Ben Shapiro breaks down Trump’s AMI problem

Ben Shapiro does a great job breaking down the new issue Trump has in the National Enquirer parent company, AMI, fully cooperating with the feds. 

Its cued up to 2:40 and Shapiro continues on this topic until just after the 21 minute mark.

Watch below:  

There’s a lot in Shapiro’s analysis and you should watch the video, but where he believes the problems may exist for Trump is if he tried to cover this up. If he lied about it to officials, that’s perjury. If he told Cohen and others to lie about it, that’s obstruction of justice. And there was a third he stated but I don’t remember what it was. 

He discusses comparisons to Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon regarding political consequences as well as the Democrats wanting to impeach Trump.

In short, he believes this could have big 2020 implications. He wishes it weren’t so, but that appears to be where we are now.

Consider this an open thread as well. 

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