at least agree on that?

                1. I see so if my boss fires me I can sue him because I have a right to that job? If I stop paying my Mortgage and the lender forecloses in it I can sue them because I have a Right to that land?

                  Rights are intangible believes that you have and that by processing them hurts no one. Thus why heathcare is not a RIGHT, because government would have to Force someone else to provide me with heathcare, just a a job is not a right, for it to be a right the government would have to force someone to provide it to me. (and by “provide” this normally means stealing money from the masses in the form of taxation and paying others to provide these “rights” )

                  The TSA screening is a clear affront to my personal liberty.

                2. Again, you fail to see the point. Saying you have a right to something, does not imply that you have to get it or someone has violated your rights.

                  You have a right to get a job but you do not have a right to force someone to give you a job. If you could get over your stupid talking points about rights and liberties you would see that your comments are rediculous.

                  You are not helping the cause for freedom. You are merely focusing on your assertion that if you have a right to something then that means you can force people to give it to you. Please.

              2. Spoken like a True Liberal.

                None one has a “right to a job” No one has to give me work, if I can prove my labor is valuable enough that someone wants to exchange my labor for currency then that is a private transaction, but I do not have a RIGHT to that currency. “Right to a job” mean no matter how worthless I am, no matter if I am incapable of doing anything some must give me money.

                And I stated “Right to land” No one is entitled to land, If you work hard you can buy land, or trade for land, or agree to work land to obtain it, but to have a “right to land” means as soon as I was born someone gave me a deed to some land.

                Rights are something EVERYONE has, and NO ONE can ever take away, I do have have the RIGHT to land, nor the RIGHT to a job. I can persue those goals if I want, but they are not RIGHTS.

                I do have a RIGHT to be secure in my person.

                1. I think you missed the part where I said “as long as you don’t force someone to give it to you” you are a moron.. and I’m not a liberal.

                2. is it embroidered? thanks for the thoughtful input!

                  It is a convenitent out for someone with nothing else to say.. calling them a liberal.

                3. I think what you have been saying is that we have the right to be free of interference from gvnmt concerning a job, etc. So far as a right to be given a job is concerned, we don’t have it.

          2. What do you propose for we American’s currently living in Europe? How do we get home? Row boat! The notion that we have an option not to fly is ridiculous. Sorry we don’t make enough to take a cruise across the ocean.

            1. I assume they’ll say something along the lines of, “well that’s what you get for living in smelly europe then, isn’t it! You traitor.”

              TSA apologists stink as badly as the sales pitches for “healthcare reform.”

              1. Funny thing that. I live in France. As a whole MOST French people like Americans and or America. I should know having been here 10 years. And after 10 years I LOVE IT. But being in Europe and socialism gives me such an appreciation for American values, and being born there that I have to thank this place for giving me a clearer view of the greatness of the USA. I miss home and try to get there as much as possible. But I HATE AMERICAN AIRPORTS.

              2. No one is apologizing for the TSA, just pointing out how stupid and overblown the comments here are. Have you actually been in an airport in the past 10 years? The screening is not that bad if you prepare for it. Most of the time you will not get screened unless you set off the metal detector or have baggy clothes, i.e. don’t wear baggy clothes and take off your damn belt.

                1. “Not Bad” is beside the point, and we are far from the old style “police frisk” when a TSA Agent explains the process as a “Groin Check” there is a Problem

                  And the Pornoscanners have nothing to do with the Metal Dectors, Currently people are randomly selected for the Pornoscanners, At that point you have 2 Options, Be Xrayed with the Pornoscanner or get grouped, that is no choice at all IMO.

                  Neither should be allowed, “How bad” it is, is irrelevant.

                2. “Not Bad” is beside the point, and we are far from the old style “police frisk” when a TSA Agent explains the process as a “Groin Check” there is a Problem

                  And the Pornoscanners have nothing to do with the Metal Dectors, Currently people are randomly selected for the Pornoscanners, At that point you have 2 Options, Be Xrayed with the Pornoscanner or get grouped, that is no choice at all IMO.

                  Neither should be allowed, “How bad” it is, is irrelevant.

                3. You’re kidding, right? Almost anyone with artificial knees, insulin pumps etc. has to endure the grope-a-dope. TSA policy blatantly discriminates against the disabled.

                  It doesn’t even keep us safer. While I’ve seen pictures/heard of 3-years olds, nuns and those in wheelchairs being groped. I have yet to hear of any woman in a burqa being groped by the TSA. And we know why, because it will never happen. The Feds would be too cowardly to allow it, since they know that there would be rioting in the streets if that story ever got out.

      2. I am sure the people that worked with the THIRD REICH felt the same way…it was just a job…THERE ARE TIMES when it is NECESSARY to take a stand and SAY NO I WON’T DO THAT…the days are coming when you are going to have to make a choice…

        1. We are already making choices like: pull your kids out of public school or shoot them up with mercury, and- get irradiated or groped, pay taxes or lose everything, buy insurance or pay the fines to the IRS, etc, etc, etc, etc.

          As a whole, we accept everything. We are frogs in a slowly boiling pot.

      1. More or less, If you listen to all of what he says he does not believe in self defense at all, at-least if your defending yourself from any authority.

        You have to be “Gandhi like” and stand there why they beat you to death…

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