‘Believe all women’? Celeb astrophysicist Neil Tyson nailed with RAPE, assault claims!

Here’s another chance for those on the right to scream “believe all women?!” at the left again – their favorite celeb-strophysicist Neil Tyson has been hit with rape and sexual harassment claims from numerous women.

Watch below:

TMZ has the report, but they only mention two sexual harassment claims:

FOX and National Geographic, which co-produce “Cosmos”, say they are looking into the allegations which surfaced this week. Patheos published the claim from Bucknell University Professor Dr. Katelyn Allers that Tyson groped her in 2009.

She claims they met at the American Astronomical Society’s conference in Long Beach, CA, and that Tyson took an interest in her solar system tattoo … which starts on her arm and extends onto her back. She claims he grabbed her arm and followed the planets into her dress. She didn’t describe it as an assault, but more like “creepy behavior.”

One of Tyson’s former assistants, Ashley Watson, told Patheos she eventually quit because he made multiple sexual advances, and made misogynistic comments around the workplace.

IN another report, someone accuses him of rape [from the Hill]:

Two women came forward to accuse deGrasse Tyson of misconduct Thursday in a story on the website Patheos. In 2014, a former classmate of deGrasse Tyson’s at the University of Texas in Austin accused him of rape in a blog post.


Musician Tchiya Amet claimed in 2014 that deGrasse Tyson drugged and raped her while they were both in school in the 1980s.

So… believe all women or give him due process? You know where we fall, we think all such claims need to be investigated thoroughly before believed, or acted upon. BUT we’re also for shoving this in liberals’ smug faces to show how stupid and ridiculous their standards are on this kind of stuff…

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